Meet Leatherman Ambassador, Luis Derosa AKA The Trauma Guy
Meet Leatherman Ambassador, Luis Derosa AKA The Trauma Guy

You ever see the news and hear about someone having to be transported after a bad accident or shooting and ask yourself, “I wonder what happens next—I wonder if they survived."

Well, I’m what happens next! My name is Luis, but most people know me on social media as “the trauma guy" and to be specific I’m a trauma nurse that is a vital part of one of the most important teams—and no I’m not talking about sports teams! I’m speaking of the only team that helps save lives when that person is transported emergently to the hospital—the trauma team!

So forget about those medical shows you have seen on primetime television because none of them portray what really goes on behind the scenes. No, my job doesn’t consist of bedpans and Band-Aids—us trauma ninjas (what I like to call myself) insert IV’s, transfuse blood, place tourniquets, and help facilitate emergency procedures to help people survive. That’s the reality!

I have more than 10 years of civilian trauma experience in Miami at one of the busiest trauma centers in the country. I’m specialized in adult and pediatric trauma and burn care. But my proudest experiences thus far have been the opportunities to train in trauma alongside the military before deploying. And yes, you can call me crazy but when I’m not in the trauma center you might find me training or deployed to a natural or man-made disaster with my national disaster response team.

But why do you ask? Well because I love being an integral part of the reason why people survive injuries and are able to go back home and hug their loved ones.

I’ve always used and praised LEATHERMAN since the beginning of my career. So, I’m excited and honored to give you a glimpse of how and why I use my equipment in the trauma center and during disaster responses. And no it’s not just their awesome Raptor shears but also their multi-tools that have helped me with my day to day operation."

Luis Derosa RN, EMT-P

Instagram: @TheTraumaGuy