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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get on a commercial aircraft carrying my Leatherman tool?

UPDATED January 03, 2018:
Some Leatherman products are crafted to follow TSA specifications for a carry-on item. Those products are listed below. Other Leatherman products may be stowed in checked luggage that travels in the cargo area.

The following Leatherman products comply with current TSA regulations for carry-on items:

  • Juice CS3
  • Tread
  • Tread LT
  • Tread Metric
  • Brewzer
  • Grind
  • Hail + Style PS
  • Jam
  • Jam
  • Piranha 2
  • Thruster
  • Style PS
  • Pump
  • Rail
  • Cam

Leatherman’s travel-friendly products are specially designed to conform to regulations for commonly restricted areas and have successfully traveled through security at airports, theme parks, government buildings, schools, sporting events, and concerts throughout the world. They have been greeted not only with acceptance, but also with genuine interest and even excitement.

Please note: Before carrying any Leatherman product on a flight or into any other restricted area, refer to the organization’s published sharp object policy for your own protection. Security agents, such as TSA representatives, have full discretion over allowable items for the safety of all passengers and international laws may vary.

Current TSA policies are posted here: Leatherman does not warranty tools that are lost, stolen, or confiscated.

Where does the Leatherman name come from?

Our tools bear the name of our founder Tim Leatherman, who invented the original Pocket Survival Tool, now known as the PST.

Why should I buy a Leatherman tool?

Tim Leatherman's standards for quality, durability, precision and attention to detail are what make Leatherman tools like no other. Ever since Tim invented the category, we've focused on just one thing - manufacturing the world's highest quality multipurpose tools.
Read about the Leatherman Difference.

Do you sell tools outside the United States?

Our products are sold in approximately 90 countries around the world. Please refer to the Dealer Locator page to locate our authorized distributors. These distributors can help you find retailers in your area and/or help you with a warranty issue.

Can I have a different blade installed in my Leatherman tool?

Each Leatherman tool consists of a combination of features that makes it a unique multipurpose tool. We cannot alter or substitute different blade components from one tool version to another.

Is Leatherman interested in my idea for a new product or feature?

Always. Consumer feedback has played a significant role in improving our existing products and designing new ones. Our marketing department tracks suggestions and welcomes your feedback, so feel free to address your ideas to them (either in writing or at If you wish to submit an idea for which you already have or may obtain a patent or other ownership rights, please write to the Office of the President, Leatherman Tool Group, PO Box 20595, Portland OR 97294. Prior to receiving or considering your idea, we will present you with a disclosure agreement that describes your rights and ours in any idea you disclose to us.

My belt sheath is worn out, how can I get a replacement?

There are several sheaths to choose from. All are pictured in our Accessories page at: Please visit that section for information on how to order sheaths and other Leatherman gear.

Can I buy stock in Leatherman Tool Group, Inc.?

Sorry. Leatherman Tool Group is privately held and is very unlikely to go public in the foreseeable future.

All the blades on one handle of my Super Tool have been accidentally locked open. How can I get them unlocked?

Use a separate screwdriver or similar device to unlock the blades. With the handles closed together, insert the screwdriver into the slot created by the handle spring (where the handle locks onto the tool blades). Gently pry up the handle spring until one of the blades can be released.


Custom Shop

How long will it take for my custom multi-tool to arrive?

While custom order creation times will vary based on volume, please allow for approximately 2-4 additional days for processing. Delivery may vary based on your chosen shipping method. If you have not received your custom order within 2 weeks, please contact customer service.

How do I track the status of my custom multi-tool?

Following your order, we will send you a confirmation email that your order has been received. We will send you a shipping confirmation email once your product has been shipped.

What is the returns & exchange policy on custom multi-tools?

Leatherman custom product is built just for you and cannot be returned or exchanged. Having quality issues? Please view our warranty policy or contact our customer service team.

Why is the custom experience not loading for me?

Not all browsers are created equal. To ensure you are getting the most out of your Leatherman custom experience, we recommend using the newest version of your browser. Google Chrome on your desktop computer will provide an optimal experience.

What will my image look like on the actual multi-tool?

Please review your image thoroughly. To prevent the image from being grainy or pixelated, we recommend using files that are at least 1,000 pixels in height and/or length. Avoid imagery with metallic and fluorescent colors as they do not print. The 3D rendering of your design will match the physical product as closely as possible; however, because of different screens and digital platforms, actual colors may have slight deviations. Compatible image file types: PNG, JPG, GIF, SVG, PDF, AI, PSD, and EPS.

Why is the image I uploaded on my multi-tool blurry?

Your selected image may not be a high enough resolution. To prevent the image from being grainy or pixelated, we recommend using files that are at least 1,000 pixels in height and/or length. Compatible image file types: PNG, JPG, GIF, SVG, PDF, AI, PSD, and EPS.

