leatherman curl on woodworkers table leatherman curl on woodworkers table

Top 5 Reasons Woodworkers Need a Multi-tool

Top 5 Reasons Woodworkers Need a Multi-tool

With a shop full of tools, it's hard to imagine you need yet one more. But the thing about having a full shop is that it doesn't (quite) fit in your pocket. When you're in a pinch and need something quick, that's where a multi-tool will help you out. Here are our top 5 reasons (aka tools) why woodworkers need a multi-purpose Leatherman tool by their side, featuring our new Leatherman Curl®



Whether it's pulling out nails or staples or even removing a printer cartridge, having pliers in your pocket is very handy. Drop something in just the right, hard-to-reach spot? Fingers not small enough or dexterous enough (or even available—hello, gloves) to hold that one thing you need to hold? Convenient and easy to use (yes, most of our tools have both needlenose and regular pliers), multi-tool pliers are your new best shop pal. 

woodworker using pliers from a leatherman curl


In a woodworking shop, there’s always a need for a quality knife. It’s very nice to have a pocketknife to shave off the rough edge on a piece of wood, or even slice the tip off a tube of caulk. Having a safe, sharp knife on hand will save you time, and because it’s part of your multi-tool, it’s easier to store than a full-size knife. 

leatherman curl knife blade in use


There's always a pesky rough edge that just needs a little touch up. That's why you need a file in your pocket.

leatherman curl file in use

4. SAW

Of course you've got a full-size saw (if you’re a serious woodworker), but you won't be carrying that thing around with you. If you're up on a ladder or just have a small piece to cut, the multi-tool’s pocket-size serrated saw will do the trick.

leatherman curl being unsheathed


Tightening down those final screws or making quick adjustments is easy with a multi-tool. Bonus points for ratchet driver. Remember those days you were always hunting for the right driver in the right size? You won’t once you have a multi-tool. 

leatherman curl with screwdriver in use


We understand you didn’t get into woodworking because of the opportunity for long-winded discussions. So, we’ll stop soon. Tackle your next project with fewer frustrations when you have a Leatherman multi-tool with you. End of story. 

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