November 2011 News

Leatherman Introduces the Rebar® to the "Classics" Family Line

November 1, 2011, Portland, OR — Next spring, just in time for Father's Day, Leatherman will being shipping their new Rebar® multi-tool. Fans will recognize the iconic box-like body and sloped-neck design found in the Super Tool® 300 and Micra®. The introduction of Rebar will round out the company's classic "heritage" line of products by offering one in each size category.

The current 4.5" Super Tool 300 was introduced in 2009 to replace the Core®. It has more than 10 years of compiled customer feedback and engineering expertise in every feature. Each of those features was brought to life in the Rebar on a slightly smaller 4" platform. While the heft and size of the ST 300 is appreciated by most that purchase the tool, many have also asked for that same strength and ruggedness in a smaller version—enter Rebar.

Arguably the most important feature of the ST300, the pliers, was optimized for strength. This same optimization has been carried forward into the Rebar. In addition, this will be the first time Leatherman produces replaceable wire/hard-wire cutters in a 4" tool. To maintain the balance of materials when making room for the new removable wire cutters, more steel was added to key areas, making the Rebar pliers the strongest, beefiest pliers ever produced on a 4" tool. As noted above, the neck of the pliers is sloped for reaching even further into tight spaces—a feature that has come to symbolize the iconic heritage of the original Leatherman tools.

Rebar will feature regular/needlenose pliers, 154CM replaceable wire/hard-wire cutters, straight knife, serrated knife, professional-sized screwdrivers, saw, awl, can/bottle opener, wire stripper and file. This new tool will replace the current Blast® model and begin shipping for distribution worldwide in March 2012. Rebar will come with Leatherman's industry-leading, 25-year warranty and MSRP for $50.00 (USD). A black oxide version is also planned for release in April, 2012.

About Leatherman

Founded in 1983, Portland, Oregon-based Leatherman Tool Group is known for producing the world's most precisely engineered multi-tools. Leatherman's engineering standards remain unmatched in the industry today. With new products for trades, hunting, outdoor, fishing, gardening and general purpose, the Leatherman tradition of innovation, tight specifications and premium materials continues to endure. For more information about Leatherman products, contact Juli Warner at or 503-253-7826.