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The wearable tool, the new Leatherman Tread


[UPDATE] Need more info on specs and links? Our Tread product page is now live, click here. 

This summer, Leatherman Tool Group, Inc. will debut an industry first: a multi-tool that can be worn on the wrist. The Leatherman Tread is crafted of high strength, corrosion resistant 17-4 stainless steel links that include two to three functional tools each, making a total of 25 usable features like box wrenches and screwdrivers available at a moment’s notice.

“The idea originated on a trip to Disneyland with my family,” said President Ben Rivera. “I was stopped at the gate by security for carrying a knife, when what they had actually seen was my Skeletool. I was unwilling to give it up, so they made me take it all the way back to my hotel room. I knew there had to be another way to carry my tools with me that would be accepted by security.” When he returned from his trip, Rivera, who began his tenure at Leatherman Tool Group 24 years ago as an engineer, began by wearing a bike chain bracelet to see how it would feel. As his thoughts took shape, he brought his idea to the engineers at Leatherman who helped fast track his plans.

The Tread bracelet began taking shape. Each complex link was metal injection molded for strength and intensity. The bracelet was crafted to be fully customizable with slotted fasteners, so the user could rearrange links, add new ones, or adjust for wrist size to ¼”. Even the clasp is functional with a bottle opener and #2 square drive. Other link tools include a cutting hook, hex drives, screwdrivers, box wrenches, and a carbide glass breaker.

“I began wearing prototypes myself to test comfort and usability, and to ask for feedback,” said Rivera. “Folks immediately associated the bracelet design with a watch and asked, where’s the watch? We decided to make a timepiece an optional part of the Tread.”

A version of the Tread bracelet that includes a watch will be available in Fall 2015. The Leatherman TreadTM QM1 will feature a unique Leatherman-designed and Swiss-made timepiece with precision quartz movement. A shock resistant sapphire crystal ensures scratch resistance for heavy duty wear, and the curved watch limits reflection and increases outdoor visibility.


  • JAfromMn says:

    I got to try this one before I can say anything. It’s such a different tool I have nothing to even compare it too. It’s cool looking I can say that.

    1. Karen says:

      Is this too big for a small lady to wear?

      1. Brian says:

        Seems like you can pick the number of links to assemble

        1. Joshua miller says:

          I hope they “leatherman ” will offer an extra link kit I have a 9″ wrist so I hope it fits me

          1. mark says:

            I hope so also…

          2. ben says:

            It comes with a watch face option, maybe that’ll help.

          3. Dan says:

            Im pretty sure it can also have a watch face attached to it that should give you a few extra inches

      2. Sara says:

        “The bracelet was crafted to be fully customizable with slotted fasteners, so the user could rearrange links, add new ones, or adjust for wrist size to ¼”.”If its to big can probably just take a few links off.

      3. Tori says:

        I was wondering this as well, as I am in the same boat. Then I read this, “Adjustable to ¼” to accommodate any wrist size.” :)

      4. Andy says:

        no You will be cool wearing it!

    2. long hair david says:

      I’m the oldest street outreach worker in Olympia WA.I started one of the bike projects here amongst many other projects, I am doG soldier, the last Catholic Worker with boots still working on the ground in Olympus Wa and I’m the Oldest Punk Rocker in this town. please send me one and I will pay for it. thank you for service to this Country I’m a non Service related Vet. an old weapons specialist. I see something in this bracelet, it should be standard issue to our active duty military

    3. Tom says:

      Needs a knife!

      1. Paul_M says:

        I believe sharps were left out to make it TSA-compliant.

  • Nobrega says:

    Seem’s to me, there an great wrist tool, coming up.I’d really wear this one, watch, or wrist mode. I Like the design of both, but i rather preder that the interior watch case should have more chrono information, since it’s look like and survival tool.Maybe and compass, chrono timer and sportiff look, for bikers and adventurus people.Ps: I want one. When can i order?

    1. Georgette Yakman says:

      I agree. I travel 3/4 of the year doing professional development to add hands-on (engineering) learning to classrooms. OH PLEASE let me try this out ahead of the launch and see how it stands up to 10 flights a month and regular use and evaluation by school districts

      1. N3W0NE says:

        I’m a service Engineer and I travel a lot too, but I’m worry about the customs, I think you can’t wear this on a plane (there is a knife in there…)So they’ll keep it…

        1. TSA Officer says:

          It’s TSA approved.

        2. CNimmo says:

          There is actually no knife blade on the Tread, but there is a small letter/box opener right next to the clasp. That same link also has a sim card pick with a glass breaker on the other side of that link. It’s very comfortable to wear.

    2. Paul says:

      Any analog watch is a compass if the sun can be seen.

    3. Nate says:

      I agree. there should be some higher tech versions of the watch, maybe with GPS altimeter etc. it will be hard to compete with some of the “smart watches” otherwise.

      1. Kevin says:

        What smart watch can remove a screw or a bolt?

  • Wallace Rumbarger says:

    i want one.Are you taking pre-orders now?

    1. karen says:

      Can this look somewhat fashionable on a small lady’s wrist?

      1. lyn says:

        Yes, I want one too – but there also needs to be one sized for women’s wrists.

    2. Marina says:

      I am also want to know, is it possible to make pre-order?

  • Federico Ingrosso says:

    This is an awesome idea!!! Can’t wait to get mine!!!

  • Nate says:

    Who’s the watch manufacturer?

    1. Julie Knapp says:

      Swiss made!

      1. sevag says:

        That means absolutely nothing. “Swiss Made” is not synonymous with quality, many companies slap that moniker on just to increase the selling price. There are also several loopholes that are commonly used by the industry to slap on a swiss made logo when parts of the watch don’t come from there but rather china etc. There are also varying degrees of swiss quartz watches (this watch will undoubtedly be quartz and not mechanical) some which cost as little as $50 and others upwards of the price of a house. So really we need to know the manufacturer and price before anyone can determine if the watch is wroth the money.

        1. sray says:

          This ad isn’t about a watch its about the tool. Your kind of an angry person.

          1. Steve Berry says:

            Seems you’re kind of a dick. And it’s ‘you’re’ not your.

          2. Paul_M says:

            See, THIS is why they won’t put a knife on the Tread… You two would be killing each other. lol

        2. izzy says:

          the local mall sells watches for $20 by a company called swatch and their watches are swiss made

        3. Robert says:

          When a company says it Swiss made it normally only means one company, have you ever heard of Swiss army knife?

          1. rich says:

            wrong – many swiss watch manufacturers – BUT with a quartz movement we are NOT talking rolex, tag hauer, nor omega – “probably” within the swatch group – BTW Swiss Army (Victorinox) watches are not very good quality

          2. Joe says:

            Engrish be you second speak?Try full and complete sentences… you dolt.

          3. DB says:

            With watches when they say Swiss made they’re trying to associate with Rolex, Tag etc, chances are the mechanism is one of the cheap Swiss watch makers, I can’t really imagine Leatherman trying to associate their product with Victorinox.

          4. Tim says:

            I even saw a Swiss Army cologne for sale. What does the Swiss army smell like?

        4. Charles Crow says:

          it would seem that this correspondent is unaware of Leatherman products. There is no way they would incorporate a watch that was sub standard

        5. captjcb says:

          swiss made means the movement was installed,assembled in does have to meet standards to say swiss made.Rolex is only one of hundreds of swiss watches.and whoever said swiss army watches aren’t quality watches,they sell cheap watches and they sell high end sapphire crystal,eta movement watches that are high quality.

      2. Hoptsach de Hond isch gsond says:

        So am I, but which manufacturer does the clockwork? Mondain, Swatch?

        1. Karen says:

          How much does it set me back?

          1. DJ says:

            Over 100.00 is pushing it. $125.00 max, but $200 to $300…WTF?These “tools” are now status symbols. And to think I once really liked this company.

          2. BG says:

            Status symbols?Isn’t anything we do to our own appeal in approach of status?Depending on the actual quality and functionality, this could be a very valuable too. It looks sharp and if its made well it could well be worth 200-300.They will sell enough if you do not buy one.

          3. BG says:

            lol edit; too(l).

      3. RT1969 says:

        Well, there is more than one maker in Switzerland…

        1. Brad R says:

          agree with Sevag. “Swiss made” just means 50% of the parts, in value, are made in Switzerland, and the final assembly is done by a Swiss watchmaker. However, I might get the watch, because I don’t particularly care how many Chinese parts are in it. As a frequent flyer, I am more interested in how useable the tread is. Leatherman are great, but never as good as a specialist tool. The Tread appears like it might be far less useable than the normal leatherman. I hope that the ability to travel and wear on your wrist, hasn’t come at the expense of it’s functionality. This would make it just a would-be McGyver man bracelet

        2. HK says:

          To me “Swiss made” means not made in China so I dont really care who the Swiss manufacturer is.

      4. peter says:

        Hi Julie… just a quick question. Have airlines and security given their approval? I note in the original post, the inconvenience the CEO suffered when he tried to enter a venue with his Letterman.. what would change or does this just get around the issue by having it not be in a recognisable form?

        1. Julie Knapp says:

          Hi Peter – So far, our President has flown all over the world with his for close to a year now. No troubles! We say TSA compliant, it follows all rules and guidelines required by the airlines, so you shouldn’t have any trouble.

          1. Steve J says:

            Has president flown in and out of Paris, France? Years ago, On my way out of Paris, security confiscated an eyeglass repair screwdriver because I had 2 in my carry-on.

      5. Javin says:

        I would love one of these! I’m a leatherman lifer!

      6. Swiss Cheese says:

        I made it!

    2. Pierre says:

      Probably an ETA movement. It is owned by the Swatch Group

    3. Oli says:

      I believe the watch is being made by Mondaine (the official Swiss Rail watch) since the knob exhibits a M like the one on my Mondaine watch…

  • echir says:

    Will the bracelet be available without the watch? When? Which will be the price range?

    1. Julie Knapp says:

      Hi there! It will be, the watch is optional. They both release later in 2015, Spring and Fall, but are still in advanced development. Right now, the MSRP are shaping out to be $150-$200.

      1. Manny Fleurmond says:

        For the watch and band or just the band?

      2. Alice says:

        Is that $150-$200 MSRP for the watch version, or is that for the bracelet version?

        1. Michael says:

          $150-$200 Outrageous I’ll wait for the Chinese knockoff for $19.99

        2. bram says:

          Its 150-200 for bracelet, and about 500 for the watch

        3. Kozh-zam says:

          bracelet. 150$ – stainless, 200$ – DLCi doubt that the watch ver. will cost less than 300$

      3. Chris Severn says:

        How about a band that I can use with my existing smartwatch?

      4. Testicus says:

        for $200 i want a short-range hi-power laser capable of burning a hole in 1/4″ steel!just kidding. i’m totally going to buy one of these the INSTANT they’re available!

      5. Rhonda says:

        Make a ladies model as well please

      6. Patti says:

        This would be awesome gift for self and others. When does it come out? Can I pre-order? Thanks!

      7. Josh Carter says:

        Thanks Julie, that’s exactly what I came here to find out. I think a $100 street price would be ideal, but I understand this may start with smaller production runs than your traditional tools. I’ll definitely pick up the bracelet version!

  • Glenn Lancon says:

    Awesome!This is an absolute must-have. I use my skeletool and surgre everyday. Can’t wait to get my hands on this one.

    1. Yugan says:

      Hi, Glenn, I got a laugh out of your comment. Do you mean you can’t wait to get your hands on this one, or you can’t wait to get this one on your hands? Cheers

  • Gary Mead says:

    The Tread looks interesting. Is it TSA compliant?

    1. Kris R says:

      No way, TSA would never allow a set of tools in the cabin of the plane. This would be confiscated.

      1. Josh says:

        Nope, I carry lockpicks, screwdrivers, etc, all the time in carryon. They’re allowed.

      2. Mike R says:

        I took a quick look at: and I don’t see anything that jumps out.Per the doc: Wrenches/Pliers/Screwdrivers (seven inches or less in length) are OKPerhaps the “hook knife” would be disallowed but I’d be hard pressed to see how you could attack someone with that.

      3. Tim says:

        Wrenches, screwdrivers, and pliers (among other things) under 7″ in length are allowed as carry on. I do it all the time.

      4. Michael Quale says:

        It’s a bracelet, I doubt they would catch it. Take it off run it through the bin with your watch and keys… they dont even notice.

      5. Flyer says:

        With present laws they will have to allow it! Passes all regulations! But, then again they are the TSA!

      6. Tushar says:

        Their U-Tube AD shows an airport.

      7. AzTony says:

        Tools are allowed as long as they’re under 7″ in length and no knife blades, no matter the length.

