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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get on a commercial aircraft carrying my Leatherman tool?

Some Leatherman products are crafted to follow TSA specifications for a carry-on item. Those products are listed below. One of our models - the Style PS - complies with all TSA requirements for a carry-on multifunction tool, but remember that it is ultimately up to TSA workers to decide what they are allowing on board or not. The current regulatory requirements can be found at Other Leatherman products may be stowed in checked luggage that travels in the cargo area.

On 5 June 2013, the TSA (US Transportation Safety Authority) announced that it had withdrawn its decision to allow Messer to be part of the hand luggage on board. More information about these changes can be found at

The following Leatherman products comply with current TSA regulations for carry-on items:

  • Tread
  • Tread LT
  • Tread Metric
  • Brewzer
  • Piranha 2
  • Style PS
  • Mako Ti
  • Grind
  • Jam
  • Thruster
  • Pump
  • Rail
  • Cam
  • Rime

Please note: Before carrying any Leatherman product on a flight or into any other restricted area, refer to the organization’s published sharp object policy for your own protection. Security agents, such as TSA representatives, have full discretion over allowable items for the safety of all passengers and international laws may vary. Please also note that Leatherman does not warranty tools that are lost, stolen, or confiscated.

Where does the Leatherman name come from?

Our tools bear the name of our founder Tim Leatherman, who invented the original Pocket Survival Tool, now known as the PST.

Why should I buy a Leatherman tool?

Tim Leatherman's standards for quality, durability, precision and attention to detail are what make Leatherman tools like no other. Ever since Tim invented the category, we've focused on just one thing - manufacturing the world's highest quality multipurpose tools.
Read about The Leatherman Story.

How does the Leatherman warranty work?

Our warranty is simple. You broke it, we'll fix it. Please visit our Warranty page and follow the instructions to send in your product (NO SHEATH PLEASE).
If you live outside of Germany, please follow the international warranty instructions also located on the Warranty page. There you will select your country and send your product to an authorized Leatherman distributor.

I can't live without my Leatherman for even a day. Can you just send me the parts I need?

Our products are designed to be disassembled by factory-trained technicians only. Repaired tools are reassembled (and the pivot posts cemented) to ensure proper tension for optimum tool performance. Attempting to disassemble a Leatherman tool yourself may result in lost components and compromised tool functionality. It may also void your warranty protection.

I live in a country other than Germany and I want to buy a Leatherman tool. Do you also sell tools outside Germany?

Our products are sold in approximately 90 countries around the world. Please refer to the Dealer Locator page to locate our authorized distributors. These distributors can help you find retailers in your area and/or help you with a warranty issue.

Can I have a different blade installed in my Leatherman tool?

Each Leatherman tool consists of a combination of features that makes it a unique multipurpose tool. We cannot alter or substitute different blade components from one tool version to another.

Is Leatherman interested in my idea for a new product or feature?

Always. Consumer feedback has played a significant role in improving our existing products and designing new ones. Our marketing department tracks suggestions and welcomes your feedback, so feel free to address your ideas to them (either in writing or at

If you wish to submit an idea for which you already have or may obtain a patent or other ownership rights, please write to the Office of the President, Leatherman Tool Group, PO Box 20595, Portland OR 97294.
Prior to receiving or considering your idea, we will present you with a disclosure agreement that describes your rights and ours in any idea you disclose to us.

My belt sheath is worn out, how can I get a replacement?

There are several sheaths to choose from. All are pictured in our Accessories page. Please visit that section for information on how to order sheaths and other Leatherman gear.

Can I buy stock in Leatherman Tool Group, Inc.?

Sorry. Leatherman Tool Group is privately held and is very unlikely to go public in the foreseeable future.

All the blades on one handle of my Super Tool have been accidentally locked open. How can I get them unlocked?

Use a separate screwdriver or similar device to unlock the blades. With the handles closed together, insert the screwdriver into the slot created by the handle spring (where the handle locks onto the tool blades). Gently pry up the handle spring until one of the blades can be released.

Is there special maintenance for black oxide tools?

