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A Leatherman for the Lady in Your Life

While you shouldn’t need an excuse to buy your lady an amazing tool capable of making sure she’s always ready for anything…

Here’s a good one: Mother’s day is right around the corner. Whether she’s the one keeping the house running day in and day out, or she’s constantly on the go—there’s a Leatherman perfect for her.

For the Outdoor Adventuress

Skeletool: Whether she’s a hunter, hiker, or mountain biker, this multi-tool is so badass that it begs to be wielded by a badass lady. Complete with a 154cm knife, carabiners so that it hooks easily to a backpack, and needle-nosed pliers for gear malfunctions, this item is great in a pinch and strong enough to be used again and again.

For the D-I-Yer

Squirt PS4: Complete with a Flat/Phillips head screwdriver, needle-nosed pliers, and spring action scissors, this multi tool is perfect for a variety of crafts and DIY home projects including furniture repurposing, pallet-wood projects, and more.

For the Woman Who Likes to Be Prepared

Charge AL Prep Kit: Whether she lives in an area prone to natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes or she’s simply the kind of woman who likes to be prepared for any situation, this multi tool comes complete with a headlamp, knife, and bit-kit. This could be kept at home in a bug-out bag, in a backpack for hiking/gear emergencies, or in her car in the event of a night-time breakdown.

For a Woman Who Works with Her Hands

Surge 21: Whether she’s an engineer, firefighter, electrician, or construction worker, this heavy-duty multi-tool has everything from wire strippers to a saw and ruler. Perfect for the quick fix at home or on the job, this multi-tool gets the job done.

For a Woman on the Go

Micra: Whether she drives continuously for work or loves to road trip for fun, this keychain multi-tool will never fail her. Complete with tweezers, nail file, screwdriver, bottle opener and more, this item can help her stay polished and assist with everything from luggage malfunctions to opening a cold one at the end of a long day on the road.