      8. James Wang says:

        It is, there are no TSA restrictions on wrenches/short screwdrivers or even small, dull package openers (or swaggy watches).

      9. Brian says:

        The TSA allows tools less than 7 inches in length

      10. Tripod says:

        You haven’t actually read the TSA rules, have you?The point of this product is to be security-check friendly.

    2. JoneZ says:

      Yes, it will be TSA compliant

  • Davy Van Acker says:

    when is it available in belgium?

    1. Julie Knapp says:

      Not entirely positive just yet, the product will be released later this year (Spring and Fall) and can go to distributors then. Stay tuned for more information on release dates and availability.

      1. Bonnie Passmore says:

        How can I get alerts that the bracelet is ready for purchase? Where will it be available and how much? Thanks!

  • Dawid says:

    How about price?

    1. Julie Knapp says:

      The tool, still in development, is being finalized. However, as of now – $150-200!

      1. hemmorhoidal flareup says:

        is the 200 for the one with a watch?

      2. JT says:

        Wow, 200$…really?I see that Leatherman is moving to fashion business:)I like the concept but this time I probably wait for a cheap copy from China:)

        1. Milton says:

          Well if you don’t mind your tools breaking on you, go ahead.

        2. Kevin says:

          You never save money buying cheap tools. Also leather man guarantees their products.

      3. Longers says:

        Could you please advise when the bracelet version will be available for the Australian market?

  • Josh Anderson says:

    Very excited for this product, I love the tactical-look of it! Can’t wait to get my hands, or should I say WRIST on one!

  • Marcel Boulet says:

    Shut up and take my money! As a touring entertainment tech, I hate checking my leatherman to fly.

  • David Price says:

    Looks really cool! What depth will the watch be rated to? I am hoping you are going to say 200M! As I would need it save to scuba dive to 30M. Will the bezel have one way rotation?

    1. Julie Knapp says:

      Hi David,

      200m is correct! Check out this video we just released on it:

      1. David Price says:

        Hi Julie Thanks for the reply. Does the Bezel on the watch move only anti clockwise?

      2. Bob Davis says:

        Can we get it with a sticker on the back of the watch that smells like bacon? $300 bid.

  • joe says:

    very cool. Have you set a retail price?

  • John Longoria says:

    I want one and would like to be informed of all new products.

  • Douglas J says:

    This is an awesome idea! When is it being released and how much will it cost?

  • walter says:

    I love how much and when

  • robert thomas says:

    loook good would love one how much are they

  • Clive Hawkins says:

    Wondering when either version (watch or non watch) will be available in Australia and how much?

  • John says:

    I want one, how much?

  • Carlos salazar says:


  • Eric Hepperle says:

    The watch idea is sweet. Definitely want one!

    1. Jgn says:

      i want one too! Cool!

  • Eric Campbell says:

    I’d love this as a present for my birthday on Halloween

  • Hallnit says:

    Looks like a great tool and fashion piece. Would love to have one. When will it be available and cost please

  • richard thompson UK says:

    what a fantastic idea :)

  • richard thompson UK says:

    what a fantastic idea

  • richard thompson UK says:

    what a fantastic idea. would love to own one of these.

  • Dennis V says:

    I really like this concept. Will there be new tools added or be available to customize it? My concern if you haven’t already solved it is torque, will the band act as a handle? There will be limits to what this can be used on but that is true on any number of pocket tools. :-)

  • Alan Rodriguez says:

    I want one!!!

  • Jeremy Lawson says:

    Do you think you could wear this through airport security as a watch band? every time i travel, i have to stow my MUT, Surge, and even my dinky little off brand keychain tool in my seabag under the plane. i really dont like going anywhere without tools, and airport security is the only place i dont go with my Leatherman tools on my belt, so this would be awesome if you could get clearance from the TSA.

  • Jennifer Essad says:

    Genius – my husband and son will flip over these

  • David Santiago says:

    Great idea wish to have one? What’s the price range

  • chad holley says:

    how much will they cost?

  • Dallas Eggleston says:

    Looks very interesting, can wait to see more, been a leatherman carrier since around 1980, the only tool I recommend to anybody.

  • Daniel says:

    I need one of these . Leatherman multi tools are the best things to have . I don’t go a day with out one the 6 I own in my pocket or hip.

  • Don Tebo Jr. says:

    Absolutely Fantastic!!!!My two boys and myself can’t wait to own one!!Leatherman Rules!!

  • Richard Schoessler says:

    Put me on the list. I need this watch with the tool band. Great looking time piece also.

  • Frank says:

    it does not state water proof?

  • don-in-japan says:

    O… I soooo want one.

  • Dustin Dedman says:

    I will certainly be buying the watch version when it comes out.

  • sawbladedave says:

    awesome when can we pre order

  • Scott says:

    Will it fit the Apple watch?

    1. Fredrik says:

      This was my first question as well. If it will, I think it would be very COOL!

    2. Chris says:

      Most of Leatherman’s sales demographic wouldn’t be caught dead with an Apple Watch. This is much better on its own.

      1. John says:

        There are two types out there… those who buy Leatherman and Apple products because they are portraying an image. We call them “posers”. Then there are those who buy both because they are the ultimate tool at what they do. (If you disagree with this statement regarding Apple, you’re obviously a tech hobbyist / tinkerer, not a pro.)

  • Bart Cops says:

    A-ma-zing idea! I want one asap, how cool is this one!I like the watch idea to, it matches the cool rugged look of ‘thread’. Send me one and I ‘ll test it for you guys here in Southern Nevada, where the heat is just a dry heat ;-) Good luck with this one, you guys will sell a TON of them, 100% sure!! Hopefully rustproof, right? Looks like it, but still, need to be sure about tread, uh sorry; “that”! Does it need any maintenance? Like oil or something else?

    1. Karen S. says:

      There’s a U Tube for this. Good lookin’ watch!

  • Mike Wong says:

    Too cool! would be even better if it can be made to wear with other watches…!

    1. Feline Lang says:

      yes pleeeease! And don’t forget the ladies out here, a bracelet is perfect to fit small wrists, but not a clumsy men’s watch. and what about smart watches? The perfect thing would be: hinges on all my watches so I can exchange them as easy as those little tools every day.

  • Ndae says:

    wow! cant wait any longer, pls speed up the production, i need it on my wrist asap

  • Eric Hansen says:

    Two words: Field Tester! I’m your man. As a merchandiser for a major home improvement retailer, I use my hands to build and create displays. I would be willing to give the Tread a fair assessment under real world conditions.

  • Samus Baisden says:

    Please make a specialized link that lets you attach this to an Apple Watch! It would look so awesome with the Stainless Steel version!

    1. Jim says:

      my thought exactly. I was wondering the same thing if I could attach my Fenix 3

    2. Brett Lemoine says:

      Seconded. I’d buy this in a heartbeat if I could add the Apple Watch face to it.

    3. Leonard says:

      I would love to see this band with a standard watch special link at the end so it could be used with any watch!

    4. John says:

      The Tread itself is modular, and the Apple Watch will have interchangeable bands. I think that’s your answer. Event if it’s not official, it will only take two stainless links to add this to an Apple Watch. I give that about a week after release to be on the market by a third party.

  • Dan says:


  • Rich Philpot says:

    Looks very cool! I carry a lot of different tools at all times and can’t say how many times I had to walk back to my car to empty my pockets.Can’t wait to try one!One question….other than the watch, will it be made in the USA?

  • Elias says:

    hey! really up to the skies for this one!! do you guys know the aprox. time this will come to sweden?

  • Willis Nearhood says:

    I must have one now! Where or when is it for sale?

  • Lisa Griebel says:

    Obviously it’s being sized to men, but how does it scale in comparison to a women’s wrist? I’ll totally buy this if it is not too cumbersome, but I do have concerns that it will be clunky.

  • Julia says:

    Is there a way to pre-order? I can SO use this!

  • jamie says:

    Will they come in sizes small enough to fit my stupid little girl wrists? Because I want one. Oh wait, your youtube video goes out of the way to explain that girls can use it in the kitchen. Holy sexist batman. Fire your marketing director.

    1. Eleanor says:

      Can’t help but agree on this one! Thank you Jamie for calling them out!

    2. Kristin says:

      Amen! Where’s a female version?!? Seriously??

    3. Trixie says:

      - Spot on Jamie!! Hell, im gonna use it on my bikes. Kitchen? looool!!

  • Iceman says:

    They should just skip the watch and make it compatible with the Casio G-Shock

  • Ashley Dean says:

    will it have some sort of adaptor so you can put your own watch in it?

  • Troy Swindells-Grose says:

    Where’s the “buy now” link??:)

  • PHIL Roberts says:

    Can it pass security checks at airports?

  • Edgardo Ortiz says:

    Make this great tool part of a G-Shock watch and I’m sold!

  • Jerry says:

    Gotta have it!

  • Marlon Mojares says:

    I always see to it I carry leatherman everyday but there are times that you simply cannot and this is the solution! My question now is this all american made that I love through the years? 25years warranty?

  • rex marcos says:

    Looks like something that airport security would confiscate, just because.

  • João Esperança says:

    I want mine in black and with watch. Someone mentioned it before, but can you fit a compass in the watch?

  • David Bivins says:

    Will this also be available in a matte/blackened finish or just the stainless?

  • Debbie says:

    Loving this concept, but what about us ladies? This looks a bit bulky for us.

  • Richard says:

    Is that the final watch design? And is it waterproof? Will there be other watch options? This looks amazing but I feel the watch is letting it down, when it could be used to greatly increase sales. In my opinion, the face looks boring and for something that’s part of a multi tool seems surprisingly featureless. Chronometer and water resistance are must haves. I’d also redesign the face to look a bit more rugged, numerals aren’t necessary and the big glowing ones here make it sort of look like a $10 watch from k-mart. A raised edge to help protect against inevitable scratches would be good too. I hope my suggestions help, this really does look like an amazing item.

  • Rich says:

    Oh very very clever, I think you need to add a pair of tweezers in somewhere though, as geocacher this seems a brilliant tool but I’m forever needing tweezers for logs.

  • Fenrir says:

    Quite simply brilliant.I don’t want on, I NEED one.

  • qwester says:

    If I visit your store and, having previously signed up for the factory tour, will I be able to see the links being made. I have some great ideas for links which I will share if you are interested.

  • Graham Nicholls says:

    Yes please :)

  • Harold says:

    I’ve been an avid Leatherman user for nearly 30 years and can’t wait to get a Tread wrapped around my wrist. I have to agree though that a multi-functional bracelet should only be complimented by a multi-functional watch.

  • Kaage says:

    When you are taking pre-orders?! Any chance to be beta tester?

  • Graeme says:

    Will the bracelet be available without the watch?

  • jethro says:

    Looks like a winner guys well done..How much will the watch section and are the hands markers luminous?Keep up the good work.regards jethro

  • Jude says:

    Very nice concept. Any chance you’ll be collaborating with sere/military/paracord bracelet makers on creating a survival kit? Just my 2¢. :)

  • Johan says:

    This is such a cool idea… it would be nice to see it with a generic watchband to use with any watch.

    1. Karen S. says:

      No no boring generics! U suck! Yes to military USA or UK!

      1. Karen S. says:

        W can’t I post a very recent picture?

    2. Tom says:

      Totally agree. I have. Bunch of watches that this would benefit…and yes from a biz case perspective if the tool works well I would buy multiple bands from you. Thanks now please keep in mind these need to pass through tsa, be comfortable for long periods of time, completely water submersible…and cool looking ;-)

  • Vicdakota says:

    Totally awesome, I feel lost when I don’t have the familiar weight of my 25 year old original Leatherman. This will be just another product from Leatherman I won’t leave the house without. If the ladies don’t find you handsome you might as well be handy.

  • val says:

    How much? Where!

  • Mike V says:

    Will it go through the TSA checks before flying? In other words, Can I fly with it on?

  • Raf T says:

    How does it work, exactly? How do I apply torque? Interesting concept.Thanks!RT

  • Jeff says:

    Looks very cool and is a great idea. Is there a knife though? That is the most often used, at least for me. Cutting hook might not do. A small folding blade in a link would be most helpful. Also, how easy to disassemble to get to the tool you need? Could become a nuisance to use if it’s not fast.

  • Jeffrey says:

    Any pricing on the watch yet? I haven’t worn a watch for years but this may change that.

  • Ben says:

    Will the watch, without the funky tool bracelet, be available separately?

  • Rod Mason says:

    Julie, there is 2 more tools you could add to the glass breaker/hook knife link, knock 2 holes in the middle for us safety people, 1 for small oxygen tanks and the other for “B” size acetylene tanks. Your thoughts???Thanks, Rod

  • Red SantAgata says:

    Torx links please. Glassbreaker needs force behind it maybe move it to the watch lug. holding the bracelet and swinging it probably would work then. An adapter to attach regular watch would be great smart too.

