January 2005 News

New Leatherman tool flouts trend, goes big

January, 2005, Portland, OR - In an age where telephones, cameras, computers and the world in general seem to be getting ever smaller, Leatherman Tool Group is taking the opposite tack. Two new multi-tool introductions for 2005 are the largest Leatherman tools ever.

Slated for an August retail release, the Leatherman Core takes features developed in the company's standard-size line and applies them on a larger scale. "In many ways this is a replacement for our Super Tool 200," says Ben Rivera, Leatherman Tool Group's vice president of design engineering. "But it's bigger and beefier, designed so you can overload it."

At 10.8 ounces, Core outweighs the Super Tool 200 by about 15%. Though the two models are the same length, Core presents a wider profile, permitting greater torque on the pliers. The plier jaws employ the elliptical hub design first applied to Leatherman's 2004 introductions, but their increased size - 10% larger than the standard 4" tools - make them the strongest ever produced by the company.

Additionally, Core supplies two large knives, four screwdrivers, a saw, wire cutters, cable cutters, a container opener, a ruler and a new, sharp awl design that includes a stitching loop. Core also introduces hollow-ground screwdrivers to the world of multi-tools for a better fit. And a new lock design for the blades is stronger and easier to use.

Core is primarily targeted for heavy-duty users and tradespeople, but big game hunters are also expected to appreciate its brawn. Suggested retail price is $76. A second tool, Surge, is scheduled for September shipment. (See separate release.) Utilizing a different design platform, it will provide an alternative set of features and outweigh the Super Tool 200 by more than three ounces.

About Leatherman

Oregon-based Leatherman Tool Group, Inc. is the inventor and world's leading manufacturer of compact multi-purpose tools. Owned and inspired by its founder, Tim Leatherman, the company has sold more than 35 million of its versatile tools since its inception in 1983.