Are there any restrictions on what I can put on my custom multi-tool?

Leatherman moderates text and image uploads. You must own the rights to your uploaded images. Leatherman reserves the right to reject and cancel custom orders containing profane, offensive, or libelous phrases, imagery, or content that we deem as objectionable including, but not limited to the following:

  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Pornography
  • Violence
  • Inappropriate Text
If your design violates the Leatherman custom policy, you will receive an email notification that your order was rejected and canceled. If you have questions about why your order was rejected, please contact our customer service team.

What if I need help customizing my multi-tool?

Please contact our customer service team if you are experiencing issues with placing your custom order.


Warranty Program

How does the Leatherman warranty work?

Our warranty is simple. You broke it, we'll fix it. Please visit our warranty page and follow the instructions to send in your product (NO SHEATH PLEASE).
If you live outside of North America, please follow the international warranty instructions also located on the Warranty page. There you will select your country and send your product to an authorized Leatherman distributor.

I can't live without my Leatherman for even a day. Can you just send me the parts I need?

Our products are designed to be disassembled by factory-trained technicians only. Repaired tools are reassembled (and the pivot posts cemented) to ensure proper tension for optimum tool performance. Attempting to disassemble a Leatherman tool yourself may result in lost components and compromised tool functionality. It may also void your warranty protection.

If my tool isn’t broken or defective, can I still send it in for an e-voucher?

No, the program is intended to give you options when your tool breaks because of manufacturing or material defects, it is not an exchange program.

If I’ve only had my tool for a short time and it breaks, can I get more e-voucher credit than a tool that is older?

We would happy to repair the tool you have or replace it with another one of the same model if it cannot be repaired but we can’t give more credit on an e-voucher.

Can I gift my e-voucher or let someone else use all or part of it?

Yes, if you would like to let someone else use all or part of your e-voucher, you give them your e-voucher number and they would use it just as you would at

Can I use the e-voucher for an engraved tool?

Yes, you can spend the credit at for anything offered on the website, including engraving.

My tool has sentimental value to me, can I still get credit on an e-voucher and keep my broken tool?

No, in order to get credit on an e-voucher, you must return the tools to our warranty department before e-voucher credit is issued. If a tool has sentimental value and you’d like to keep it, we suggest you send it back using our traditional warranty return process and we will do our best to repair it.

I just had my tool fixed by your warranty repair team and now I see that you have an e-voucher program. Can I send my tool back and get an e-voucher instead?

The credit that we issue on e-vouchers are used to offset the expense of fixing your tool and sending back to you. We have already repaired your tool so this program would not apply.

I don’t see my tool on the list of tools for this program, can I still send it back and get a credit on an e-voucher?

If the tool you have needing repair is not on the list of those that apply to this program, you should return it through our traditional warranty return program and we will do our best to repair it and return it to you. If the tool is beyond repair, we will replace it with a model that is equal to it.

Can I send in multiple tools and get an e-voucher for each of them?

You can send in up to 4 tools on this program. Each one must be listed on the application and they should all be sent back in the same package. Once we receive the package, we will issue ONE e-voucher for the sum total of the value for all the tools returned. If you return more than 4 tools, we will do our best to repair those that are not listed on the e-voucher return form and return them to you.

When and how will I get my e-voucher?

Shortly after receiving the tools you sent back to our warranty department, you will receive your e-voucher via email to the address you supplied when you filled out the paperwork.

I don’t have or want to use my email. Can I get an e-voucher mailed to me?

All e-vouchers will be sent through email so if you don’t have one, or don’t want to use your email, you can return your tool back for repair through our traditional warranty return process.

How can I check the balance of my e-voucher?

Enter your e-voucher at the billing step of checkout and select "check balance."

Instead of an e-voucher, can I get credit on my credit card or receive a check?

No, credit issued under this program is offered through an e-voucher to use at

Can I use the e-voucher to only purchase products or can part if it be used to expedite the shipping?

Yes, you can use the e-voucher at for anything you see on the website including to upgrade your shipping.

Can the e-voucher be used outside of the United States?

The e-voucher can be used in the US and be redeemed at

Can I get an e-voucher for a non-Leatherman multi-tool?

No, the e-voucher program is intended to replace defective Leatherman tools only

Can I use the e-voucher to buy from the Led Lenser website?

No, the e-voucher must be redeemed at

Can I combine multiple e-vouchers on one order?

Yes, multiple e-vouchers can be combined on a single transaction from

Can I take my broken/defective tool to a local dealer and get an e-voucher?

All tools must be returned to Leatherman’s warranty returns center to qualify for an e-voucher.

My tool is broken, can I just send you a picture of it and still get an e-voucher?

Tools must be received at our warranty return center in order to receive an e-voucher. A photo of a broken tool does not qualify.