  • Chris D. says:

    This is fantastic! I was planning on getting the Apple Watch this year but this is changed my mind. I realize they are two completely different products but this fits my need so much better. I love your products and hope you continue to innovate. Thank you!!

  • Michel Hajjar says:

    I want this NOW!!How much will it cost and when is it coming to Canada!!

  • Alex Williams says:

    Is there a way we can get on an email list to be notified when it becomes available for purchase or pre-order?

  • Andrew Vest says:

    Is the band adjustable at all for smaller wrists? Do entire links come out as adjustment?

  • Steven Rourke says:

    Hi, first off this watch looks amazing I am gonna be getting on, I’ve been looking for a watch lately, secretly hoping you guys would make one. I think this was worth the wait. Just one question, will you 25 year warranty be good on the watch? Thanks again for making great products, I’ll be a user the rest of my life.

  • Reg Dunning says:

    I own two leatherman tools… as a Locksmith, I have found them an excellent adjunct to my tool box, without the toolbox! If they make this watch waterproof to 500 m, then I want one!

  • Greg case says:

    when and where can I get one

  • Lamont says:

    you should make different end sections to fit standard 20, 22, 24 mm watch lugs – that way you could buy a bracelet and the end pieces and use your own watch

  • Ed says:

    Keep coming up with more tools for this. Make it customizable so I can buy the links I want and potentially mix and match. I could hook extras to the outside of my bag, and wear the ones I need most. Play with the idea of a USB thumbdrive link.

  • john mac says:

    Can I preorder now?? I want the black

  • nik says:

    Is there a mailing list so we can know closer to the date that the band will come out?

  • Tyrone says:

    Looks good. Will you offer “optional” parts like torx ends, etc?

  • John Kousaie says:

    I really would have preferred if you guys would have made a left handed Skeletool first. But, I guess this will be more useful than the braided para-cord bracelets all the “tacticool” people wear.

  • inerlogic says:


  • Jonathan says:

    Be nice if I could use this as a band for other watches. A Pebble, for example. :)

  • Serge Blais says:

    Where the hell is the buy button???

  • Jennifer McGuire says:

    Fantastic! Any future plans for a slimmer version for the small-wristed among us?

  • Carina Lawson- Williams says:

    need one for the DH- cost and when can I order? ( he works in medivac- this is PERFECT!!!!!!)

  • Mike Waters says:

    What is the width? Also, will the watch band adapters be sold separately? I’d like to be able to use my own 22mm watch (Gear Live).

  • Jason Doege says:

    Have you considered approaching the TSA to make sure it is approved for taking on airplanes?

  • Mario Hachemer says:

    This looks amazing, how far apart are the links? Will there be links that offer a bridge to standard watch sizes?

  • Chris says:

    Where can we sign up to be notified of its availability?

  • Jamie Simon says:


  • paul clarke says:

    will this be available in the UK stores?

  • Dara says:

    I really hope this has good adjustability because I really want it. I hate things on my wrists (RSI issues) and sometimes to compensate I wear them on my ankles. This would absolutely be an ankle-wear device for me.

  • Mad Hungarian says:

    shut up and take my money!

  • Dan says:

    I love the strap but would want to keep my existing watch. Any chance that you make a link that fitted?

  • Chris says:

    Any chance of a version with standard watch fittings, say a 22mm version for my Pebble?

  • Rothausen says:

    Well, there’s never one day, when I don’t use either my Wave or Charge TTI. This is very good news. I’m in optional mode. Throw me the bracelet and the watch. It should have been here yesteryear.

  • Clay says:

    Will the release date be the same for International purchasers (or available on the UK Leatherman store)? Will you be doing preorders? How can I be informed when Tread does get released?

  • Aleksandrs says:

    A want watches.. or bracelet.. or both :) )

  • Brad says:

    I have read some of the price projections on this one and really if the only way to get it is with the watch then I wont be buying one. I do like the idea of having a kit on your wrist but I don’t need another clock.

  • Nick says:

    Shut up and take my money!!! LOVE the idea!!!

  • Ben Thomas says:

    Dear Julie and all at Leatherman,Mr Rivera’s story behind the idea rings very true for me, I’ve had a similar experience in the UK where anything resembling a pocket tool or knife is severely frowned upon. Brilliantly simple idea and looks fantastic as well, please get it to market yesterday and offer a pre-order option, my cash is waiting!

  • KMan says:

    I’m sure your watch is nice, but I have my own collection that I am rather fond of. Will the band offer standard attachment methods so I could connect it to the watch (or watches!) of my choice? That would be amazing! I would wear the heck out of that. :)

  • JK says:

    Be nice to customize the tools you want in the bracelet. Have an assortment of links available to choose from.Somebody’s previous idea of a compass would be great too.

  • Lila says:

    Will there be a version for people with smaller wrists?

  • Richard says:

    Take my money please!

  • Joe Ammond says:

    Will the base bracelet have the ability to add a watch face? Apple Watch Leatherman bracelet = win.

  • Nicole Rogers says:

    This is fascinating! What is the weight? I know a lot of touring cyclists that would be interested, but they are huge weight weenies.

  • Rick says:

    Not much in to bracelets much but this might have possibilities. Current MSRP is a bit rich for my blood though.

  • Robert says:

    will this product also be sold in Canada in the same time frames?

  • Kate says:

    Please say that these will be offered in sizes for smaller wrists.

  • Jason Campbell says:

    Will it be made in the USA? It’s the only way I would own one.

    1. Ted says:

      The watch is Swiss made.

  • Josh says:

    Can I pre-order this?

  • Manny says:

    I like to know where, when and how much $$$ this is going to hit the market with?

  • Jason Campbell says:

    Where will it be manufactured?

  • G. Steven says:

    This is a must have! Please send it, with the watch (of course), and I’ll retire my old worn out juice!

  • david wong says:

    is this ok in the airport security, I have to give up my leatherman tools one due to that.

  • Sean says:

    How can I get updates on this?

  • Rob says:

    @Julie Knapp, the closer to $150 the better. North of $200 would be unfortunate as cool as this is. Pre-order info asap please and ty!

  • Miika says:

    Could you set up a pre-order list for the watch version?

  • Mark says:

    You need to create a pre-order for this. :)

  • Michael Wise says:

    Any hope of making it available as an option for the forthcoming Apple Watch?

  • Rottenr62 says:

    $150-$200.00 i could see paying $50-75.00and depending on quality of time piece $100-300 unless you want to put a TAG or some Pricey watch …..Just put a Timex and make it out of Titaniumthen i’ll pay the $200.00

  • Joel Devlin says:

    Why can’t I pre-order this? I wish to give you money now, I may have changed my mind next month and spend my money elsewhere. Clicks-to-buy goes out the window when I can’t actually spend anything yet.

  • Will says:

    Will the watch be available with a more subtle logo? The Tread itself is nice and professional looking, but I can’t go to a boardroom sporting a giant leatherman logo.

  • Sara says:

    I realize that this isn’t a common issue for your customers, but I have really small wrists and I hope that there’s enough interest that customers will be able to order the bands/watches with the specific tools they want to get to a certain length.

  • g says:

    can i put this on an apple iwatch

  • GM says:


  • Eric Knudstrup says:

    Have you considered making it available as a standard watch band so I can use my regular watch? I have a second generation Basis band.

  • Kris pedersen says:

    Shut up and take my money!! I’ll have the optional watch as well please

  • Buster says:

    Where is the bracelet made?

  • Christian says:

    It’d be awesome if you guys made a watch-band version so people can use this with their existing watches.

  • Steve Becze says:

    Looks like the ultimate outdoorsman wear. Perfect for work or play. A must have.

  • Janice says:

    How much? Need to start saving my pennies.

  • Jack Parkins says:

    It’s a bit early, but please come out with Apple Watch attachment links (when it comes out in the next 3-4 months).

  • Canuck says:

    I dont see a Robertson screwdriver tip… :-/

  • Vinny says:

    How can I be notified when it goes on sale?

  • Lydia says:

    Want, want, want!!!!!

  • Steve Thiel says:

    Can’t wait! A thought – make it so we can use this as a band for a watch face we provide. Should be easy to make links that adapt to standard watch layouts. I picture this with a pebble or moto 360.

  • T-Y Chia says:

    Please made a mechanical watch version.

  • vjay says:

    No doubt I want this. Now the question is: Will the airport security check let me keep it?

  • steve xzorter says:

    gimme have it !

  • Kenneth Lease says:

    If one of the tools could be a Trox 8 so that I can use it on my Raptor it would be extremely helpful.

  • Kenneth Lease says:

    Any chance you have a perspective list of what tools or links will be available in addition to those that are included?

  • Tom says:

    Would be awesome if it could be swapped out with other watch bands like the moto 360, pebble, etc. The ultimate wearable.

  • Jesse says:

    i will mount this to my Garmin Fenix if you would be so kind as to make sure it will fit ;)

    1. Eric says:

      I second that! Talk about creating the single most functional tool!

  • Ghazi Farooq says:

    my most beloved Leatherman was snapped up the airport security when i forgot to deposit it in my check-in bag. i was running late for the flight and didn’t have time to back out and mail it to my self (there was a mail service at the airport). Alas!this would resolve some issues. However, i still need a proper leatherman i can take in a carry on ,, with the way airlines are working, i am checkin in bags less n less.

  • Bob Rothschild says:

    Tell me I can use this on any watch with standard 22mm lugs and I’ll pledge my firstborn to your product manager

  • Mark Smit says:

    I’ve been using the Leatherman Wave since I’m 13 (I’m 29 now). The tool never let me down and I use it a lot. Really looking forward to this (watch bracelet). Is there a pre-order option? Shipping to Hong Kong is possible hopefully!

  • Paul says:

    I have a taken my full Charge TTi into Wallyworld multiple times. I had it in a Molle sheath on my UTG merse. No one ever questioned me on it. That said, I’m glad you got the inspiration for this. I would love to have one but let me us it on my own watch ( G-Shock GW3500B-1A).Need a beta tester?

  • nick says:

    Way coil guys!!!I would like to replace the watch with a Pebble smart watch for in town use, or a Casio Pathfinder series watch. Or, since you are in PDX, maybe you could partner with Garmin for a really high end GPS/Watch ;-) Good luck!

  • matt says:

    how about a universal spring pin adapter for use with smart watches?

  • Scott G J says:

    Not sure if it’s there but a tiny screwdriver for glasses would be handy too.

  • hafeez says:

    hey there, how will you be able to adjust the tension around the wrist, for the right fit?

  • Russell says:

    $150-$200 is ridiculous! Times are tough on people!! How bout actually making this affordable!

  • marty says:

    I’m in!! show where to sign upnice function/fashion innovation!!

  • Justin Ballen says:

    Will this come with a warranty?

  • JC Haro says:

    I want it!!!

  • Patrick Webb says:

    Would be awesome if you could add the watch yourself to the bracelet. I own a Moto 360 and this its would look stunning with this as the band.

  • Kenneth Ing says:

    Do you have to take the links apart to use each tool?… and are the individual tools marked so you can see their functions?sizes etc?

  • Bill says:

    Wouldn’t it be easier to find a screw driver than taking your damn watch apart?

  • Kyle Clerico says:

    This is awesome! Will I be able to use it with a standard 22mm watch? If so, I’m sold.

  • Jim says:

    Oh come on. Open up a page and allow me to place a pre-order already! Knowing I’ve not yet paid for this will keep me up at night.

  • Edward Allen says:

    This should made with end links to fit like standard watchstraps!

  • Ken says:

    Does the watch bezel rotate? Or, on a different note, any thoughts to making adapters that would work with the Apple Watch? That would be amusing.

  • Khris says:

    Please make one for women! It just needs to be sized down 1/4″ all around (watch, too), and it will be perfect! Thanks!

  • Marc says:

    I love my tools so much charge tti squirt and brewzer used at lest 10 times a day, let but like me you are naked without your watch and your leatherman now we can have both in one.Yet again leading the way with ttruly excellent design and function. Thanks leatherman another purchase for me.

  • Yara says:

    sign me up for email updates, and let me know when it’s out please?

  • tabitha martin says:

    Will there be a ladies version? And do you have to dismantle it to be able to safely, efficiently, and effectively use the individual tools?

  • shaun says:

    I can’t wait to buy one!

  • Mike says:

    i want something like this, but the way there are 2 drivers on the same plane of each link make it impossible to work with a screw if it’s on a flush surface. Computers have a lot of those

  • Russ says:

    How much and when?

