Why You Should Use the FREE® P2 for All Your DIY Needs

Free P2 on a desk

Why You Should Use the FREE® P2 for All Your DIY Needs

Part of our innovative Leatherman FREE® Series, the P2 offers all the benefits of every FREE multi-tool we make. All the tools are on the outside, so you can access them without opening the tool. It’s easy to use with one hand (even with gloves on), so your other hand is available to multi-task.

Our unique design means no more broken fingernails trying to open each feature because each implement (except for the tweezers) can be opened with a simple roll of your thumb or push of your finger. This one-handed function allows you to access the tools while your other hand is occupied holding a piece of wood, metal, or electrical cables.

These aren’t the only reasons the P2 is great for DIY projects though. It has 19 tools which click into place, so you can work quickly and safely. The file can be used for wood or metal. And the entire multi-tool is extremely durable (gone are the days of “breaking in” your multi-tool) and are some of the most durable tools we’ve ever made.

The P2 also contains the best-performing pliers of any full-size multi-purpose tool in our current product line. It’s made of 420 stainless steel which creates a lightweight, durable pliers-based tool. And finally, it has a smooth, frictionless feel thanks to our revolutionary magnetic architecture which reduces friction and wear and tear. Because magnets have a nearly infinite life cycle, the P2 will last for years to come.


Free P2 file rounding some wooden edges


The file works quickly and easily to shave down a piece of wood to the right size or smooth out edges. Choose from four different screwdrivers, so you have the right driver on hand for a variety of screws. Of course, a 420HC combo blade has a variety of uses for every wood project. Measure twice and cut once with the built-in ruler. 

Leatherman Free P2 being used for metal working


The built-in ruler and metal file come in handy for metal DIY projects. The pliers hold things securely or pull out items from tight spaces to make it easier to work. The prybar opens up cans or lifts up a piece of metal, so you can work underneath it.

Free P2 being used to strip wire


Work on a wide variety of projects from changing out a PC fan in your laptop to taking out a socket in your wall, thanks to the four different screwdrivers on the P2. Two different pliers give you options for holding small to large items. The replaceable wire cutters, electrical crimper, and wire stripper are all crucial tools for every electrical project.


To recap, The Leatherman FREE® P2 features 19 different tools including a 2.75-inch combination blade, replaceable wire cutters, and a built-in pocket clip all weighing in at a slim 7.6 ounces. It’s easy to carry in your pocket or in the nylon sheath (included with every FREE P2 you buy). All of these things combine to make it an essential, easy to use DIY tool for the metal, wood, and electrical DIY projects on your list.

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