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Leatherman employees created two coed softball teams this Summer season and both were entered into the same league. Named “The Raptors”, we take on other Portland teams once a week in our league. The day was inevitable however – the …
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One of our friends, Daniel, over at wrote an amazing article on our By The Numbers products. From start to finish, it lays out each of the 10 pocket tools for you to choose and pick which would be …
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Our Product Development Team had quite the adventure this past weekend as they took team bonding to a whole new level. After a night of camping filled with great conversation (only some work related), a warm campfire, food, beers, lots of …
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Although our 30th Anniversary has come and gone, it’s still awesome to look back at the beginning. For those of you who haven’t seen this video, I think you’ll find great interest in hearing all about Leatherman’s story from Tim …
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This last week, we launched the ability to make orders online directly through us at It’s been a long time coming, but we’re happy to say we’ve worked with all our departments to get this up and running smoothly …
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At Leatherman, we always strive to keep our minds up to speed with what’s happening around us. Afterall, quality innovation is truly rare and yet, it’s the foundation on which all Leatherman products are manufactured. It’s important that our engineers have …
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