  • chet lloyd says:

    what is the price for the bracelet tool, let me know and puchasing information also.

  • Frank says:

    This is amazing – but what type of watch will it be? Automatic or quartz movement? Anything else but automatic would be a shame for a tool like this…

  • Alex says:

    Requesting bracelet without watch to be used with watches from 3rd party manufacturers. Not that I have some doubts about the quality of Leatherman-branded watches, but you’d better leave it to watchmakers and focus what your are best at!

  • Bob says:

    Is this usable as a generic wristband with other watches?

  • Jordi says:

    No knife, no pliers… Nice looking thou

  • Dee says:

    Unimpressed. The only thing it has going for it is the wear-ability. No real torque can be applied, the tools themselves will bite into the skin when you try to turn it, and you have to assemble and disassemble on a regular basis. Add in a $50 price tag makes it not worth having except as jewelry. Pass…

    1. Julie Knapp says:

      Hi there – sorry to hear your first impression isn’t great! The torque has been tested and has been easily used by all of our engineers on multiple projects. The tool only needs to be disassembled if you are trying to change links, or wanted to customize it with more of certain tools or other creative reasons. However, to use the tool as it’s intended, the tool doesn’t need to be taken apart. Also, the tool has been worn by many Leatherman engineers and our President, Ben, who haven’t had any issues with it catching on things, pulling hair, or biting into the skin. Hope that helps clear some things up!

    2. Charles says:

      Dee, you make a bunch of wild claims about it before owning one. I will “pass” on your negative comment.

  • Chieze Okoye says:

    Amazing idea! Will you have a way to hook this up as a watch band for other watches in general? I have a Sony Smartwatch 2, which accepts any standard 24mm band and if I could make this work with that, I would be ecstatic. Thanks!

  • Scooterch says:

    Here’s hoping you develop options around the watch. The initial version looks great, but it would be grand to swap in a smart-watch, and also to be able to use the watch with a more standard strap e.g. for dressy occasions.

  • Marcus H. says:

    And I need a screwdriver to access the screwdriver blade on the bracelet?How do you hold the small part when trying to unscrew a tight screw or bolt?

  • Albert Van Zyl ( Leatherman Junky ) says:

    I NEED one in South Africa ASAP Pllleeeeeeeeaaaaaaassseeee.

  • Philip Tudor says:

    Brilliant concept. Does the watch have GTLS (Tritium) hands and markers? – absolute necessity for use at night. Otherwise I’ll just have to buy the bracelet.

  • Jes says:

    So, the links are held together by screws. Does that mean that I need to bring my Leatherman to be able to take it apart?It is looking great though but I’ll agree with Nobrega’s watch comment.

  • Keith says:

    Please consider making this fit various smartwatches such as the Pebble. This would be perfect for it.

  • Shane says:

    How wide is the bracelet? If I can put my Pebble smartwatch on it it would be perfect.

  • Marco says:

    Honestly, this would only be interesting as a watchband, i.e. if they offer a standarized (22mm) bit to use your own watch. I would’t wear it as a bracelet. Its kind of bulky and I’m not the type for bracelets anyway, but utilizing this part of my watch on the other hand sounds pretty neat.

  • Vladislav says:

    Интересная идея … а часы тоже с инструментами или это “просто” часы ?! :-D

  • Jacolien says:

    Morning would you please be so kind and quote me on a Leatherman Watch RegardsJacolien

  • Randy says:

    Finally, wearable tech I care about: a charm bracelet for men.

  • David Salzberg says:

    Any idea what the tool/watch will weigh?

  • Massimiliano says:

    I love it. Where is the link to buy?!

  • Phillip says:

    Please, *PLEASE*, release a square watch face to go with this. I, like many, can’t wear round watch faces as they just look stupid on our arms. A square watch face (maybe with a compass embedded) would be perfect!

  • Per says:

    Truly an excellent companion. If you need input from field tests, then I would gladly like to help. I work as an traveling sales and service guy and this is just what I need! Great work, looking forward to buying one!

  • martin lanteigne says:

    im a biker and this would be great for the road. how can i get one?

  • Will says:

    I love it, but I’d also like to be able to use my own watch for it. Will it come with an attachment to let buyers use their own watch?

  • Mark S says:

    The watch could feature a mirror back case for reflecting the sun for signalling?

  • Ivan says:

    Nice piece, looks cool and useful! Waiting for watch option !

  • Igal says:

    Cool design but… Do you need an actual screwdriver to unlock the threads for use? If so, it kind of defeats the purpose of “tool available anywhere anytime”.

    1. Julie Knapp says:

      Hi there – you need a screwdriver to interchange the links. But to use the tools, you need nothing! The links are used without having to take apart the bracelet, you just have to take it off your wrist.

  • Shaun says:

    Please advise when the watch goes on sale. Have to have one

  • Sebastian Witthus says:

    Definetely getting one of these. With some of the specifications of the timepiece already known, do you have a target price range for it too?

  • Matthew Stringer says:

    Going to make airport security fun!

  • Nerfiaux says:

    is the bracelet width standard for watches ?Could I fix it to the Pebble Watch ?

  • Joshua says:

    I love the design! I have never carried a Leatherman but have owned them, always regretting when i don’t have it nearby. This fixes that. However I fly often internationally and compliance is a must as I do not check bags and will not check a watch. Also any plans for a standard watch band? This would be awesome together with a Moto360.

    1. John says:

      Agreed! Make an option to connect this to any watch, like my moto360, and this would be the best watchband ever!

    2. John says:

      22mm, please, Leatherman!

  • Dzan Ta says:

    If possible, please contact me when the product is ready for purchase. It would be great for my boy scout adventures. Thanks!

  • Tarmo says:

    Want. But just as bracelet, not watch

  • Fred Skrotzki says:

    Love the idea but instead of providing an actual watch face (I want a digital one with specific functions, water proof, etc) so how about making the two standard ends to attach our own preferred watch face. That I would go for and order right now.

  • Emilic says:

    Is there a mailing list to get informed when this comes out?

  • clare says:

    Looks great any chance of without watch and consider an allan key in there so suitable for cyclists too given its chain look design

  • Iren says:

    How about pre-order?

  • Slugsie says:

    Looks like a great tool and addition to my Leatherman toolset. Will this be available in metric sizes please?

  • Essa Suleman says:

    This would be perfect for James Bond. Leatherman should get Daniel Craig to wear for the next Bond movie :)

  • James says:

    Will you have adapters available so that it can be put onto other watches?

  • Gary clarke snr says:

    Looks fantastic keep me informed of availability

  • Jo says:

    will the watch be compatible with the bracelet released in spring? I.e. Will it be possible to get the bracelet and then purchase the watch as an additional link?

  • Kelly says:

    Can you sign up to be advised of exact release date? This is awesome.

  • Mel says:

    This is super cool and looks very useful. Hoping you’ll be doing a smaller version that will fit women (who also happen to be cool tool users, FYI). Will you have the watch available as an optional purchase, or will buyers have to find a compatible watch?

  • Richard says:

    Put that band on a Google/Android watch and I’m sold!

  • Pitter Garcia says:

    How much for the watch? Badass watch! A McGyver-Norris Watch!

  • Roy says:

    Can we sign up to be notified when released?

  • Johnn says:

    Is the watch waterproof?

  • Kasey says:

    Can this be pre ordered now?

  • Nick says:

    Any chance the strap would be compatible with the moto 360 smart watch. This would be a perfect replacement for my current strap

  • Chris Lien says:

    What tools do you lose with the watch addition? Thank you.

  • ctd says:

    Make this as an optional wrist strap for the upcoming Apple Watch. Demand will be enormous. Bonus selling point: on the Apple Watch, the strap can _easily_ be removed, protecting the watch itself from the hazards of using the strap as a tool.

  • Eric says:

    Would love to have machined adapters that would make it fit different sized watches. I don’t want to give up my Pebble, but would gladly switch my aftermarket metal band to one of these. Especially in black.

  • Chi says:

    Will this come in various watch bands sizes? I would love to marry this to my Moto 360 (22 mm)

  • Marcio Martins says:

    I’m from Brazil, I wonder if I can send and be informed when they start sales.

  • Dennis says:

    I want one. I do field engineering, and use a muti-tool, but getting thru TSA would save me time at the other end.

  • Flyingcircus says:

    Any chance of this wristband ever being compatible with standard watches?Since this one apparently isn’tIn a later version maybe?

  • Marco Marquez says:

    were I can Buy one… I need it…

  • David says:

    will there be any adapters made to where you could pair it with any standard watch? I would like to use it as the band for my smart watch. I think it would make it much more useful than being limited to your watch face.

  • Paul merrell says:

    I hope the bracelet release will have a “bring your own watch” option – basically, a way to use a pair of terminal links at the watch case side in a few different widths. I wear a vintage watch with a metal case and a 22 mm band, but there are a range of common band widths. since the bracelet is designed to be modular, a few different adapters to different breadth lugs, each stepping up or down to the bracelets native width, would be very nice and likely easy to sell, including to jewelers and watch repair shops.

  • Victor Soriano says:

    Like the concept. Make it so it can be used as a band for the upcoming Apple Watch, and I’m a buyer.

  • Rod Godoy says:

    Will there be an option for a link to attach to different watches. I like your watch design but an option use it on any watch would be great.

  • Mike says:

    Hi, can I use the Tread as a standard watch band for my existing watches? I own a Moto 360 smartwatch (takes standard 22mm watch bands) that I would love to wear on this.

  • Gino says:

    I want one!

  • Julian says:

    the sooner this can be released, the sooner you can have my money and I can try to justify to my wife the purchase.

  • Jim says:

    You should make standard 22mm adapters as one of the end links, so we can use this with our own watch! I would love to use this with my Pebble Smartwatch!

  • TeacherMac says:

    Accessories are key with my Leatherman Charge so I’ll be very interested to see what is developed for this great looking “must have”

  • sean says:

    Can we preorder? If so, sign me up.

  • Bryan Christian says:

    Any chance of making it able to function as a watch replacement band? Would be really cool if it was a compatible replacement band for other watches (or had adapters to be used as such). Would be nice if I could use it as the band on my Pebble since I always wear it.

  • Trieste says:

    Can we hope for watch adapters for common watches? Suunto? Apple iWatch? I imagine you could sell these by the truck load to people already happy with their watch but needing a functional band like this. I’d buy a few.

  • Kate says:

    Must have by June birthday!! Awesome!

  • Tyghe says:

    Oh, wow. I’ve been looking at wearable tools – this is so far beyond any others. It’s also amazing design.I am already adding this to my Christmas list!

  • Rheal Benoit says:

    Very Interesting! Would be great if it had a compass as well as Nobrega stated

  • Bill Leahy says:

    When can we order one? WANT!!!

  • Bill Leahy says:

    I just had a thought. Need anyone to test it? :)

  • steve nielson says:

    Nothing better than leatherman

  • Steve Elpers says:

    Woa, that’s pretty cool in theory

  • Dane Fuller says:

    I want one! Really hope it comes out with enough options. Would immediately get one if it had the smaller allen tools and the T6, T7, T8, and T9 for taking knives apart. This is an amazing idea!

  • Dane Fuller says:

    Would immediately get one if it had the smaller Allen tools and the T6, T7, T8, and T9 for taking knives apart.

  • Anick Groleau says:

    Will there be an presale?

  • Heather Owen says:

    Any time frame projected for when this will be ready for order, or pre-order?

  • Frank says:

    Is it for sale now. It looks great!

  • andy says:

    can we fit other watches like pebble or moto 360? cause a smartmultitool would be awesome.

  • annemarie spencer says:

    want, need, please let me know when I can buy!!

  • Lester Hein says:

    This would be phenomenal if they could figure out how to get a standard watch head on there. I would gladly add on a diver head instead of having to use their watch. Some clever soul will probably come up with a lug mod/ nato option before too long if they don’t

  • Heather Owen says:

    Is there a way to be notified when the Tread is released to order (or pre-order)? Like a mailing list or something?

  • JJ says:

    Notification or preorder list?

  • Chad says:

    Very cool looking!Any chance the bracelet would be designed to fit a standard watch lug (22mm)? Maybe additional links you can buy?

  • Tonya says:

    I would love to be a product tester for this watch! I certainly could use it on my camping trips, scuba diving trips and all the other stuff I do!!

  • Gunter Wisdom says:

    Looks amazing! Will there be different sizes? I’ve got really small wrists and worry about it being too big.

    1. Julie Knapp says:

      Hi there – it is customizable to a wrist size of 1/4″.

  • John Gleason says:

    Put me on your pre-order list, please!

  • Bob A. says:

    How will the TSA react to this tool?

