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Innovation and creativity, it’s important to us.


At Leatherman, we always strive to keep our minds up to speed with what’s happening around us. Afterall, quality innovation is truly rare and yet, it’s the foundation on which all Leatherman products are manufactured. It’s important that our engineers have opportunities to express their creativity and explore new ideas. On Friday, April 11th, we had an exciting challenge for our engineers. We had turnout from engineering minds across the board, in different departments of the company.

The competition was held by our Vice President of Product Engineering, Scott Pugliese. He set the parameters for each participant and they all got to work on what they thought was the best design in the finished products.

The competition was then judged by Tony Peterson – Manufacturing Engineering Manager, Charlie Calvin – Vice President of Manufacturing, Scott Boatman – Sourcing and Demand Planning Manager, Ben Rivera – President, and Scott Pugliese – Vice President of Product Engineering. They chose two winners; Brooke and Adam, who are both Product Design Engineers. Congratulations!

Point being, my friends, that we are hard at work creating some really awesome stuff here at Leatherman. The best way we know how to do that is to have a welcoming atmosphere for all to share new ideas and collaborate. Great job team!

(I know some important details, pictures, and specifics of this story are missing but hey… hopefully you’ll see the results of the competition on a future tool someday)


  • thomas. travers. northen ireland says:

    Wow i’ve just started looking and listening on the web site for the 1st time, tim and his wife’s journey is awsome im so impressed with there pure raw doggedness to succeed, WOW im so blowen away.. a lanyard would be a great on a leatherman tool

  • Tony R. says:

    I have used ( and lost ) many Leatherman tools over the years as an agricultural equipment technician. Now I am a jailer/dispatcher and not able to carry a pocket tool with a knife. Does Leatherman have plans to design a corrections officer tool? It would need hand cuff keys, box opener, key ring hole, rounded edges for safety, maybe, and probably a bottle opener for the end of the day.Keep up the good work.

  • Mark says:

    I have a wave and love it. However when I go out camping it lacks. May I offer an idea or plan put forward for consideration? I and im sure millions of other campers and bushcrafters want a great multi tool for our purposes. we want tools like An awl, A diamond rod for sharpening the big knife and axe, A detachable replaceable ferrocerium rod for starting fires, A dimple on the side for use as a hold for bow drill use. A needle for punching holes in leather or getting that splinter out, No other tool has these tools and so we buy them all separately. Please leatherman be the first again.

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