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Introducing the new Leatherman Signal Survivalist Multi-tool


If you are far away from civilization on an exciting outdoor adventure, or making sure you’re ready when the unexpected happens, the new Signal multi-tool helps the planning become just a little bit easier with vital survival tools like a ferrocerium fire starter and whistle.

“We spoke with a lot of professionally trained survivalists and if you’re lost, or need to stay overnight outdoors, the main things you want with you are fire, the appropriate tools, and a way to communicate without relying on technology,” described Jason Carpenter, Sr. Product Manager. “If it is part of the tool already, you won’t have to think about bringing it. You’ll already be prepared.”

The Signal was designed originally for the adventure enthusiast who participates in activities like hunting, fishing, geocaching, camping and hiking but has morphed into something that can keep you ready and safe in any stressful unexpected situation.

The Signal also comes complete with traditional Leatherman features like pliers, can opener, saw, awl, and removable pocket clip. In addition, it includes popular features like a hammer, replaceable wire cutters, diamond-coated file, and bit driver.

Coming in a black and yellow color scheme, Signal adds a new look and feel to Leatherman’s full-sized multi-tool line. “It was important to communicate that this was the first Leatherman of its kind. The rugged, nature oriented design was a focus during our research,” said Kenny Lohr, Industrial Designer. “Leatherman strives to be authentic, and we weren’t going to let Signal fall short.”

Check out more information the Signal on the Product Page.


  • Mike says:

    Looks cool.”Survivalist” carries with it the negative connotation of someone who is preparing for the end of civilization. I think you’re aiming this tool more at people who hike, camp, fish, hunt and want to be prepared for things to go wrong.

    1. Scott says:

      I disagree with you about the term “Survivalist”. Look at the shows on TV that deal with survival…it’s mainly outdoors in the woods. Now if it was called “Prepper”, that would be a different story

    2. the oncoming storm says:

      aye, a survivalist is someone who studies and practices outdoor/urban survival skills. what you’re thinking of is not even a prepper but a “doomsday” prepper. anyone who stocks up supplies for a disaster, whether manmade or natural, is classified as a prepper. the other is someone who stocks up supplies as well as weapons and ammunition, specifically for the “world without law” style collapse of civilization.

    3. philip says:

      If it does not get rust, I’ll take it.For the survivalist part… It’s enough to watch the world news to see that it’s good to get some tools for the future.

    4. Greg says:

      It should be called ‘Bushcraft Tool’..!

  • Joao says:

    Love the hammer feature… It may feel like the MUT for the survivalist… Greattttt!!!

  • Mike Bugg says:

    Another great product from the original and best multi tool company! Can’t wait to see this one, and if you feel generous I can send you my shipping address!

  • Garret says:

    What is the MSRP and when is available at the retailers.

  • Douglas ford says:

    best thing to have in the woods

  • Tye Land says:

    That’s sweet I want one, where can I get it

  • Simon Berry says:

    Oh this looks like a very nice little package. I think that I might have to see what the Easter Bunny brings for my Birthday in March to see if I can upgrade my Wave with the broken bits on it to this. Looks very nice with the yellow and black colours and the pocket clip is a great thought!

  • Dan Maas says:

    When, where, and how much?

    1. Noah Lewis says:

      MSRP is $120, according to a video I saw on youtube about it.

  • Alexey says:

    Perfect! The one i needed so much outdoors)

  • Dustin says:

    This looks pretty useful. How much is it? What comes with it? Is the fire starter durable?

  • CR says:

    When will more details be available? I’m specifically interested in weight.

    1. the oncoming storm says:

      the weight is 7 oz. look up ultimate survival tips on youtube and watch the shot show video he posted. dave interviewed the lass at the leatherman booth on the signal’s features, weight included.

  • Nick Curry says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these. This tool would be perfect for all my outdoor adventures and hunting trips. Love the look and color scheme great job Leatherman!