    1. Julie Knapp says:

      Hi Bob, it follows all TSA rules, and our President has been wearing it all over the world and hasn’t had any trouble yet!

      1. burmayank says:

        Julie, you don’t think the president would have any problem with the TSA if he got on carrying anything (like a Bowie knife or AK-47) do you? I don’t see why you used what he carries as an example.

        1. Simon says:

          you are confusing the president of the USA with the president of Leatherman. Read before commenting – it will will make you appear more intelligent.

  • Lloyd says:

    Will there be a link in the works to interface with an off-brand watch? This would be a sick back country piece integrated with a Garmin Fenix .

  • biff says:

    Can someone explain to me why you need tools at disneyland? Very cool though.

  • Malyar says:

    How mach?

  • Lori says:

    I have been wanting this for years for bicycle touring! We currently use the full leatherman classic but i have often thought it would be better on the body than the bike. Will one be able to buy replacement links so if say the 5 mm hex is worn out it can be replaced without buying a whole new bracelet? the inability to replace bits would be a deal breaker for me.

    1. Julie Knapp says:

      Hi there – nope, individual links will be available!

  • Andrea says:

    Will it be available in different sizes to accommodate small wrists?

    1. Julie Knapp says:

      Hi Andrea – You can take links out or add them, just like a normal watch – which would allow you customize it how you wanted.

  • Neal wright says:

    Very cool wonder if compatible with guns and rifles for the field

  • Bobbie Jackson says:

    I think it’s really great and would love to have one if I could afford it. However, I sometimes fly, and as one person asked is it TSA compliant? I suspect that it won’t be as soon as they hear about it.

    1. Julie Knapp says:

      It is TSA Compliant!

  • Julie says:

    are these available for purchase? Birthday coming up… could be the perfect gift!

  • Dave OShea says:

    Will we be able to wear it while flying? I am concerned that the TSA won’t allow it on a plane.

  • Baron says:

    What is the weight of each model ?

  • Mike says:

    Any chance it might be compatible with a standard size watch band ? I’d love to be able to use it with my Pebble.

  • Ben says:

    Would love to be able to use this as a watch band for any style watch. I think this would be a great band with an android smartwatch.

  • Jess says:

    Please make the watch in black.

    1. Julie Knapp says:

      We are!

      1. Phil says:

        Hi Julie,I’ve seen a few people ask this but no answer yet. How does the Tread handle application of torque? Do the inner surfaces lock together, etc?

        1. Julie Knapp says:

          Hi Phil – The product so far has held up to all tests in which each tool was used as it is intended to do. Our engineers are still perfecting each link for hardness and torque, so I don’t have a answer just yet. Check back closer to release date!

  • Michael says:

    Very cool idea. Do the inner surfaces lock together in some way to allow a sufficient application of torque? Also, in addition to the custom watch, is a standard watch band adaptor being considered?

  • Winston says:

    I need to try this bracelet tool it looks awsome to carry in my job. I’m a big fan of leatherman please keep me update of wen it’s released to buy it.

  • Debbie says:

    Sign me up for two. Will there be a lady’s version?

  • Mick says:

    Where’s a link to express interest and be advised of products release???

  • Linda Troemel says:

    Got to have one ASAPWhat great gifts these would make!

  • Mike Fine says:

    I think you will sell a lot more of these if you make it a standard 22mm sized watch band rather than trying to go into the watch business. This means people could use this with their favorite watch and still buy your band. If you don’t do that then you are forcing a choice and if someone spent $400 on a smart watch, they will not buy this. Just something to think about.

    1. John Gleason says:

      I’ve had similar thoughts, Mike, as have others here.Maybe three versions of the tool: 1) Bracelet; 2) Watch [each as described in the announcement]; 3) Watch band.Version 3 would be as you describe, except with an adapter at each end. The adapter allows diffferent width openings; 22mm is a standard width, but it isn’t the only such.

    2. Fredrik says:

      Totaly agree

    3. Jon Mills says:

      If Leatherman does not make it compatible with standard watches, I would imagine there being aftermarket adapter links that would allow you to do just that.

    4. D.Donnellan says:

      Agree completely!

    5. Pierre G says:

      Yes, I agree with Mike Fine, being able to attach a regular watch to the bracelet will be much more interesting !

    6. Israel says:

      Would be even better if there were a way it could work with various watch sizes.

    7. Brian says:

      I was about to ask about this when I saw Mike Fine’s post. This makes the most sense as I doubt I will be happy with the timepiece included and would want more choices to go with the band.

    8. Chad says:

      Completely agree with Mike. This product should no doubt be compatable with the soon to be released iWatch. Form follows function.CDC

    9. Simon Hunt says:

      absolutely! 20mm and 22mm spring pin ends are a must!

  • Jay says:

    This with a Pebble Steel would be perfect

  • Jamie Honeter says:

    Looking forward to this. I’d like to see tritium markers and a solar powered watch, sick of buying batteries.

  • Eric says:

    Looks awesome. Any chance of this being made compatible with the Apple Watch coming out?

  • james says:

    Can you add the ability to add your own gadget, let’s say, handcuff key!!

  • Samson says:

    Wonder what the price tag is on this device?

  • Fred Malito says:

    Will you be making links individually available for customization? In fact, can one forgo buying a whole bracelet and just create their own, or will there be a base set?

  • Tyler Hagen says:


  • Richard Kirka says:

    I would replace all the slot-headed screws with Torx. much more durable, and won’t get rounded-off so easily. Have a separate Torx takedown tool that could fit on a keychain. If you’re already wearing a big watch, you probably have some keys on you somewhere. Besides, redundancy never hurts.

    1. Troy says:

      Agreed! Not a fan of flat blade screw heads. Torx, or bolt style head would seem to be more robust.

    2. Troy says:

      I am definitely a fan of this tool but I agree with loosing the flat head screws! Not a fan of flat blade screw heads. Torx, or bolt style head would seem to be more robust.

  • P says:

    my wrists are so small I’ll only be able to have one tool.

  • Geoff Maroc says:

    I need to get my Casio Waveceptor modified so I can use THIS is my watchband; way cool. :D

  • HEV says:

    Awesome!It would be good to be able to buy preferred elements and the links to create custom bracelet. I hope that metric elements will be available also.

  • Eleanor says:

    Hi there, have you done any testing with salt water? This looks like it could be a win for sailors, as long as it doesn’t rust in the first year…

  • toro says:

    I may be mistaken, but it looks like one would need to carry another mini-tool just to gain access to all of these mini-tools. perhaps one of the links is spring loaded or friction set?

  • David says:

    Please do not rush production. I want this now, but I am willing to wait for a product that is long-lasting enough, I could give it to a grandchild, as my (1989) Leatherman was given to me.

  • Stuart says:

    If you could partner with one of the midrange Swiss manufacturers (e.g. Omega) and produce a solid titanium watch version then I’ll happily drop the $10k it’ll cost.

  • Dr Hugh Glidewell says:

    I am a watch enthusiast who loves Leatherman tools– this is marriagemade in heaven.

  • Jay says:

    Is it coated with anything for people with nickel allergy? Will there be any other versions made out of other metals?

  • Amiel Blajchman says:

    Add me to the pre-order list please. i travel to Northern Ontario and remote areas of the province all the time, and would LOVE this.(Let me know if you want me to field test it in -35 centigrade conditions)

  • Erik says:

    Looks really cool! Be awesome if I could use it to replace the multitool in my backpack. One caveat, be careful taking it through airport security. I had them confiscate my mulititool once. It had no knife blade, so I argued…their response was that I could use it to disassemble the plane. The guard put it in his pocket…

  • Jon Fowler says:

    how much

  • Steve says:

    Titanium or Chrome-Moly as options?

  • Rob says:

    But can you get on a commercial flight wearing it?

  • David says:

    Julie, You have done a great job at answering questions, but the one question that you haven’t answered yet that has been asked multiple times is the ability to connect to standard watches. Should the lack of response be taken as a, “no, it won’t be able to”?Just wondering? Thanks

    1. Julie Knapp says:

      Hi David – Sorry about that! We’ve taken in all the feedback, that’s for sure! I can’t speak on what future holds, but as of right now, no – there will not be an adapter at this initial launch.

  • Shawn says:

    I’ll definitely be getting one of these as soon as they come out i have a artificial legs and at least three of the tools on this I carry all the time in two Atwood pocket tools to adjust and tighten my sports leg. This is a dream come true and I’m guessing the TSA will allow it i know they let me carry my medical tools with me already. Can’t wait

  • Matti Kakko says:

    Ask Tim if he can send me one. Met him in Finland when he was visiting my old business partner. I was the guy helping to get exclusive rights for my friend to market the tool in Finland early 90′s

  • Stian Ravatsbakk says:

    I want one, i NEED one :-)

  • shadowstorm says:

    Related to an earlier point about the mm size of the band, this also doesn’t look like its going to fit various watch brands due to the way the face connects to the band. For example, my Hamilton X-Wind doesn’t look like its going to work with this, and I gotta be honest: a Leatherman watch (the actual watch face) has zero draw for me, less than zero, but the band and being able to use that with the various high range watches I already have has massive interest.As for the comment about working with Smart Watches, sure, yeah, I can see that. However people who want this kind of gear on them at all times just in case or as part of their EDC are also going to have to come to a point of realization that wearing a watch that has to be recharged daily is not really that great for EDC and especially bad for emergency situations (e.g., lost in the wilderness and need to find direction? use your watch hands, a smart watch will have a very small window where it is useful until it drains). So the audiences may be a bit orthogonal.

  • Amy says:

    I REALLY want one too! What a clever idea. I’d love to see a women’s version for those of us with a smaller wrists.

  • Jacques says:

    Cool.If you need any volunteers to test this I will happily oblige. Especially as I travel a lot and always have to check-in my Leathermans.Two questions: will this fit a standard 22mm watch and, when will it be available in Europe?

  • Sergey says:

    Want!!! Want!!! Want!!!!)))))Где и как купить????)))

  • David Stevens says:

    I’m hard on watches. At forty-eight years old I’ve learned a thing or two about watch durability. Use a crystal that is sunken below the bezel. This alone will go a long, long way toward preventing scratched/smashed watch crystals.

  • Geoff says:

    Very cool and original idea. I like the tools, and would like to like the watch, but the watch’s face styling needs a bit of work, it’s a little on the bland side.

  • Karl says:

    Great concept, but you will loose a tool every time a link is removed… (When sizing the bracelet.)

  • B H says:

    Suggestions:1) Titanium2) 3mm and 4mm Hex3) Can fit personal watch

  • Garrett O says:

    Leatherman tools have always been a little pricey, but not outrageously in comparison of quality. $200 is laughable though. Leatherman will lose a lot of money by missing out on the segment of workers who can’t and/or won’t pay that much for a watch that’s going to get knocked around all day. I’ll wait for a knock off if that’s the case.

  • Eric says:

    When does this officially go on sale? And how much?

  • Schmavvy says:

    As someone who has full intentions of purchasing this feat of engineering as well as an allergy to nickel, yous guys should consider some alternatives to stainless steel (which would probably sear me arm clean off). Otherwise, you’re missing a good portion of potential customers and doing something very innovative that other companies don’t seem to care about.Just a thought.

  • Richard says:


  • Brett says:

    Nice concept. Where are we getting the other screwdriver from to unlink the beast? Where do we put the holding screws to not lose them and thus the bracelet becomes unwearabke? Make the screws removeable by hand, kind of like desktop PC cases and/or find another system that keeps the parts in place yet something that won’t get lost. Right now it is just phab-tech, not actually practical.

  • Alistair Sloley says:

    I have been a dedicated Leatherman customer from the beginning. I have never been more excited by one of your products before. But… I am also a dedicated Apple user. I must have Tread. And I must have an Apple Watch. If you make Tread available as a band to be used with an Apple Watch then my world will explode. You must do this.

  • Brett says:

    Disregard previous submitted comment. Looking through and reading more resulted in finding out the bracelet does not need to be separated for the tools to be used. Totally changes the game. Wasn’t expecting that. Need to see demonstration of that though. Still, consider prior commented suggestions for future ideas.

  • Zengineer says:

    I’m heading to Ethiopia on a medical relief trip in April. I will gladly field test this for you, Leatherman.

  • Margo says:

    Hahaha! I’ve literally been laughing out loud at these people asking for a watch an Apple watch version! Hahaha- just having an IPhone indicates a lack of any kind of ingenuity- no ability to program or customize, everything easy at you fingertips pre-set (and ONLY preset) only tactile interaction AT ALL is choosing apps! Geesh- just another show off accessory that you can open imported beer with! I know of no tradespeople, IT pro’s, or other thinking and dexterious professional who has an IPhone! Sooooo funny

  • Nate Souther says:

    As a guy that loves watches and tools, I can’t wait for this to come out. If you need a beta tester sign me up. I would love to give you an opinion on this what appears to be excellent idea.

