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Leatherman Action Sports – The FAQs


Did you know we have a full line of tools created just for our Action Sports enthusiasts? We’ve launched a new category of our blog, dedicated specifically just for our Action Sports blogs, and we have a goal to write about both Leatherman and Leatherman Sport a little more.

What is your Action Sports Line? 
We set out to partner with industry experts to deliver lightweight tools designed for the equipment and needs of Action Sports. We launched it in 2013, and have grown from there.

You mentioned industry experts, what kind of experts?
We’ve partnered, gained expert opinions or worked with brands and professionals like Signal Snowboards™,  Arto SaariGirl®,  Royal®, and Cyrus Sutton to really understand the craft and needs of each sport in a multi-tool or pocket tool.

What kind of tools are there?
Our action sports line is filled with lightweight multi-tools, pocket tools, knives and of course the compliment of LED Lenser headlamps and lights.

What sports do you currently have?
We currently have tools for Surf, Skate and Snow.

Where can I buy these items?
You can buy them online at our website here.

Are you going to add other sports to your line?
Just like other Leatherman products, as we grow, we’ll be looking into other sports and activities. Leatherman’s mission is to help as many people as possible improve their lives by preparing them for the expected and unexpected.

Can I carry-on my AS tools onto a plane?
Some yes, some no. Mostly yes though! You can also always stow it in your checked luggage that travels under the plane. And remember – ultimately it is up to the discretion of the individual TSA agent as to what they will let you carry or not. For the latest federal regulations, please visit The tools we currently have that follow those TSA guidelines are: Grind, Hail, Jam, Style PS, Rime, Shooter and Thruster.

Are these tools still under the 25-year warranty that Leatherman has? 
Absolutely! Our warranty is simple. You broke it, we’ll fix it. No questions, no hassles, no wasting your time. Just go to the Warranty page at and print/fill out the form provided there, put it and your tool in the mail to us and we’ll fix/replace your tool and send it back to you for free. If you are from outside the US/Canada, please go to this same place on the web site and select the country you live in and send your tool to that country’s distributor. They act as the warranty agent for Leatherman in that country. You can also find warranty information on the Leatherman Mobile Site, “Warranty” button, but the form cannot be downloaded from there.

Do you guys have stickers?
We sure do, and they’re awesome. Email and we can send some out to you.


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