June 2013 News

Leatherman Tool Group Expands Within Portland

June 24, 2013 - PORTLAND, OR - Leatherman Tool Group, Inc., has expanded operations within their hometown of Portland, Oregon. Two new locations, both within a two-mile radius of Leatherman's main location on NE Ainsworth Circle, will add increased manufacturing space and flexibility for the multi-tool and knife manufacturer, founded in 1983.

Since acquiring Seattle-based PocketToolX in 2012, Leatherman has been looking to locate the new line of products in its own space. "The development process for these new tools is unique to our standard multi-tools so we decided to house the new manufacturing facility in a separate space," said Product Manager Blair Barnes. The additional building, located on NE Marx Street, brings Leatherman back to its roots. This location is where Tim Leatherman and business partner Steve Berliner first began producing multi-tools 30 years ago. The processes at Marx Street will include machining, grinding, mass finish, laser marking and assembly.

An additional 60,000 square-foot building located at NE Airport Way and 152nd Place will house Leatherman's logistics department including warranty, customer service, packaging, and shipping. This location is expected to be fully operational by early July. "We're excited to expand our manufacturing space at our main building to make room for some new automation and value-stream projects," said CEO Jake Nichol. "We're proud to be located in Portland, Oregon, and pleased to be able to expand our capabilities here close to home."

For more information about Leatherman Tool Group's local expansion or Leatherman in general, please contact PR Specialist Kitri McGuire at kitri.mcguire@leatherman.com or 503-253-7826.

About Leatherman Tool Group, Inc.

Founded in 1983 by Tim Leatherman, Oregon-based Leatherman Tool Group is the world's largest manufacturer of high quality multi-tools (Leatherman) and LED lights (LED LENSER), with more than 120 million tools and lights sold, and distribution in more than 86 countries. For more information visit www.leatherman.com, www.ledlenser.com, or find us on Facebook at /leathermanusa and /ledlenserusa.