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Ever wonder when your tool was made?


Well, let us help you out a little:


  • arno de jager says:

    I have my oldest tool (pst) since 1984 and still worksRegArno

  • Tom Learherman says:

    Best invention ever.Best engineering.Best quality.Period.

  • Jason Rowell says:

    Just picked up a wingman. Very impressed with the design, fit, and finish.

  • Lucas Wright says:

    Your original super tool is general issue at my company. I also search far and wide for any super tool flashlight sheath. These sheaths were discontinued but they are compact and very useful. Wish u would bring them back. Thx for making great products.

  • FredEx says:

    I found my Leatherman 3ATM watch in my backpack that I haven’t used in many years but the watch doesn’t run and I don’t know how to wind it. any ideas? It is a great outdoor for hiking and has a compass and red light. The Leatherman Logo is on the front and back.

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