Why The Raptor is the One Tool You Need In Your Car
Why The Raptor is the One Tool You Need In Your Car

Few tools are built specifically to save lives, and few tools are more ready for emergency situations than the Raptor.Built with 6 specific tools based on the rigorous demands of paramedics and firefighters who are often first to the scene, the Raptor is a work of art in terms of simplicity and effective design.

It stashes away on a belt loop or in your car without taking up space (the included sheath is adjustable). A pocket clip and lanyard hole also increase the modes of carry along with the overall convenience factor. Clip one on your car visor for quick access or keep it anywhere within easy reach in the vehicle. The Raptor tools are built to cut through seatbelts, break glass, and perform rescue operations at a crash site which makes it a good item to keep within arms reach in case you cross paths with an emergency situation.

The foldable medical shears have the same strength as those found in a paramedic bag and they have an oxygen tank wrench incorporated right into the design. Strap and ring cutters are critical in vehicle-based emergencies. You can slice right through a seat belt or clip a metal ring in half to free a person from wreckage.

Additionally, the carbide glass breaker delivers the ability to shatter the toughest window or windshield to open critical space for vehicle rescue emergencies. You literally grip the folded tool with your hands and slam the carbide tip into the glass to get a complete shatter. No need for sorting through different tools when time is of the essence.

The Red Cross also recommends keeping a first aid kit in your vehicle. The Raptor could easily store within that kit to help with emergency situations. If you run across a vehicle crash site, always call emergency services first and ask for their guidance before approaching or assisting. In the worst case scenario, your Raptor will be available to break windows, cut seatbelts and perform critical rescue and first aid tasks.

The Red Cross also offers training for everything from basic first aid to disaster preparedness. Pairing your Leatherman Raptor with fundamental first aid and CPR skills can save lives.