  • JWeb says:

    I’d love to test one of these out in the field. My Leatherman tools are used ALOT, both when I’m on the ground during tower construction and when I’m up 60 to 180meters.

  • CANDIDO says:

    I am a little concerned about the weight. Will I hurt my elbow by carrying it?

  • Jon Mills says:

    It looks like a really great tool. The only design flaw I can see from the photos is with the bottle opener. Is there anyway to submit an improved design for you to use?

  • Watts says:

    Great idea! This means I can take it through airports without having to check luggage in which is what happens with my current leatherman. One quick question about the watch, I’m just wondering if you have considered having a digital display? With watches becoming ‘smarter’ having multiple functions in a watch (beyond date and time) is standard. Also perhaps with a solar panel in the screen so it would recharge itself (this would be handy for both digital and analogue). As mentioned before, I think this idea is really interesting and has lots of potential! Looking forward to seeing it Later in the year!

  • Brett says:

    Has this actually been cleared with TSA? I would think it will set off the metal detector. Then when they inspect it and see it has a cutting tool on it, they will not let it through….BUT, I WANT ONE

  • JM says:

    I wish there’s a way that you could use your own watch with the bracelet. I mean, James Bond would like this bracelet with his Omega. Or our warfighters be able to attach their Luminox, MTM or Traser watches on this thing.

  • Alexandra says:

    Are the tools metric or SAE?

  • Matt says:

    I think I speak for the millions of us in the entertainment industry when I say: 1. Yes please. And 2. You would be foolish not to make links that adapt to the forthcoming Apple watch, as well as popular android smart watches. Also, a link that has a slide out “tweaker” screwdriver would be awesome.

  • Patrick says:

    Compass watch with a bright (dim-able) back light.

  • Ann says:

    I’m forever needing to go get a screwdriver in my lab. Awesome idea! I agree with others, please provide:1) List of TSA approved links-in case they only approve some-with somewhere on your/their website so we can pull the list up to prove it’s approved.2) adapter links for womens’ watch band sizes

  • Lance Blair says:

    As an amputee I need to carry small tools with me EVERYWHERE to be able to fix my leg. At work at my hospital or traveling by air it has always been an issue. I can’t wait to have the Tread on my wrist, especially the watch. Gonna get one for my Eagle Scout son also. Gonna keep my eyes on this so I can jump on the Tread as soon as it is available.

  • Richard Thompson US says:

    This needs to make it to market soon cause I want one!

  • Markko says:

    I would love to have it!

  • JL Marcilla says:

    No no no…. it needs to be a belt… larger tools. geez.

  • Rich says:

    I don’t like the bulky fasteners on the outside.

  • Larry Allred says:

    I’ve been a stout Gerber tool user for many years. Never go anywhere without it, never use anything else. But this has me changing my tune! If you need beta testers count me in. Otherwise I’ll be waiting in line to get one the first day.

  • Vasja says:

    I need it.

  • tom says:

    I Like it. However the bigger question is possibly why would anyone need a tool in Disneyland?

  • Nella says:

    hey,I would just like to know when the bracelet gets launched will you be launching it simultaneously in other countries,like South Africa?

  • Kgosietsile says:

    Will this be available in South Africa? Can’t wait to get one on my wrist ;-)

  • Bryan says:

    Can I suggest a watch spring bar tool and optical screwdrivers (for spectacles and watches) as additional tools.Looking forward to seeing this on sale.

  • Naomi Woods says:

    Over 20 years ago I was a Hydrogeology Graduate student and teaching assistant. A lit of my work was in the field and I loved my trusty leather man and multi tool Swiss Army knife.i remembered complaining to the outfitter that I wished they’d consider women when they designed tools and that a better version leather “woman” could be made thT had more took capability like the Swiss Army knife. Then I’d only have to carry one tool. He recommended I write leather man. I did. In 1995. Twenty years and no answer. Bout time u did a redesign.

  • Avinash says:

    Hi From Gemany. Can I have an option to select all metric box wrenches?Like I wanna toss 5/16″ and get an 8mm as 5/16 will be pretty useless for me!

  • Naomi Woodsnaomi Woods says:

    So when are these beauties going to be available to the public and can we specify finish? Also what will be the unit price range? Thank you for your time and I look forwRd to reading response.

  • Johan Skogh says:

    Sign me upp four one with à watch.When are you relising in Europe?

  • Lori says:

    Beautiful concept. The target price id out of reach for your target audience.

  • Dane Thomas says:

    I beg to differ. Tools are not a problem. Blades are. Leatherman has an entire range of TSA-approved, travel friendly tools.

  • FRANK JONES says:

    I need to try this awesome tool it looks brilliant , I’m a big fan of leatherman please keep me update of wen it’s released to buy it

  • Scott says:

    If you look at the design of the band there is no way you can get this to work with a standard watch and have it as tough and rugged as Leatherman’s. I happen to like it as is. All I want to do is see the time in all light conditions and is would do it well.

  • Nathan says:

    Would like to see a oxygen key option. Would really help out Fire/EMS.

  • qrs says:

    I want one steel color. Please send to Poland.

  • Mark G says:

    It says you can customize which links are where. How many choices of links will there be. Can you build your own link by link?Please keep me informed on this innovative tool. Thanks.

  • Knox Rogers says:

    The watch face should have the Leatherman name and logo centered like it is on the inside of the band… Kind of ruins the symmetry the way it’s on there now.

  • James says:

    I fly all over training installers for pneumatic tube systems and have always carried a Leatherman. This tool is a game changer. I have to have it.

  • Eric says:

    Please make an adapter set for the Garmin Fenix!!!

  • Bill Hackaday says:

    This is a great tool from a quality firm. One REAL CONCERN is the TSA … (They are not very bright people, and at times exercise unlimited confiscation authority.) I want TSA approval before purchase. — And yes, the option to use my watch with the band is a great idea!

  • Hybris says:

    Love the sturdy connections to the watch link. That’s what always breaks on my watches. However, the watch is WAY too bulky, making less room for tool links, and gives too little information. Forget trying to make jewelry, stick with practical. Replace the analog clock with a small (like the tool links) digital watch, and I just might consider paying your hilarious asking price.

  • Henrik says:

    Forget there watch.I want this with a Smartwatch. (In my case Moto360)

  • Mike M says:

    I would love to have this but only if I was able to swap out the band for my Samsung Gear for this. It would be much better in my opinion to allow this to be used as a strap for a watch as opposed to making a custom watch to go with it. The great idea though. I really like it.

  • nondescript says:

    Now just one more step… Team up with Garmin and come out with a GPS smart watch.

  • Leks says:

    My next watch has arrived ;)

  • Keith says:

    Looks cool and a great concept but dosen’t seem very user-friendly. Looks like you have to unscrew each tool when you want to use it as opposed to just get it out your pocket. Too gimmicky me thinks!

  • Sam says:

    I just had to be one of the “cool guys” saying “shut up and take my money” every hour. How original…………

  • Allisony says:

    Would love to see you offer a smaller watch-face option for women. It looks great, though!

  • Jeff says:

    How about partnering with Medic Alert and making a link in the band a Medic Alert ID.

  • VictorY says:

    Wanna be your beta-tester n Russia. Summer I’ll work on auto races

  • Alexei says:


  • Bart Selman says:

    Julie, I run cattle and heavy equipment in Hawaii. Let me field test this thing in a tropical climate and provide feedback. I’ve owned every Leatherman put out for the last twenty years and have yet to be completely disappointed.

  • Suzanna says:

    What would make me think about actually getting this: the links behind or on either side of a tool lock to provide a handle or more leverage.

  • Matt says:

    Do you need to carry a screwdriver in order to take the tools apart in order to use them? There is a screwdriver built into the tool, but you can’t get at the screwdriver until you unscrew the links.

  • Christina says:

    It’s nice, but a color powdercoated version would go a long way to making it more attractive. If you don’t make it, I guarantee someone else will to capture that market.

  • Martin says:

    Для России будет на Ебей или Амазон?

  • Jake says:

    I have two questions:1. Is the band American made2. What is the estimated MSRPI like the idea of a multi-tool bracelet so I’m happy to see this.

  • Art says:

    Please!!! Make it automatic!!!

  • Kathryn Wilson says:

    Have they thought about incorporating a compass on the back of the watch?

  • Taariq says:

    Good day I am super interested in this product I love the idea as a whole and the execution of it I can’t wait to have my own, I was wondering if we are able to pre-order it and spare parts, as well as if we are able to order the time piece separately since it won’t be out till later in the year? And if so when can we preorder because I need this in my life as soon as possible lol

  • Ron Torresgatherer says:

    What a great idea. As a classroom engineer, I see many innovative applications of mechanical and electronic hybrids. Your application seems to fill a void as noticed by the many posts you are receiving prior to launch. Let me throw my hat in to volunteer for a trial run, of either, if possible. On a personal note I ride adventure bikes, hunt and fish, and run an engineering lab for makers and hackers and (one of) design manufacturing. RTG

  • Rosie Andrews says:

    Please don’t forget the ladies!!! It should look exactly the same, but 15% smaller. I agree that the watch should have more features, or that could be an upgrade option. Chronographs are so important for any active person.

  • david says:

    When! When?! WHENNNNN??!?!?!?!??!?!?

  • Stefan says:

    1 for the idea of adapters for normal watches. I would like to wear it as a watch band with my mechanical watches.

  • Kayla says:

    If you are making a list of email addresses for a pre-order list or an “on sale now” list, please add my email address to that list.

  • Charles says:

    I want one! As soon as they are available I want one. Simple as that.

  • Dave says:

    A number of us could not wear at work as it does not look to be breakaway, only watch clasp style. That may be something that could be designed in? My guess newsletter for availability announcement.

  • Andrea Reynolds says:

    Is there a pre-order option? Like Debbie, I hope there will be a ladies version considered.

  • ROBBY A says:

    I am a loyal and dedicated customer of Leatherman products, and love them all; except maybe this one…This is my concern,Who cares about the watch attachment; Leatherman is not famous for being in the business of watch making, sure it’s pretty, ok. What I want to know is, where is my frigging knife?, where is my saw, where is my needle nose, where is my wire cutter? That’s what has made Leatherman famous. If they can incorporate all of those into it, sign me up. Otherwise I’m not going to buy something with a watch and a couple of screwdrivers and bottle opener just because it looks cool. I have several beautiful watches that do the job just fine. Stick with the tried and true quality money makers boys, and I’m sure you will have a excellent product, you, AND I, can be proud of…

  • Joe says:

    1 for the Apple Watch compatible version! No interest in your own watch but the tool looks great.

  • susan says:

    Please tell me you are making a fine one for women. Don’t want such a wide band, want some real fine screw driver tips and a softer watch.

  • Charlene Jaszewski says:

    I would LOVE it if there was a slightly scaled-down women’s version. My wrist is tiny and this would look like a Roman soldier’s wrist guard.

  • Nicole says:

    I must have this. Summer is too long to wait. Can you put me on a pre-order notification list please?

  • mehdi says:

    Hii love it but when can i have in Australia?

  • Dan says:

    I second that. Robertson

  • Dan says:

    Please add a

  • sam says:

    True meaning of always being ready! I would love to get this and try it on!! I’m flipping over it already!

  • john says:

    As other people said, the watch is to simple but adds ~$400 to a plain bracelet’s price. Just make an adapter for any size of watch and you guys will definitely attract more buyers. Some people already have a watch that they love. Embedding it with a multitool that they love, is just priceless..

  • Billy says:

    Love it i want one of each, as log as the price is right!

  • Cee Vee says:

    Haven’t read through every comment to see exactly how to get the notification of the pre-order, or beta testing… Where do we sign up? The watch is of great interest though to me. I typically kill them quickly with the way my electro-magnetic field handles a typical band. But I’m game to try it…since my Leatherman has to be checked every time I travel.

  • Daniel says:

    Develop one of these specific for bicycle repairs, replacing the bike multi tool, and you will see millions. Would be interesting to see how you would build a chain breaker into it. I can’t wait for 1st version to go on sale, and hope you will consider the massive bicycle market and develop a specific one covering the 15 or so tools a multi-tool has….including tyre levers.

  • the oncoming storm says:

    it’s a shame the watch is an analogue, not digital. i’m with mike fine, make this a 22 mm watch band and you’d have a more adaptable product.

  • Paris Dockery says:

    My husband is the SR IT Admin for AlClear, the company that offers a program to speed thru airport security. He flies all over the country for installs, repairs, updates and more. This is PERFECT for him. If you are at all in need of a beta tester for in the field he is your man!

