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Perfect Your EDC: What Should Stay and What Should Go

Your Everyday Carry (EDC) is a minimal and sacred collection of items that you have with you everyday.

Common items in the EDC include a phone, wallet, keys, knife, pen, notebook, lighter, sunglasses, chapstick, etc. Everyone’s EDC will look different, depending on their preferences and lifestyles. And it’s important to only carry the things you really need on a regular basis.

With new versions of popular EDC items always coming and going, and new fads surrounding what to carry, it’s easy to wind up with too much stuff. We believe in focusing on efficiency and simplicity. Whether you’re heading to work or a week in the woods, we don’t want you to be weighed down by anything you don’t need.

When compiling your perfect EDC, here are some considerations to help you trim it down and make it better.

Start with the trusted basics

Start with the items you know you can’t live without. These items don’t involve many options. You need the keys to your car and your house, and there aren’t various models to choose from. You need your wallet, every day. And you probably already have a wallet you love. Lay out these non-negotiables, so you can begin adding on to them.

Select light, yet high-quality options

Your EDC should make your better at life, not slower. You don’t want to be weighed down by heavy items, or riffling through bulky pieces. That being said, quality is as important, and oftentimes the lightest options aren’t the most trustworthy.

One example of a light yet high-quality item is the Leatherman Charge ALX multi-tool. Coming in at only 8.3oz, the Charge ALX provides you with multiple, essential tools without weighing you down.

Consider the packaging and cases of your items when it comes to cutting down on weight. You need your cell phone, but do you need the bulkiest, heaviest case? You need your keys, but you do you need the heaviest possible keychain with all of your lucky doodads attached?

Wherever you can trim weight without trimming quality, do so.

Reject fads; Focus on what works

There’s always going to be a new cool product, tempting you to add unnecessary weight to your EDC. We see someone carrying something we don’t have, or we read about some new upgraded device and we can’t help but what it, too. But don’t be fooled by new items rising in popularity. If what you have already works, don’t switch things up for a fleeting trend.

Focus on efficiency

The whole point of a multi-tool is increasing efficiency by combining multiple tools into one. This approach applies to other items in your EDC as well. Some people really like to carry a leather case for a notebook. For optimal efficiency, these should also include a small pen that attaches inside of the case. Instead of carrying both lotion and chapstick, if those are things you use, try a balm that can be used as either.

Trial and error

The best way to cut down on weight, increase efficiency, and optimize your EDC is through trial and error. It’s difficult to know what works and what doesn’t until you carry it through at least a day of your life, and get a feel for how it works.

Your EDC should feel like an extension of yourself, not a collection of things you carry. Perfecting your EDC is a process, but with a little trial and error, you’ll narrow down your items to the point where you don’t even have to think about them.