August 2010 News

Leatherman Introduces Four New Keychain Survivalists

August 2, 2010, Portland, OR - This year Leatherman Tool Group will launch a completely updated set of keychain tools as well as two new models. In an effort to continue expanding both product offerings and price points to consumers everywhere, Leatherman has revised and added to the current line with two updated models - the Squirt® PS4 and ES4 - and add two completely new ones - the Style™ and Style™ CS.

The original Squirt models, while extremely functional, required the consumer to choose between scissors- or pliers-based platforms. The new PS4 will have both pliers and scissors and the ES4 will have the handy wire strippers (five gauges in all) as well as scissors.

The new tools being added to the keychain family are the Style and Style CS. Both are based off the wildly popular full-size Skeletool model down to the mini carabiner on the Style CS. This model has spring-action scissors as the centerpiece, a knife, tweezers, screwdriver and nail file. The smaller Style model weighs less than a house key (.08 oz) and features mini scissors, a knife and screwdriver.

All four tools began shipping in spring of 2010 and are available nationwide and through online retailers. The Squirt and Style models come in multiple color choices and all four models are covered under the Leatherman 25-year warranty. MSRP on the Style is $20.00, Style CS $27.00 and both Squirts $40.00.

About Leatherman

Founded in 1983, Portland, Oregon-based Leatherman Tool Group is known for producing the world's most precisely engineered multi-tools, knives, pruners and lights. Leatherman's engineering standards remain unmatched in the industry today. With new products for trades, hunting, outdoor, fishing, gardening and general purpose, the Leatherman tradition of innovation, tight specifications and premium materials continues to endure.