leatherman wave sitting on mossy rock leatherman wave sitting on mossy rock

How To Use a Leatherman in Your Garden

How To Use a Leatherman in Your Garden

The days are getting longer. Flowers are blooming. Leaves are emerging. Spring is springing. Time to get outside and plant some seeds! Don’t forget to bring along your essential gardening tools. Like having a toolbox in your pocket, multi-tools make short work of trimming, building, and repairing things in your garden and your home. Here are our top 3 picks for the best gardening multi-tools. 


Backyard to in your house, this multi-tool is a great all-around DIY and garden tool to have in your pocket or on your belt. Trim or harvest plants with spring-action scissors. Measure out the distance between seeds with the ruler. Or just tighten loose screws with the multiple drivers. All the tools can be opened from the outside and can be used with one hand to keep your other hand free. Winner!

leatherman wingman tightening a screw in a shower head


Not just scissors. Heavy-duty shears. Designed for emergency and trauma, these powerful shears make quick work of cutting branches, trimming shrubs, and harvesting vegetables (like those thick-stemmed beasts like squash). Measure things with the built-in ruler, and you’re good to go. Lighter and more portable than gardening shears and way better than your household scissors, the Raptor® Response is about to be your new best gardening friend.

leatherman raptor response trimming plants

3. WAVE®+

It’s hard to go wrong with an international bestseller. The Wave® Plus fits the description. Not just great in the garden, it’s super useful around the house. Open the knife blades and saw from the outside (without opening the tool) and have multiple drivers to choose from so you have the right one on hand. Cut your garden fence with the spring-action wire cutters, and if the wire cutters wear out, you can replace them with new ones! Reach into tight spots with the needlenose pliers, or hold something in place with the regular pliers. You’ve got options.

leatherman wave cutting a wired fence in a garden


Whether you’re tackling projects in the house now that the weather’s warmer or just getting your garden ready for the growing season, these multi-tools make gardening easier and more fun.