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Leap Into The Multi-Tool World


We couldn’t be more excited to share with you more about the Leap, this tool is a first for us and a Leatherman innovation we’re hoping you guys love as much as we do. Enter the Leap.

Leatherman is known for generation users, those who have multi-tools that were handed down from their grandparents and they are some of our users most prized possessions. We love hearing those stories, and the stories of the generational user.

The Leap was designed to create a safe and introductory tool for kids of younger generation. Here are some of our kid-friendly innovations to our favorite multi-tool style:

  1. They are designed for smaller hands. No heavy, too big tools for the littlest users.
  2. They have a removable knife blade that can be inserted once a supervisor or parent feels it’s safe for the child to use.
  3. They have safety locks, the tools won’t jump around on our children in use.
  4. The tools open, lock and unlock in ways that are ergonomically designed to keep kids fingers out of the way of harm.
  5. The grips are designed for the tool to be comfortably used away from the child’s direction. No knives or saws coming towards the child’s body, only used away from.

We want to celebrate our youngest doers, those who want to develop building, creating, fixing and the outdoors lives. The Leatherman Leap is here to help us do that and in style – red, blue and green style to be exact.


  • Duncan says:

    Have used your tools for decades, the original American made so chosen by me and many…Looking for a combined camping tool with crescent shaped cutting end to clip Blackbearry branches and other tough nasty things that require strong, sharp blades as well as having the other camping survival tools.

  • Douglas Rossi says:

    Thanks for these wonderful ideas. I can’t wait for our next outdoor camping.

  • John L says:

    I have been involved in Cub Scouts now for 3 years now going into my forth leading and I think that a Leatherman brand Cub Scout and Boy Scout knife would be amazing! I own the learherman wave myself and I can’t imagine not having my most favorite and trusted tool and one for scouts would be too!

  • jeremy says:

    Any idea when these will become available again? I ordered 2 and they’ve been on back-order for a month.Thanks!

    1. Julie Knapp says:

      We’re planning mid-November! Stay tuned!

      1. Joe says:

        Please update us on the leap, will we be able to get it in time for Christmas ?!

  • Elizabeth Smith says:

    Please let me know when available again. My son wants one for his birthday in early Dec!

  • Elizabeth Smith says:

    My son can’t wait! He is eagerly awaiting your restocking. His birthday is early December! Please let me know when you have them again.

  • Cory says:

    My daughter has wanted a multi-tool for a long time. All too often the smaller multi-tools don’t have locking mechanisms. This product seems like it will be perfect for her. I hope it will be released in time for Christmas!!

  • Janice McMahan says:

    My grandson loves to build with his grandfather. This will be a great gift. A red one please. I called your home office when these had just been removed from sales. I thought the tv ads were great. Please save a red one for this child. Thank you.

  • AnthonyC says:

    With Christmas around the corner, I am eagerly awaiting the release of the new Leap. It seems like the perfect gift for my two older children. I have an original Leatherman which they have watched me use for numerous household and yard tasks. I hope they become available soon.

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