Packed with the Wave® Plus and other quick-fix items, the Repair Kit will keep you prepared for any journey.




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Be prepared for the unexpected with the Repair Kit from Leatherman and TONQUIN TRADING. Outfitted with repair equipment that can keep you ready for the occasional roadside repair or unforeseen fix. The kit also packs Leatherman’s best-selling multipurpose tool, the Wave® Plus, so you have access to 18 tools in one compact design. The Repair Kit includes: Duct Tape (2 in x 10 yd), waterproof matches, electrical tape, safety pins (1 3/4"), zip ties 24" (x2), shop rag, Paracord 50', thermoplastic repair tape, gear patches, superglue, nylon repair thread and needle set, 19 gauge wire, and custom carry system.
  • Product Type Multi-Tool
  • Length 5.5 in
  • Closed Length 4 in | 10 cm
  • Weight 1lb 12 oz
  • Height 6.5 in
Warranty Warranty

Please note that the Trauma, Repair, and Survival Kits contain products that were not manufactured by Leatherman.  The ONLY products in these Kits that are covered by the Leatherman 25-Year Warranty (subject to the terms and conditions of that Warranty) are the Wave+, Signal, or Raptor.  Leatherman cannot and does not warranty or guarantee the safety or performance of the non-Leatherman products contained in this Kit.*

*By proceeding with the purchase of this Kit, Buyer is expressly assenting to these terms.

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