Isaac Miller
Isaac Miller

Isaac Miller

Photographer Missoula, Montana

I’m a photographer who calls the mountain-west home. I spend most of my time traveling in an Airstream, and there, as well as many other regions, I find inspiration and adventure everywhere. Whatever the subject of the day may happen to be, my approach and background brings a unique viewpoint to the settings and subjects captured, infusing them with visual richness and captivating moods. I enjoy creating images that capture moments in time, telling compelling stories that clients are excited to share.

When I’m not behind the camera, I can frequently be found waist deep in one of the region’s many trout streams, getting worn out by my Border Collie, Rico, navigating through fresh powder, finding a new trail to explore with my awesome partner, Margo, or basking in the warmth of the many folks that I am proud to call my friends.
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Fun Facts

I was raised on a ranch in south Texas.

I have used my Leatherman’s since elementary school.

My first multi-tool was a Leatherman Mini.