Please note that only the tools marked "black oxide" have this special surface treatment, which protects against external influences and prevents reflections in the grip area. In the first few months it can bleed and stain; This is product and a quality feature for a uniform and strong coating. Black oxide tools must always be well cared for and re-oiled with a light machine oil.

Because of §42a of the German weapon law, I am a bit unsure about carrying my Leatherman Multi-Tool in the public. How does Leatherman stick to that?

First of all: § 42a of the German weapon law gives the following regulations (the sentences that are relevant for Leatherman and this statement are marked below):

Waffengesetz (WaffG) § 42a Verbot des Führens von Anscheinswaffen und bestimmten tragbaren Gegenständen

  1. It is forbidden to carry:
    1. Devices having the appearance of weapons,
    2. Shear and thrust weapons according to Annex 1 Section 1 or Subsection 2 No. 1.1, or
    3. Knives with a one-handed lockable blade (one-handed knife) or fixed knives with a blade length of more than 12 cm.
  2. Paragraph 1 does not apply
    1. For use at photographic sessions, film, or television recordings or theatrical performances
    2. For transport in a locked container
    3. For carrying the objects referred to in N1-3 above if a legitimate interest exists.

    Further regulations remain unaffected.

  3. A legitimate interest pursuant to subsection (2) sentence 1 no. 3 exists in particular, if the goods are being used in connection with exercise of the carrier’s occupation, or serves the preservation of traditional customs, sports, or a generally recognized purpose.

First and foremost, we would like to point out that our multi-tools "Rebar", "Knifeless Rebar", "Super Tool 300" and "Crunch" do not have a one-handedly lockable blade and therefore do per se not fall under the §42a para. 1 No. 3 of the Weapons Act.

We would then like to emphasize that all our tools are intended solely as a multi-tool / tool and have been developed for that very purpose. Each of our multi-tools has a variety of different tool elements, from pliers to screwdrivers, cap lifters and files to wire cutters. The blade on a LEATHERMAN® multi-tool is just one of many different tool elements. Thus, and from our perspective, multi-purpose tools as such are from the very start not to be qualified as “knives” in the weapon law sense, even though they may, in a given case, feature a blade as part of the tool elements. Nevertheless, we cannot disregard the fact that certain tools of our product range may be viewed by the authorities as falling under the above-mentioned weapons law (§ 42a para. 1 no. 3). We are aware of this and take the concerns of our customers seriously.

§42a para. 2 no. 3 leaves a lot of room for interpretation, which unfortunately does not simplify the understanding, but provides even more uncertainty for owners of such a multi-tool with one-handedly lockable blade.

We would therefore like to explain our interpretation of §42a:

As stated above, the unspecified term “legitimate interest” leaves much room for interpretation. Paragraph 3 of § 42a sets out examples of a legitimate interest: this is the case if the carrying of the multi-tool (with one-handly lockable blade) occurs in the context of the exercise of a profession, or serves tradition, sport or a generally recognized purpose. We consider occasions like the use of tools for fishing, hunting, mountaineering, climbing, hiking, cycling and motorcycling, sailing, camping and other outdoor activities as serving a generally recognized purpose. Likewise, we view all professional and private craft / construction and maintenance activities, where a multi-tool can be used, a being for a generally recognized purpose - whether these activities are carried out at home or away from home.

It is important that any „socially adequate“ use is taken into account. This means that occupations / activities, where it is socially acceptable to use a knife or special tool for the execution of the respective task should in our view be considered as serving a generally recognized purpose.

With regard to the carrying of a multi-tool (with one-handedly lockable blade) in everyday life, the legal text in$§ 42a para. 2 no. 2 stipulates that the carrying of the device is not prohibited when it is transported in a locked container. In a first step, you can thus avoid any conflict, when you carry the tool in a locked container. Thus, the owner of such a multi-tool then acts lawfully.

We hereby want to clarify that we cannot influence the authorities’ interpretation of § 42 a, and that the law may be construed differently by the judiciary than we interpret it. Therefore, we as Leatherman can only teach our customers how to use our multi-tools. Of course, we have our interpretation of the text legally validated. At this point we would like to clarify that this is statement does not constitute legal advice from our side, but rather our classification of the said legal text.

We take §42a of the weapons law and also the concerns of our customers in this context, however, very seriously!