Skeletool® RX

119,00 €
ships free
  • Open skeletool RX in fanned position
  • closed Skeletool RX showing outside accessible tools
  • Open skeletool RX in beauty position

Skeletool® RX

119,00 €
ships free

Color Red

Sheath None

Skeletool<sup>®</sup> RX
Skeletool® RX
119,00 €

An essential tool for EMTs or first responders with a 154CM serrated bladecutlery and a carbide glass break bit.

Tools Included

  • 01
    Needlenose Pliers
  • 02
    Regular Pliers
  • 03
    Hard-wire Cutters
  • 04
    Wire Cutters
  • 05
    154CM Serrated Knife Blade
  • 06
    Carabiner/Bottle Opener
  • 07
    Large Bit Driver
included tools diagram


Be ready to respond quickly and safely in emergency situations with the Skeletool RX. Specialized tools, such as a 154CM deeply serrated blade for more cutting surface on clothing or fibrous materials and carbide glass break bit, makes the Skeletool RX an essential piece of kit for any EMT or first responder.


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