Batch #004: EUROPE75

  • Europe75 with tools fanned out
  • Blade accessible side of Europe75
  • Scissor accessible side of Europe75
  • Europe75 with corkscrew out

Batch #004: EUROPE75

Color Black

Sheath None

This modern take on a scout knife includes 11 essential tools and incorporates FREE technology for all-locking tools and quick access with one hand.

Tools Included

  • 01
    Corkscrew w/ Assist
  • 02
    420HC Knife
  • 03
    Spring-action Scissors
  • 04
  • 05
    Bottle Opener
  • 06
    Can Opener
  • 07
    Phillips Screwdriver
  • 08
    Medium Screwdriver
  • 09
    Extra-small Screwdriver
  • 10
    Ruler (1.41 in | 25 mm)
  • 11
    Wire Stripper
included tools diagram

Europe75 Corkscrew being used on a bottle


When Tim and Chau Leatherman journeyed through Europe in the ‘70s, they carried only the necessities—including a pocket knife. It was helpful for daily tasks and on-the-fly fixes to keep the journey going. Ultimately, those experiences sparked the idea to create a better multipurpose tool (the original PST).

For the next Leatherman Garage release, we're bringing to life a modern version of a pocket knife: Batch #004: EUROPE75. With 11 essential tools, it has all the features for traveling close to home or abroad including a handy corkscrew and assist. We also incorporated FREE® technology that gives you sturdy, all-locking tools and quick access to every feature with one hand.

With its compact design, Batch #004: EUROPE75 is a lightweight multi-tool that enhances travel while you soak in new experiences, food, and cultures.

Europe75 corkscrew being used on wine bottle



This is a Leatherman Garage product offering. As a limited-run product, it is not covered by the replacement portion of our standard 25-year warranty on full-size tools. We will still attempt to repair any Garage tools submitted for repair. If a repair can't be made, we will offer a store credit of the full purchase value.
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