Our tools are built to last, but if anything happens, your Leatherman is backed by our 25-year limited warranty. Our warranty is simple; submit the online form then send us your tool.


To have our support, please send the tool here:

Adola B.V.

Gladsaxe 31

7327 JZ Apeldoorn

Only send the tool without sheath or box. Fill and insert correctly the form in the package. If your Leatherman has emotional value, please indicate on the form that you prefer a repair rather than a replacement for a Leatherman of an equivalent model.

Under current legislation, shipment for verification / repair is the responsibility of the sender, return shipment is the responsibility of Leatherman.

We recommend that you insure the package and hire a reliable shipping service.


The warranty is only valid for the original buyer and it does not cover misuse, modification of the tool, theft, loss of the product, and inappropriate or unreasonable use. Our 25-year limited warranty does not include: covers, accessories, engravings, color finishes and it does not extend to cleaning and sharpening. The warranty applies to products purchased from the official Leatherman website or from an authorized distributor. Proof of purchase may be required when requesting warranty intervention.


Our distributor Adola B.V. is the official assistant for the repair warranty in the Netherlands until December 31, 2021. From January 1, 2022 all warranty claims will be handled by Leatherman Europe GmbH:

Leatherman Europe GmbH

Holterkamp 16

40880 Ratingen, Germany


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