October 2011 News

Leatherman Wins 2011 Oregon Healthiest Employer Award

On October 13, Leatherman Tool Group, the world's most popular multi-tool manufacturer, was recognized as Oregon's 2011 Healthiest Employer (101-499 employees category). The awards were given by the Portland Business Journal. The Journal partnered with Indianapolis-based Healthiest Employers, LLC to survey companies in Oregon about their wellness programs and rank them based on the benefits and overall results of the programs.

In a time when workload, home and economic stresses are getting heavier and heavier for employees everywhere, employers are looking for ways to help workers maintain a work-life balance and overall healthier lifestyle. Healthier employees - physically and mentally - mean fewer sick days and turnover, higher productivity, and lower overall medical costs for both employee and employer.


Now in its third year, the Leatherman Wellness Program, LiveWell, was designed to address all aspects of an employee's well-being. The program covers everything from individual specific health care, to work and home stress management, to finance and a healthy diet. There are three areas an employee can earn "credit" in the program: "Education", "Activities", and "Individual Commitment". At the end of the year if the required number of credits in each these areas was met, the company pays an additional 10% of the employee's health insurance premiums.

Leatherman has tapped into the expertise of their own employees as well as professionals in the community to teach the classes designed to education a variety of subjects. Employees are also encouraged to organize activities such as book clubs and hiking groups to get together in fun, healthy, non-work ways. Lastly the employees are given credit for their individual commitment by going to regular check ups for medical and dental.

Not Just Healthy... Well-Connected

Many employees have used these activities and classes not just to educate themselves, but their families and friends outside of work. LiveWell Manager Ashley Baumgardner also noted an added benefit of the program. "With a 400-plus-person company, you don't always have time to get to know one another, especially in different departments. LiveWell enables employees that may not otherwise get to work together to get to know one another and interact on a personal and meaningful level."


For more information about Leatherman Tool Group, contact Marketing Communications Manager, Juli Warner at juli.warner@leatherman.com or 503-253-7826.