  • Tv says:

    there has to be a way to just make a link/adapter to make the tread into a almost universal watch band? Why get into the timepiece business? Instead, Just let me attach my G shock to your product.

  • Shaw Tanny says:

    I think its great but you should add a fire starter to it as well. Im still going to get one for myself as soon as i can.

  • Shaw Tanny says:

    I totally want one,i think you should add a fire starter to it and make it a great survival tool. I’m going to buy one as soon as i can!!

  • Mickael says:

    Now just wait for Metric Tools and possibility to make personnal . Very great idea !

  • gmac says:

    Excited about the concept, but it should not cost more than one of the top leatherman tools. So about 100$ is all it should cost. More than that seems crazy. Is it a tool or a piece of jewelry for rich men who are looking for a way to waste money. Come on Leatherman, don’t be ridiculous about the price. This comes from someone who has bought the original, the supertool 200, the core, the wave, the skeletool, the supertool 300, the surge, and given many many leatherman tools as gifts. Don’t make it so expensive that I would be embarrassed for someone to know how much it cost even if I did buy it. A fair price is 75$. Maybe more for extras like the black coating.

  • Christiane says:

    I would love a ladies version of this. Wearable and useful for dealing with little emergency repairs at work. Sign me up.

  • jan says:

    Yet another totally unnecessary product that many here drooling over. Acquire a life. The meaning of life is not to buy so many unnecessary products as possible during their brief second here on earth.

  • Britt says:

    I want one, how and when can we buy?

  • Geordie Horne says:

    Adding to an earlier comment about using the watch for travelling, It would be good to see a future development with World Time function, with easy one button advance and retard.

  • Paul Roodenburg says:

    Dear Leatherman,Awesome concept. It would be really finished if you also include somekind of 22mm Nato wrist stap option, which would mean anyone could just add the watch they want on top of the tool. I have some drawings to explain. From a construction point of view it would be very easy without sacrificing strength. Furthermore it would mean not. Sacrificing tools. The solution would also be cheap to manufacture. This would mean people more might opt for the tool. I would definitly

  • Lipizzan says:

    I must agree allowing the customer to add his own watch would be great. Simply offer a few links which work with most watches. Do not leave out the apple watch as this is definitely going to be a huge success.

  • david says:

    Oh noes! No Robertson!

  • Dave Hauser says:

    Interesting. Can imagine adapting to my own watch as a band. I travel a fair bit, and occassionally wish I had a tool handy.While it has a watch band looking clasp, I don’t see adjustment sizing built in. Most such clasps have about 1/2″ of pin adjustments available, in about 1/8″ steps.Hopefully a mix of common metric and SAE in the wrenches. Wonder if there’s a way to still add tiny tools,,, like an eyeglasses screwdriver. Came to mind because it is one of those tools I have had to dig up when traveling, for sunglasses. Might have to be a bit longer than the ones I see on the tool already, to clear the glasses frames

  • Harry in ABQ says:

    Love it and plz don’t change the watch design. I like the simple watch face with a large enough readable date window and numerals. This will be a perfect travel watch!

  • billy says:

    Excellent idea. Be good if it could be a heart rate monitor with bluetooth or ant and maybe further again like a fitbit with tool

  • Dave says:

    I love it. Not everyday you can say style and substance go together. The only issue I can think of is less tools for those with smaller wrist.

  • Dave A says:

    Julie Knapp I’ve read most of the comments here, and got VERY bored of the same “make it for ___ watch” and “how much” comments, so if this has been answered, please point me to it. How many tools will be displaced by the watch option rather than the standard bracelet option? Will those links be included with the kit so that we can customize it to our liking? And finally, will there be an option for extra links or different tool links such as micro drivers to customize it?

  • JP says:

    Can anyone explain what Black DLC is and why it would cost more than the stainless? If its some sort of enamel or coating, does it chip?

    1. Charles says:

      Diamond Like Carbon. Yes it is a coating. A lot of knife and watch manufactures use it for it looks and durability. It is very tough, but yes it can chip and wear too. Still worth the extra $50 though. Plus you can always send it back in to get recoated. If Leatherman won’t do it, there are plenty of services on the web that will.

      1. TM says:

        DLC not covered: “This warranty does not cover sheaths, accessories, imprinting, color finishes, cleaning, or sharpening.”

  • Perry says:

    I need one of these. Are you taking pre launch orders?

  • Bernard Dulay says:

    I was wondering if I can get the bracelet when it comes out then the watch to add on after it comes out?Also I have a really narrow wrist (50mm across) perhaps the watch face could come in sizes, too? And one in 50mm dial size? Anyway great product, I’m looking forward to get one.

  • Mary Wetzel says:

    would like to pre order if possible.

  • Poma says:

    how can I make a preorder

  • Nicole says:

    LOVE IT!!!!

  • Chuck says:

    Cool. Now where’s the rifle sling multi tool? And the belt and buckle survival tool. Just make sure that one fits my waist.

  • xd says:

    Steel can be bad for alergics. :-/

  • Andy says:

    Coolest looking set of tools I have ever seen. And I want one. When will this be available in the UK? Hope the watch will be of decent quality.

  • Jr says:

    Not patiently waiting for this to adorn my wrist!!!!

  • C Wong says:

    I’m sold. Take my money. Ready to order when you are ready to sell.

  • Ethan Marshall says:

    I am a big fan of practical items, such as multitools and portable tool kits. Not only is this convenient, but it looks so attractive, I would proudly have one on my wrist at (almost) all times. Excellent idea, cannot wait to possibly get myself one.

  • Bob Ralke says:

    Love it but it better be under a $100.00 if you want the sales.

  • Dick Hardt says:

    As Mike Fine says, would be great if this was a watch band. I’d love for it to work with the upcoming Apple Watch.

  • Ralph says:

    Black SS watch is too expensive for what you get. Maybe, when the price comes down to where most folks can afford it, it will sell much better. I can do without it until then.

  • Jackmann says:

    Agree with Mike on 100%. I was thinking about the same possibility for Your new tool – be able to fit it work for example with my G-Shock. Even with some kind of adapter. That is what You call thinking outside the box.

  • candy says:

    I would love to have a gold colored lady’s version! I know I would wear it proudly!

  • clark howard says:

    I am a outdoor outfitter I use all your products, I will replace my watch with yours, clarko

  • BBB says:

    Please start taking preorders. Machinist BF loves concept, first jewelry he’s ever wanted.

  • Scott Cannon says:

    So can I preorder one now?

  • Amber says:

    MUST. HAVE. ONE!! or two…

  • E.roberts says:

    How do I pre-order a Tread? I live in Oz.

  • Big Ash Cigars says:

    Lo e the idea and concept. I wear a business casual attire daily and wearing one of these would be professional and “Super Functional”. Like others, if you need a field test from a field salesman in n the Rocky Mountains, I’m your guy. Please add me to your pre-order list.

  • Anthony Ferretti says:

    Way cool put me on the list. Does it come as metric?

  • Ward says:

    I’d love it if pozidriv PZ1 and PZ2 bits could be included.

  • jesse lewis uk says:

    genius, now it’s down to price

  • Brian says:

    Will it be possible to attach our own timepiece? I believe the attachments are standardized, so including the attachments for standard watch sizes should be a no-brainer and would increase sales.

  • Jerry says:

    Will they have both Standard and Metric sets for the bracelet?

  • mariuz says:

    nice but not as nice as the solar powered digital casio watches with chronograph, thermometer, barometer, compass etc etc. It if had this too, the entire prepper community would go bananas to get it, and fight over them in the shops.

  • Patrick Barnett says:

    This looks like an excellent tool for Aircraft Flight Mechanics, something that they would have with them all the time without having to hang a pouch on their belt. My question is, will the watch be “one size fits all” and then you have to customize which specific tools you want by purchasing additional links/tools, or will there be a way to spec one out with specific links new? And I have to say, I think Torx fasteners would be better than slotted but that’s just opinion!

  • Amy Sanders says:

    Boy, big missed opportunity not having this ready for Valentine’s Day. My hubby would love it!

  • Steve says:

    I would love to do a product review on this item for my blog site. I particularly like the watch band idea. Do you have a product review process.

  • Rachael says:

    This is amazing! If you need someone else to test it I would love to give one to my brother before his upcoming tour in Iraq. I am a girl and I want one for myself too! Love the look and the functionality. NICE WORK!

  • TomV says:

    1. Are screws secured against loosening by 2. Are/will alternatives (Torx, phillips, etc., male and female) be made available either as set or individual links. (Previously indicated YES.)3.

  • Magnus says:

    There seems to be a problem with the site. I keep throwing money at the screen but the bracelet isn’t being shipped.What finishes will this be available in, just the black or in a brushed steel as well?

  • Christopher Berg says:

    I do not “want” one of these, I NEED ONE!!! Looks awesome! I think you’re on to something here!

  • John says:

    Apple iWatch version please!!! Make the bracelet compatible with iWatch and you’ve got me hook, line and sinker. Otherwise, who the hell buys normal watches anymore? Just saying… Keep things relevant and add a version that works with iWatch.

  • John says:

    ^^^^^^^ 1,000!!!This guy gets it. At the very least, offer links that will accommodate the new Apple smartwatch. It would be a shame to release an already obsolete product, sales of regular watches will all but end once smartwatches hit their stride. Remember flip phones? Yeah…

  • Jon says:

    How about a link that is (or holds) a memory stick?

  • lex says:

    I want to use my own watch!!! I would love to have the black version be the band on my moto 360…make it so.

  • Beth says:

    Will this be certified as TSA Compliant?

  • Bill says:

    If you take too long the Chinese will launch the knockoff before you launch the original. I, and other persons who appreciate good tools however, will wait for the original. Keep us posted!

  • Bill says:

    I’m sure my good friends at Victorinox are kicking themselves for not thinking of it themselves. This will spawn a whole industry of variations though, regardless of how good your patent is. Thanks for thinking of it first though. One little idea. Make a standard watch-band adapter and we can then use any standard watch we prefer. Save me the trouble of machining one myself!….lol!

  • Brad W says:

    Make a torx link with T20 and T25 bits and you got my money. Who am I kidding. You have my money anyway.

  • Nosse says:

    If only you could have this with SUUNTO CORE…OMG take my money already!

  • Tristan says:

    Will there be a metric version available for everyone that doesn’t live in the USA?

  • jesse lewis says:

    my first new link design would be a sideways foldout handcuff key

  • jesse lewis says:

    my second new link would be a torch/flash light

  • jesse lewis says:

    my third new link would be a magnifying glass

  • jesse lewis says:

    my fourth new link would be a able to hold a victorinox toothpick

  • jesse lewis says:

    my fifth new link would be a compass

  • jesse lewis says:

    my sixth new link would be Ferrocerium Slab not a rod

  • jesse lewis says:

    my seventh ne link would be a Neodymium magnet

  • Joe says:

    Really digging this thing, and will be grabbing one up!Guessing the screws are long enough that when they are tightened down, they don’t bind the links. Fit a dime in the slot, ’cause, you know, your screw driver is one of the links? :)

  • Markus says:

    Another vote for metric! On my bikes, I have abslutely no use for SAE tools, but would need 3 mm (and perhaps 2.5 mm) metric hex drives. Torx heads. And, if feasible, a 13 mm box wrench….This just might make me switch from my old SwissTool ;-)

  • Friso says:

    TSA Compliance sounds ok, but will mean nothing when you’re at the gate and the officer in charge gives you the eye. In the next few years, all that ground personnel will have their first look, and if they don’t like it, you will lose it. The Tread should actually come with some sort of small official document/statement in english to avoid these situations.Is that feasable, Julie?

  • Drake says:

    Julie, I’m sure you guys wouldn’t design it to where it digs into the wrist, but has this gone through any rigorous movement testing? Will the band hold up to any trama the wrist might receive or potentially collapse and leave the wrist unharmed?

    1. Julie Knapp says:

      Hi Drake – many of our engineers and even our own President, Ben Rivera, have worn them for about a year now. They all have worked on prototype after prototype making it corrosion resistant, making sure it doesn’t pull arm air or dig into wrist anywhere. They’ve also flown all over the world wearing them, no comments or stops yet! From what we heard from those who tested it, and people who tried them on at SHOT Show, its a great everyday carry.

  • Anton says:

    Please, make, watch bracelet for other brands!!!

  • lathish says:

    I love it,always been leatherman-wave,squirt,micra..Are these available in different size-S,M,L..small Asian folks like me..

