January 2005 News

Best-selling multi-tool bulks up

January, 2005, Portland, OR - When Leatherman Tool Group introduced its Wave multi-tool model in 1998, it was an instant success. It has been the company's best-selling, full-size product ever since.

But some consumers weren't quite sold. According to Vice President of Marketing Roger Bjorklund, "Because it was smaller than the existing Super Tool, the Wave was seen by some as not strong enough or macho enough, particularly among some avid hunters."

Since then, the Wave has undergone a significant redesign, adding stronger pliers and all locking blades. But now Leatherman is taking a giant leap beyond that by unleashing Surge, a super-sized Wave that the company expects to become a new favorite for hunters and other heavy-duty multi-tool users.

Surge's fundamental layout is essentially the same as Wave's, so it offers the same one-hand access to two locking knife blades. Two other features available externally are new. Huge scissors deploy to cut tough materials like carpet, plastic or even metal flashing. And a blade exchanger allows users to select a two-sided file or Leatherman's renowned open-tooth saw, both included with the Surge.

Further customization occurs inside the handles, where two bit drivers allow users to carry four screwdrivers - one pair for eyeglasses, one pair for standard applications - in the space of two.

Surge also offers plier jaws with the elliptical hub design first applied to 2004 Leatherman introductions, but their increased size - 10% larger than the standard 4 tools - makes them the strongest ever produced by the company. All this is engineered into a package that, at 12.5 ounces, weighs in 30% heavier than the Super Tool 200.

Retail delivery of Surge is scheduled to begin in September; suggested retail price is $102. A second tool, Core, is scheduled for August shipment. (See separate Release.) Though similar in size to Surge, it utilizes a more traditional Leatherman multi-tool design.

About Leatherman

Oregon-based Leatherman Tool Group, Inc. is the inventor and world's leading manufacturer of compact multi-purpose tools. Owned and inspired by its founder, Tim Leatherman, the company has sold more than 35 million of its versatile tools since its inception in 1983.