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Match Your Personality to the Perfect Multi-Tool

The projects you dive into and the tools you reach for say a lot about your style and personality. A multi-tool is an accessory to life, and your unique approach will dictate what types of tools you need in yours. In short, know thyself to know thy multi-tool.

We know your style can’t be confined to labels, but we’ve identified some common categories you might relate to. Pick which one feels most familiar—and we’ve got the perfect multi-tool for you.

The Dedicated Homemaker

You can hear a drippy faucet from a mile away. A creaky floorboard wakes you up in the middle of the night. But not for fear of ghosts—just because you gotta fix it!

Whether you’re a first-time home owner or a parent perfecting your nest, the dedicated homemaker loves to spend a long weekend fixing odds and ends around the house. From the yard to the basement, there’s always something that can be improved.

Multi-tool recommendation: Leatherman Wave

The Modern Survivalist

Whether it’s natural disasters or zombies that have you up at night, the modern survivalist is ready for the worst. The apocalypse will probably be a bummer, but at least you’ll have some fun when you finally get to break out the various gadgets and freeze-dried meals you’ve been stockpiling. When you’re hunkered down, waiting for the storm to pass, you won’t be worried about having the sleekest or lightest multi-tool. You just want everything you need to be prepared—and to survive. The more tools, the better.

Multi-tool recommendation: Leatherman Signal

The Connected Helper

Screens are a big part of your life, but you know how to engage with the real world, too. You’re first in line to upgrade to the latest and greatest cell phone, and you’ll use that technology to find a tutorial on how to replace your bike’s flat tire on the way home.

Being connected is a necessity to both your career and social life. But you know when to unplug and get your hands dirty. Tools need to match your affinity for sleek, modern products, and less is more.

Multi-tool recommendation: Leatherman Skeletool SX

The Ultralight Roadtripper

You drool over Westfalias, or maybe you have your own. Either way, your idea of adventure is miles of highway and some good tunes on the radio. No need for fancy hotels—you find relaxation and thrills in the parks and campgrounds along the way. If you have to choose between a tool box and a six-pack for optimal gas mileage, you’re going for the cooler full of beer. A multi-tool should cover a variety of tasks, from cracking a cold one to fixing a tent zipper.

Multi-tool recommendation: Leatherman Style CS