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Top Ten Ways to Capture Better Winter Photos

When the snow’s coming down hard, don’t put your camera away. Winter is a great canvas for photography; but a surprisingly difficult one.

Real World In-Field Repairs for Kayakers

When you head into the wilderness in any form, being able to repair your gear on the go is an essential skill.

8 Winter Skills to Master

When the icy wind blows and the snow piles up, your freezing hands will make basic tasks seemingly impossible.

6 Old School Skills to Master

Want to be like that old school, died in the wool outdoorsy veteran who’s been camping since the olden days?

CLAP: An Acronym that Can Save You in the Outdoors

CLAP stands for Communication, Line of Sight, Anticipation, and Position of Maximum Usefulness.

Off the Beaten Path Oregon Adventures

If you’re into self-sufficiency and adventure, forget the trails popular with the masses; go for the remote, off these beaten track, and rug