  • Jim Merrill says:

    That is one mean, truly functional, beautiful looking multi-tool.

  • Dustin Coulter says:

    I absolutely love the Survival direction you guys are engineering. Sure beats the competition :) I have used SOG, Gerber, and Leatherman. I always end up using my leatherman that continually gives me the best performance out of any multi-tool. Thank you guys! I love Oregon and absolutely love Leatherman!

  • David Ferguson says:

    Now if there was a way to put a flint with a striker then you would have something

  • Marino Maldonado says:

    I see this tool very useful, simple but with very utility tools. The only thing that I see is that you could put an blade exchanger underside a saw, that will maintain the simplicity but expands the functionality in a great way. I would like to know the chance I have to have one with this customization from factory or if I can do it by my self. I really like that tool but the only one that have one is the surge that is to heavy to carry all the time. Thank you for all the tools you make that make our life and jobs more simples.

  • Remco says:

    It’s the perfect tool for me, I love it

  • Imre says:

    When can I buy it in Hungary?

  • Caleb says:

    When is it out? Where can I get one?!?

  • Michael Marcucci says:

    looks good but I do not see scissors or a sheath. I do not trust carbineer clips to keep a tool on me.

  • Michael marcucci says:

    Looks good but dose it have a sheath? I don’t trust that carabineer clip to keep it on my person. I also do not see scissors like on my wave.

  • Matt says:

    When will they be available? How much will they cost? Im very excited about this but more information would be great

  • rescue4500 says:

    When will it be available for purchase? How much will the retail price be? Im very excited about this tool but more information and pictures would be wonderful!

  • Jonathan says:

    Will it come in a model with just a plain edge blade (I don’t use blades with serrations)?

  • rescue4500 says:

    When will this tool be available for purchase? What is the estimated retail value of this tool? Im very excited about this tool but more information would be great.. This would be a great addition to my hiking belt!

  • Lunie says:

    I want it. How much is it gonna cost, and when will it be available?

  • jared hayes says:

    You guys should post a video about it on your YouTube channel!

  • Joseph Jones says:

    Its about time you made a Leatherman for survival and Bushcraft. When will it be out and were can I get one .

  • Chris says:

    I WANT..!!!! When should we expect to see this and be able to purchase…?

  • Joe says:

    Looks awesome…can I get one for being first comment?!?!?

  • scott says:

    Sweet! How about some video of it in action?

  • Jessie Thompson says:

    This is one of the best you guys have yet created by far!

  • lee meng keat says:

    this is great !!!

  • Richard wilson says:

    Looks awesome! We can we expect them to be available to purchase!

  • ImSpanky says:

    I am big on Survival stuff and I so want this :D very cool

  • Ryan says:

    Hopefully the sheath is better than the one that comes with the Surge

  • Ian says:

    Looks wonderful. I can’t wait to try it out. Love you guys/gals!

  • Ted Briggs says:

    Wow – a great idea, and it appears to be well executed. My initial thought is to offer it in a high visibility color scheme as well – perhaps with the handle/case safety orange. Small outdoor tools are easily misplaced with neutral (black, gray) or background (brown, green) colors.

  • Andy Moal says:

    Ya did it again ! Love it ! I need one. Thanks leatherman team !

  • ken says:

    Looks good guys. I can’t wait to see it in stores. This will be great for camping.

  • Jerry says:

    looks like a very nice multi-tool Really would to get one………please

  • Danny Stump says:

    i am a member of several survival groups and would love to try this out and share with the group. I’m sure they would be happy to purchase one if it is like the rest of your products.

  • Jerry says:

    really love this multi-tool……WOULD REALLY LIKE ONE FOR ME……PLEASE

  • Bill king says:

    looks nice,can’t wait to get one in hand.When do they ship international

  • Julius says:

    Hello Leatherman,this Tool looks very nice. Is there already a release date?Julius

  • James McConnell says:

    When will the Signal be for sale to the general public?