  • Clive says:

    This is really exciting, but as others have indicated in a huge part of the world, metric sizing is more common, another important point to keep in mind is the wide spread use of torx scews.And finally, been one of only a few South Africans here, I feel that we should be given the oppertunity of carrying out the field tests ;-)

  • Nina says:

    When will the black bracelet be available?

  • KarenO says:

    Can’t wait to get one! My original Leatherman was confiscated in the days after 9/11. I was flying out of La Guardia the first day flights were allowed and, even though I offered to put it in my to-be-checked luggage, it was taken. I’ve got the regular and mini, but it will be fabulous to have a tool I can fly with.

  • reflectory says:

    Partner with Casio and make a G-Shock model and you’ll sell twice as many! Many of the people who like and buy multi-tools like to have the multi-functionality in their watch too and that only comes with a digital model.

    1. Ben says:

      So true reflectory. I love my G-Shock watch and my Leatherman tools. The Tread with a mutifuntion G-Shock would look awesome.

  • Anthony R. says:

    Again, Leatherman stays on the cutting edge!(no pun intended) I totally will get one, with the watch when it comes available!!Great job!!!!

  • Shannon says:

    need this! also, am i the only one who wants a wine key and a blade in it?

  • Kim says:

    Please offer optional adapter links sized like standard watch bands so we can use it with the watch of our choice.

  • Blake says:

    Being a police officer I always have my leatherman in my right cargo pocket just under my sidearm. I’m thankful I use my leatherman 100x more than anything else. I look forward to adding this to my repertoire of daily work gear.

  • paolo says:

    where can i get one in the Philippines

  • Nathan A. says:

    This looks awesome, but can you please also made it compatable with other kind of watches.It would be great if I can combine the Tread with my Luminox. If that can be done I’ll buy this thing in a heart beat.

  • Ben W says:

    Ironic that you need to use a screwdriver to undo the links, isn’t it? “I have just the tool to get these links off… oh wait.”

  • Sarah L says:

    Are the bracelets available now?

  • Noob Johnson says:

    This watch looks awesome! Do you ship it to Hungary/Europe?

  • Greg says:

    I would love one (and as of now officially hate leatherman for making even more money on me) One suggestion, as been mentioned before, make it compatible with a Gshock. I have the MTG series and the bracelet looks more less compatible since it also has 2 screws holding it in place. It might actually be very easy to just make a transit part between the tool and the watch. Anyway, when will it be available ?

  • Peter says:

    TAKE MY MONEY!!! NOW!!!!

  • Ann-Julie S says:

    I so want 1 or 2 :D Where can I buy one or 2 of them?

  • TristanM says:

    Why is it $50 more to get it in black?

  • TristanM says:

    Why is it $50 more to get it in black?

  • Roman says:

    If this could be used as a band for something like the LG Watch R smart watch, I would totally get it.

  • cliff says:

    I think I’d change out the slotted screws for BHSCS…

  • Sean says:

    As a pilot I like to have my Leatherman with me all the time, but airport security makes this impossible these days. How about a watch with dual time zones, directed at air crew?thanks

  • Mae says:

    Will you make a mid weight one for women? Hope so!

  • Kent says:

    As others have noted, it would be very nice if the Tread could be standardized for use as a bracelet with other watches. Basically, we would just need endpieces or adapters that accept standard screw bars or spring bars. I’d buy one in a second if this was the case.

  • Brooks says:

    I like it without the watch. I would get one at the $100 price point.

  • Julien says:

    The watch need a compass, solar and/or motion rechargeable and a badass look like the invicta coalition trigger.

  • Vance Williams says:

    As a facility maintenance man I have always had use for the traditional multi-tool. Leatherman being my

  • zarahnitsa says:

    I would love one of these.I would like to buy this product.I want this type of models.Zarah from Bizbilla

  • Zion Ng says:

    Finally, a multi-tool that won’t be banned by security – looking forward to it! A few questions before I decide to purchase, especially with regards to dimensions (I’m a Asian male and my wrist is not that thick, so need to measure)(1) Width of each link(2) Diameter of watch(3) Will engraving be available? I see the link with the cutting hook has a blank surface which would be great for it.(3) Will there be Torx links? I’m an IT person and sometimes need to take apart laptops and hard disks.(4) Is it possible to have a link with a super-thin screwdriver for spectacle frame screws? I can imagine it being useful when on holiday with my family.Thanks!

  • Tatarinov Nikolay says:

    Want hurry to buy!

  • terry says:

    cool I want one

  • Guillaume DM says:

    In all honesty, this is the very first time I get hard for anything related to “leather”

  • Marina says:

    Do you have pre-orders?

  • Ben says:

    This looks great. My suggestion would be to convert one of the links into a “handle” link that could connect with any of the other links to make them easier to us. It might even be good to rubberize that link to make it more comfortable in the hand.

  • Chuck H. says:

    This sounds great and looks good too, but I’d have to be able to try it on first. I have 8.75″ wrists, and most “fits most” don’t fit me.

  • Lasse says:

    F**k paracure I´m going steel.

  • John says:

    Where do I submit my application to be a beta tester?And why limit ourselves to a bracelet/watch? Yes, ladies and gents, I’m saying they should make a belt

    1. Joe says:

      A belt would be cool, maybe. Adding a buckle might allow for a blade. Thing would be heavy though

  • Nikolaus says:

    Will there be a metric version for overseas customers?Here in Europe we mostly use metric nuts 6, 8, 10, 13mm mostly, in Japan 10, 12, 14mm seem to be prevalent.

  • Angela says:

    WOW Defo want one for my hubby, he been in forces 27 years so far, looks awesome. Live in Scotland hope it available here at the same time x

  • Jeff says:

    Can we get a link or email alert when we can preorder?

  • Ryan says:

    Any plans to make one with an engravable medic alert link?

  • Camo says:

    Is this thing gonna be up in fall 15 or just the watch link. Im good without it and want it now. So if theres a set release date for just the bracelet id like to know it.

    1. Leatherman Team says:

      Hey Camo – The bracelet comes out Spring, the watch comes out Fall. Final date hasn’t been locked in yet, but we’re thinking April/May!

      1. Clive says:

        April/May sounds very good.Getting real exited now, can’t wait.

  • Recue Dude says:

    Got to have it ASAP! Thank you for your wonderful products made in the USA. Please, keep ‘em coming.

  • rpg says:

    I also would like to request standard size watch lugs. I want to use this with my G-Shock or possibly a smart watch in the future. I have 4 Leatherman multi-tools (Charge TTI, Wave, Squirt, and Skeletool), looking forward to this being my 5th!

  • Mosha says:

    I am from Singapore and is it possible to ship when we bought from online?

  • Alceloco says:

    I would absolutely wear one of these on my wrist! Let me know if you need some feedback from a beta market! I’ll give it a test run and full review!

  • Mateo says:

    Design a way to link in an apple I-watch and you can buy California :) Very cool!

  • Dutch Rescue assistant, fireman says:

    My friends and crew call me Mr. Leatherman. True I’m a big fan. And again you amaze me! How simple it is. If you look for testing it please contact me. However I know for sure its going to be a hit! Good job! Grts Roy from The Netherlands

  • Hisalways says:

    This looks amazing. I cannot wait to get one for my husband. He is a medic in the military and with all the things they carry around as is I am sure he will love having this! Cannot wait for a release date! I like the watch option too! I will for sure be getting that as well for him.

  • AlienScout says:

    Enough already!Start selling it!

  • Lamarr says:

    Will there be a special Launch of this Tread,Starting at a introductory price? I’m just a regular Guy $500.00 to $600.00 is hard to give up . With a family and mortgage.

  • czechchic says:

    I’m a computer technician, and I would love to have one of these. I would be happy to test the product and give feedback.

  • Geir Agustsson says:

    Please open for pre-orders (including the watch-option) and I can begin preparing my family for my ONLY Christmans-gift this year!

  • Jason says:

    Would love to have 1 for my job as a firefighter / paramedic andon’t to use for everyday life. Can’t wait until it’s available!

  • parks daniel says:

    i really want that thing

  • Misc Debris says:

    I’ve owned Leatherman tools for years and they’ve gotten me out of a pinch many times. Being a business traveler, loving the industrial look, and always looking for a cool way to keep a tool with me, I have to get of of these. I wonder if the Oakley Minute Machine would fit this as the band!

  • Denis says:

    would be nice to have more different links to choose from.1) I would need them be all metric2) would be nice to choose different spanner sizes eg 6mm or 8 mm3)wonder if its possible to have a link that has a 6mm and 8mm a motorbike rider I think I could use it regularly given I could configure bracelet to match the size of the fasteners on my bike

  • Joe says:

    I get releasing this info before rolling out the product, build anticipation, but wait too long and the moment will pass…

    1. Joe says:

      I totally agree. I really wanted one of these, but I’m getting tired of checking back to see if I can actually buy one yet

  • Cecelia says:

    I know I’m late commenting on this, but I want to 1 on all the requests to have a way to attach the Apple Watch face.I hope that maybe they are priced so that you get X number of links/tools for the $150-200 and have the ability to choose the links and then buy more to swap in as new tools become available.

  • Leatherman Team says:

    Hi Christina,

    Yes, you’ll be able to buy the watch face separately. Hope that helps a little!

    All the best, thank you for your interest in the Tread.

    1. Christina says:

      Fantastic! Thanks :) Anxiously awaiting Tread’s release :)

  • Chuck says:

    It would be wonderful if you could use a watch made in the United States. I am thinking of The Shinola watch made in Detroit, MI

  • Kamrine says:

    Just wondering if the watch piece will be available to buy seperatly or if you have to but it as one. I want to buy this for my husband for Father’s Day, but the article says the watch won’t be available until fall.

  • Carl Hardy says:

    i would love to have one thnks,,,

  • Kim Aagaard says:

    Hope there quickly comes a metric versjon, and like with Torx T-25, T-20 and T-15

  • Kerrye says:

    Where and when can I get this in Sydney Australia please?

  • Vincent Dal says:

    Hi There, I’m from Belgium, and have been a leatherman all my life (at any time I own have one on me, one in both cars, one at home and one in my laptop-bag). Seeing the tread, I MUST HAVE THIS.Being Belgian, we must be inventive to get one, so as it happens my wife has a business trip to Washington DC next week. Any chance it may be available by then, and if so where in DC can we buy this? If that’s not an option, can I buy it online and have it delivered to her Hotel? IF neither are possible, I assume I’ll have to wait another year :-( Best rgds, Vincent

    1. Duncan says:

      They are not being sold right now. They will probably be available later this year. Sorry you can’t get one for so long.

  • zauberer57 says:

    Will there be a “metric” version? Also would love to see some Torx 15,20,25 in an expansion pack, e.g.

  • PS says:

    Would be interested in some more metric links too, 6, 8, 10mm box wrenches, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6mm hex keys, and torx bits etc

  • uwe eichenauer says:

    waiting for the launch, want to have one if possible with only metric tools. i would not risk a $100 tool at flight security even if it is tsa compliant. the airport security confiscated a 3cm swiss tool screwdriver(blade length 1.5cm), a cork screw tip(5cm, no handle, completly useless without the swisstool) an empty zippo( no fuel, no cotton, no flint).

  • Jeremy Smith says:

    As I’m going to need to add a link or two to make it fit my wrist. I’m hoping for some torx bit’s. On the Urban Prepper video he shows the inside of one of the Tread’s he got on demo for his video and there was a T8. so hopefully. and WHEN CAN WE GET THESE!! My birthday’s coming up… so hopefully soon.

  • Martin Lowe says:

    Latest info not available in the UK till August at the earliest possible not even till next year. Remember all the sizes of the tools are Imperial not Metric so think on it…

  • luis aldarondo says:

    change the box wrench for 12 point and the same time work in torx screw and square screw.its more tools in the same bracelet

  • Harshit Gupta says:

    Online shopping for knives are best for everyday carry to outdoors.

  • dan deArmond says:

    five or six xmas gifts, easily

  • John Myers says:

    Imaginative, Creative, Crafty

  • Kevin says:

    So when does it actually come out? I was told end of April / early May …and here we are, with no release?

  • Candice says:

    Is there an excate date for purchase?

    1. Leatherman Team says:

      Hi Candice,

      This will be available starting this weekend exclusively at Cabela’s. Starting middle of July to early August, the Tread will be released to other fine retailers and we will be selling them online at starting August 1st.

  • Canibuyca says:

    Very creative.I like it.

  • Lyman says:

    With summer right around the corner I am surprised that these are not available now. also I think a lot would be sold for Fathers day. any chance they will be available by then?

    1. Leatherman Team says:

      Hi Lyman, they are available starting this weekend at Cabela’s in stores and online. Middle of July to early august, we’ll be releasing Tread to other fine retailers and we’ll have Tread available at starting August 1st.

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