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10 Things That Made Me Fall In Love With The Great Outdoors


[GUEST BLOG: RJ BRUNI] It seems like a constant theme or trend is that everyone is spending as much time as possible outside enjoying nature. Although many see it as a trendy statement I can assure you that it is for good reason. Here are 10 facts that me made fall head over heels for the outdoors.

1) You Will Be Challenged
There is no better feeling than finally conquering the mountain that has beaten you down time and time again. The satisfaction is surreal! Whether it be the last step on a summit or even the challenge of just getting out and hiking for the first time it will leave you completely thrilled and satisfied. I remember my first summit took my best friend and I 3 tries, finally completing it was one of the best feeling in the world.
RJ Bruni Photography

2) The World Will Somehow Seem Different
Being bundled up in a sleeping bag looking up at the unpolluted stars will get a person thinking. Yesterday’s problems all of a sudden don’t feel as important.
RJ Bruni Photography

3) Friends Will Make The Journey Even Better
Nature has an interesting way of bringing people closer together and showing who your true friends are. There is nothing like climbing a mountain knowing that your partner, holding the rope beneath you, has your life in their hands. That great deal of trust will show you how important that person is to you and your life, not only at that very moment but each and every day. Plus what’s better than having a best friend beside you to dream about the next adventure with?
RJ Bruni Photography

4) It Will Leave You Addicted
I can testify first hand that once the seed is planted the craving to be outside doesn’t go away easily. You will find yourself daydreaming about those mountain top sunsets or diving into an alpine lake. That desire to keep exploring is the same desire that has lead all great climbers or any other outdoor athlete to do extraordinary things and accomplish the undone.
RJ Bruni Photography

5) It’s a Refreshing Escape From The Day-To-Day
Spending time outside gives you the peace to get away from your daily routine and clear the mind. The world likes to throw constant schedules, problems, tasks and all the rest of the stresses that come along with life at us and I like to look at being outside as the only place to escape the chaos. Not to mention it is the best time to take a much needed break from technology and the never ending notifications.
RJ Bruni Photography

6) The Freedom
Unlike the city there’s not many rules in the outdoors. If you want to hike your bike to the highest mountain or strip down and take a “nature swim” in a lake, go for it! There’s nobody there to judge and definitely no tickets be handed out! So go float your tube down the river, jump off the biggest cliff, and climb the tallest mountain you can find, just be safe and smart doing it.
RJ Bruni Photography

7) Your Fears Will Be Overcome
I believe if it makes your heart beat 100 mph and your hairs stand on end…it’s something worth doing. Just because something scares you that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it, there is nothing more rewarding than facing your fears head on. “Do one thing every day that scares you.” – Eleanor Roosevelt
RJ Bruni Photography

8) Everything About Being Outside Is Breathtaking
There’s no denying that everything from the trees, to rugged peaks, to rivers and lakes, is truly breathtaking. They may not be easy to get to, the hike may be grueling, and it might involve three days of paddling but the hard work just makes the views that much more beautiful and pain goes away instantly. Don’t let the journey ahead keep you from  reaching the top.
RJ Bruni Photography

9) It’ll Keep You Healthy
Most of the time getting from point A to point B isn’t easy, especially if you have a 50 pound backpack to get to the top! Outdoor activities will test not only your mind but as well as your body and trust me… you will feel it in the morning. So get outside, get a workout in, and soak in the vitamin D!
RJ Bruni Photography

10) You Never Know What To Expect
Being outside is truly stepping into the unknown and that’s what I love most. “It’s not an adventure until something goes wrong,” and it’s so true. There will always be hardships and tasks to overcome, it’s all about surrounding yourself with people that want to go through those hardships with you and take on the challenge.
RJ Bruni Photography

A man of the mountains at heart, I was born and raised in the Fraser Valley of B.C. Using serene landscapes to draw in my subjects. I aim to inspire a lifestyle of exploration with my photography. Whether it be searching for the perfect moments in the alpine or cruising my mountain bike down summits with my best friends, I truly love everything this world has to offer. It’s the journey that’s gets me most excited.  Through the mediums of video and photography my goal is not only to inspire a life of adventure but as well for people to aim for this world to be a better place.
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