    1. Julie Knapp says:

      Still being perfected, but we’re planning for Summer 2015 right now!

    2. Brendan Richards says:

      Awesome looks amazing. If anybodys lookin for a more in-depth type of thing look up Ultimate Survival Tips Leather man Signal AMAZING WORK DAVID!! :)

  • Dan Gronert says:

    Looks like it’s going to be a beauty. Just like all tools that LEATHERMAN produces. I sure would like to get on the hold list to purchase one of these beautiful babes.

  • Richard says:

    I think that this will find space in my pack. When will it be available in the U.K.?

  • michael mentzer says:

    where can I buy one and how much

    1. Julie Knapp says:

      Hi Michael – as of now, the release date for Signal is Summer 2015. Should be able to get one then! The final product is still in advanced development, but right now the MSRP is standing at $120.00.

  • Jay says:

    Can’t believe they went with yellow and not high-vis orange.

  • Alex says:

    Well, i was Waiting for something like that, i think its based on a MUT and that mean a excelent tool.

  • Cristian Porter says:

    When can I buy this?

  • Alex says:

    Please provide an option for a plain edge blade! At least do the same thing you did with the Skeletool and have different versions.

  • Nick says:

    Ditto the plain edge request. Also, can the internal tools (awl, can opener, and bit driver) be deployed when the tool is closed, or does the position of the hammer prevent that?

    1. Jason says:

      SkeleMUT…YES!!!Pocket clip??

  • Freeman says:

    Very nice. I’m going to get one for sure. I’d love to see it come with a Paracord case, but if not I’ll make one.

  • Ralph says:

    Or if you go for a combi blade put the serrated edge at the tip end of the blade. Then when you are working wood, the PE is near the body of the knife and your hand and therefore makes it much more usable for bushcraft activities

  • Greg says:

    ‘BUSHCRAFT TOOL’ would be a better name for the new Leatherman.

  • J says:

    Looks great, i enjoy the whistle and flint idea. i especially like that your heard your community. But in my opinion, it’d be so much better with scissors as it’s a major first aid tool: to cut clothes, or bandages. One of my favorite tools. Also i don’t get the semi serrated blade, a plain edge is better for wood craft. Plus there is already a saw, which would do the job on a any kind of strap or rope. Finally, if you want to make it a survival tool, a flat Phillips screwdriver would be better than driver bits as it allows to pry.

  • Lagrandeimage says:

    How much will it weight?

  • Frank says:

    Such an nice Tool. Can i buy it on leathermanThanks

  • Chris says:

    I’m currently looking for a new leatherman. Loved the look of the MUT and the carbineer is awesome. But no can opener. The SIGNAL looks perfect to take out to the field. 2 improvements that would make it perfect.. Scissors and no plastic. Will the plastic survive 25 years? Change these things and I’d be happy to pay an extra £100. Or put an carbineer on a charge!!!

    1. sam says:

      I would prefer a metal structure too but I think that the glass filled nylon material will become a welcomed trade off with the lower weight. Similar plastics are used in quality knives with up to lifetime warranties so I do not think there will be any issue lasting many years – and if not – the 25 year warranty should cover you.

  • paul fromer says:

    When can I get one?

  • D.E. Mejia says:

    This knife is awesome. but i feel like you could have included a integrated or bubble compass on it (nothing that makes it look ugly tho cause this is a beautiful design)… also maybe a small LED light somewhere.. I know crazy ideas but those are things i def would enjoy seeing.

    1. sam says:

      Personally, I would not want to see a light. I hate it when low powered or low quality LED lights are thrown into tools. To get a decent brightness, they’d have to throw a AAA into it – making it bigger and heavier – less pocketable. Lights do not last as long as mechanical tools either so it could die on you halfway through the tools life and be worthless added baggage. Their warranty is 10 years on lights and 25 on tools btw.A quality bubble compass would be nice…

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