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Bullet-Stopping Wave Saves Soldier’s Life


Miro with his Leatherman Wave
Bullet-stopping Leatherman Wave“My name is Miro and I am a soldier in the Slovakian Army. I have received the medal of honor for my country and have participated in 6 NATO campaigns, including Iraq and Afghanistan. Having quality equipment is vital for my job. I bought a Leatherman knife in my tour of duty in Iraq, and carried it on my duties in Afghanistan. This tool is very useful to me as I work in the EOD, pyrotechnic field.

Recently I credited it with saving my life during my present tour in Afghanistan. My squad became embroiled in a fire fight with the Taliban. Out of the fifteen members of my team one was killed, two were heavily wounded and taken to Role 3 hospital in Kandahar, I took some shrapnel to the head and the bullet meant to kill me was stopped by my Leatherman that I carried on my belt. After my men were attended to, I talked to the doctor. He said if the Leatherman hadn’t stopped the bullet it would have hit a main artery, and I would have bled out within minutes. This was such a miracle I wanted to share this story with you.”


  • Charles says:

    This is cool. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing more stories like this.

  • Hoffie says:

    Wow. I bet that is something the deseigners of the knife never thought about! Miro, you will frame that Wave. Hope they give you a new one. Best of luck!

  • Tom says:

    Did you send it in for warranty or are you going to keep it and just buy another one. But do you like the protect before it saved your life

  • Jack Nicholais says:

    You are one lucky guy…..thank you for your service soldier.Sgt. J Nicholais USMCR

  • Wesley Madison says:

    Would Mr. Leatherman hold good on his warranty on this knife ?? I think he would but if it was mine I don’t believe I would turn it in for a replacement of any amount of his ” Wave”s. This one is a real “keeper”. As a hobby knifemaker, I am very envious of Mr. Leatheathermans talent and The Wave is one of my favorites. Miro had someone looking over his shoulder—- I look forward to touring his company some day. WKM

  • Steve says:

    Even if deflecting bullets didn’t count as a standard warranty condition, I hope Leatherman look at sending him a replacement for his broken Wave :)

  • Bruski says:

    A great product for a great warrior, thanks for your service.

  • Bruski says:

    A great product for a great warrior, thanks for your service.

  • Franklin Murphy says:

    Glad to hear of your escape Miro and to leatherman for not only making great tools and backing them up with an ironclad warranty, but in showing a human. caring side. I am on my third supertool, having had two replacements for damage and wear and tear. I am a lifelong fan.

  • James says:

    Thanks to your team for serving your country.Hope the team recovers and sorry for the loss of your fellow soldier.

  • Mike Smith says:

    That’s why I buy Leatherman products. Glad you’re okay, Miro!!!

  • Wen says:

    I have used a Wave for about seven years now, and it it a great tool. I didn’t realize it could also serve as body armor. Thanks for your service Miro! I will have to mention this article when I write about Leatherman products on my blog (

  • Mike says:

    What an amazing story. I am very glad you survived that very bad day. I am sorry you lost a fellow soldier. It does not surprise me that Leatherman sent you a new one, they’re good that way.

  • Luc says:

    Hy, gir several years i carry my leatherman pn my belt… Only when i sleep i do not carry it…. I use it every day ! I am adicted to this tool … Thank you mister leatherman …. Luc. Belgium

  • Rob says:

    Amazing story. It further tells me that one need not necessarily go with the MUT. I recently came down in favor of the Charge TTi, but wondered whether it was a best choice in the event I would be in the field hunting or, otherwise, carrying a weapon. In any event it simply confirms that Leatherman manufactures great tools on many levels and anyone, who may be away from civilization would do well to carry one in his pack.And, by the way, Miro thanks for bringing some civilization to a very uncivilized part of the world. God’s speed in returning to your family.

  • Hayk Amiraghyan says:

    It is grate you are Ok, Miro! Eight years ago, a friend of mine presented me a wonderful thing. Since that moment, it is always with me. I use it everywhere and it seems to me, that I can hardly do without it now.One of Mr. Tim Leatherman’s masterpieces – WAVE multi-tool.In fact, I’m fond of such multi-tools, but the Leatherman’s is the best one all over the world, I can state it for sure.Five years ago I was in the highlands of Armenia, taking the hiking tour through the places, where humanbeing didn’t step yet. The WAVE SAVED MY LIFE in critical situation, when we were climbing the mountain…I had an old car, that was malfunctioning from time to time and there were no any special tools in the car for repairing it, except the WAVE…I was renovating my house and can’t remember, I was using any other screwdriver, a knife or a plier…It is fully trustful tool!

  • ken says:

    this is a great little tool. When I first got the tool for a gift ,I thought what am I going to do with this thing .It wasn’t long before I couldn’t live without it. I just recently sent it in for service and a short time later a brand new one was at my door step. I didn’t have it out of the package 5 minutes and it was already in use fixing my wifes pans in the kitchen. im in construction so my leatherman is in use a least ten times a day. ill be a lifelong customer

  • Pat says:

    I wish the US Army requisitioned Leatherman tools and knives instead of Gerber. Nothing against Gerber but I prefer the Leatherman over them. Much better quality. I own 2 of the old Supertools, a Wingman and a Micra. For EDC, I prefer the Wingman. But use the issued Gerber MP600 for daily use and abuse. MSG Pat Sonti, US Army.

  • Jimmy says:

    A shoe horn saved Al Bundys life once from a bullet, what’s your point?

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