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Top Ten Ways to Capture Better Winter Photos

When the snow’s coming down hard, don’t put your camera away. Winter is a great canvas for photography; but a surprisingly difficult one.

Shoulder Season Camping Tips

Camping during shoulder season can be sweet: fewer crowds, fewer bugs, and fall colors or spring blooms in full effect.

Real World In-Field Repairs for Kayakers

When you head into the wilderness in any form, being able to repair your gear on the go is an essential skill.

8 Winter Skills to Master

When the icy wind blows and the snow piles up, your freezing hands will make basic tasks seemingly impossible.

6 Old School Skills to Master

Want to be like that old school, died in the wool outdoorsy veteran who’s been camping since the olden days?

CLAP: An Acronym that Can Save You in the Outdoors

CLAP stands for Communication, Line of Sight, Anticipation, and Position of Maximum Usefulness.