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26 Things you probably didn’t know about Leatherman (but might have).

  1. Tim Leatherman graduated from Oregon State University. 
  2. Steve (co-founder) told Tim the company should be called Leatherman because he knew Tim would make sure every tool was high-quality if it had his name on it.
  3. The popular Wave multi-tool, was introduced in 1998, it’s over 10 years old!
  4. Tim and Steve first tried to sell their patent to someone, they wanted a quick sell, no one thought it would sell so they refused to buy it.
  5. The popular outdoor store, Cabela’s, was the first to purchase tools from Leatherman.
  6. It took Tim 8 years from starting a prototype, to his first sale.
  7. The factory, located in Portland, Oregon, has gone through 3 rebuilds adding on each time. It’s currently 90,000 square feet.
  8. Each Leatherman goes through 150 different steps.
  9. Our scrap steel is sent to a local company who melts it to recycle it.
  10. Our steel coils, which feed into our presses, weigh 800-3000 lbs.
  11. All our steel comes from Eastern United States.
  12. Our Plasma laser cutter can cut 300 knife blades an hour.
  13. Every Leatherman is hand checked by a Quality department member before sent to packaging.
  14. Tim originally wanted to add scissors to the PST, but the manufacturing equipment he was using couldn’t produce high enough quality scissors for him. He left them out of the original tool, but reworked the design and introduced them with the PSTII a few years later.
  15. We’ve sold 70+ million tools worldwide.
  16. Our assembly lines build between 12,000 and 13,000 tools daily.
  17. We can add engraving to each tool, online at
  18. We sell to 120+ countries worldwide.
  19. 1 in 5 Australians own a Leatherman, one of our most popular countries.
  20. Our warranty team fixes about 200 tools daily, and that’s just North America tools.
  21. Micra is our longest running tool, launched in 1996, still in circulation today.
  22. The Raptor can be taken apart into two pieces to be cleaned, but the rest of the tool isn’t designed to be taken apart.
  23. We produce over a million tools each year.
  24. Our biggest press can apply 300 tons of pressure, it’s mainly used to make our handles for our tools.
  25. We have one retail store, 2 miles from our factory in Portland, Oregon. The rest are sold by our loyal resellers.
  26. Tim’s first designs of the tool, were made of cardboard.


  • Tom Leatherman says:

    27. Tim and his wife Chau are two of the most caring generous people I have ever met. He and The Leatherman Group deserve all the success in the world.Tommy from Wisconsin!

  • Bob in Michigan says:

    I would like to see a photo spread of all the proto type they made in coming up with the final “Wave” design.

  • Justin Smith says:

    Bought my original Wave when it first came out, back before the warranties changed to 25 years and still got it. I worked out recently that I’ve used every tool on it at least once. Still one of my best purchases.

    1. David Mefford says:

      I purchased my Wave in 2003 and use it at least once a day and have used every tool, (except the can opener) about once a month. I have used the can opener several times,but not as often.

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