September 2008 News

Keeping the lights on in Texas

September 16, 2008, Portland, OR - Immediately following the devastating impact of Hurricane Ike, Leatherman Tool Group rushed donations of LED flashlights and multi-tools to the Red Cross in Texas for hurricane victims and emergency workers. The company sent 300 of their new LED flashlights and 200 of their Blast multi-tools to start.

"We knew that just plain 'getting-by', let alone trying to do any kind of recovery without electricity, is extremely difficult", says VP of Marketing, Roger Bjorklund. "We had just started packaging our lights to go out to customers in early October - they're not even in stores yet -so we just re-labeled the boxes and sent them down to Texas instead. We wanted to get them where they were really needed, as soon as possible. Knowing that after initial recovery comes the re-building process - when supplies and tools can be scarce - the company also sent down a large supply of its popular Blast multi-tool.

Leatherman has a long history of donation to disaster recovery and re-building efforts; sending both supplies and volunteers here in the United States and abroad. Donations to Hurricane Ike were the first to ever include lighting products. "Our brand promise is to prepare people for the expected and the unexpected," said Bjorklund. "To even more fully deliver this promise, especially, to people in these kinds of emergency situations, sending these new lights was just the right thing to do."

About Leatherman

Founded in 1983, Leatherman Tool Group is known for producing the world's most precisely engineered multi-tools. For more information about Serac lighting, other Leatherman products, or about Leatherman Tool Group Inc., please contact Juli Warner ( For more information about the Red Cross and how you can help please visit their web site at