Growing up in the backwoods of Oklahoma and Indiana, the outdoors and hunting were a rite of passage and a way of life.

Most children run barefoot through corn fields chasing after birds with a .22 and, when they’re older, they level-up to deer. I fondly remember plinking squirrels and rabbits off of my grandmother’s back porch for stews and pelts. Now, as an adult who lives her life in wide open spaces of Colorado, big game is becoming my jam. I love the before-dawn hike into the mountains, the peace that comes from moving silently through the trees while looking for sign and, best of all, the opportunity and the honor of harvesting my own meat.

Recently, my bearded mountain-man and I went on a hunt for mule deer and grouse near beautiful Steamboat, Colorado. But before we left, we did a gear-check: Water reservoirs, gloves, game bags, guns and ammunition, goose jerky, and our assortment of hunting multi-tools. Leathermans hold a special place in all of my outdoor adventures. I’ve used them to help my snowboarding friends repair their bindings, cut and mend broken straps while backpacking, and to change flat tires on my mountain bike. It’s only fitting that this all-in-one necessity would come with me on my hunt. Read on to discover the Leatherman multi-tools I don’t leave home without.

For the Hunter Who Loses Things

I’m as organized as it gets but, with so much hunting gear and accessories to keep track of, it can be easy to misplace or drop items in the backcountry. The Skeletool RX has a handy carabiner function that easily and securely attaches to your backpack or pants loop. Even when I carry this thing through thick timber or over rocky crags, it stays put. The 154CM serrated blade will cut through cordage on gear or the sinew of an animal. The most unique feature is the carbide glass break bit in case you come across, or are involved in, a car accident while you’re driving mountain or backwoods dirt roads.

For the Hunter Who Does All the Things

Often times, avid hunters are also avid fisherman and all-around outdoorsmen and women. For the hunter who does it all, the Charge+ is your go-to multitool. Complete with a nylon sheath that attaches comfortably to your belt, this heavy-duty item boasts bottle and can openers, scissors, large and small bit drivers, a serrated knife and standard knife, as well as wire cutters and needle-nosed pliers. This tool can be used to clean fish, fix the brake-light wiring on your ATV, or open for favorite beverage back at camp. It’s also the outdoor tool I would want with me if, heaven forbid, I ever find myself in a backcountry survival situation.

For the Hunter Who Wants to Bring the Kids Along

Made specifically for children and tweens, the Leatherman LEAP is smaller, lighter, and takes less dexterity to use than other adult-sized multi-tools. I actually keep this item in my car as a “just-in-case" and find that it fits my hands perfectly. If you’re introducing your daughter or son to the hunting lifestyle, consider the LEAP as a “Welcome-to-the Sport" gift. Complete with a variety of screwdrivers, knife, needle nose pliers and much more, this is the perfect introductory multitool for kids who hunt, fish, and grow up running wild in the outdoors.

Bottom-line: Leatherman has a multitool for every type of hunter whether you are a man, woman, or child.