Meet Leatherman Ambassador, Breanna Wilson
Meet Leatherman Ambassador, Breanna Wilson

Me: freelance travel writer, car and motorcycle enthusiast, outdoorsman, adventurist and all-around advocate for exploring the world.

You: Leatherman fan.

Us: new friends, because clearly, we have the same interests.

So, now that we have the vague introduction out of the way, here’s what you really need to know about me, and what you can usually find me doing (hint: it involves either talking about travel, writing about travel, traveling, or researching my next trip.).

And right now? I’m traveling, writing this from Baku, Azerbaijan. A former Soviet country full of beautiful mountains and national parks, unbelievably nice locals and fantastic food (and coffee!).

Breanna Mongolia

So, how did I get into this crazy world of travel writing and exploring the outdoors? Well, mostly by accident. In the days before Instagram I didn’t even know that travel writing was a job option. But, after writing digital content for a business travel website (thanks, marketing degree!), I realized it was the only thing I would ever be happy doing. So, I made a plan, pushed myself and I made it happen. And it was not easy, ladies and gentlemen. And luck had nothing to do with it.

But back to Baku, and how I got to Azerbaijan and the rest of these countries that you typically won’t see a single woman traveling alone through.

Besides having always been intrigued by far-off, remote destinations and the unknown, I’ve found that more often than not, the travel experiences that took me out of my comfort zone were the most rewarding. Whether that meant riding a horse for two days across the Mongolian steppe (I have practically no riding experience and speak no Mongolian) or traveling to the Middle East alone (despite warnings from just about everyone I know), opening myself up to new, unfamiliar experiences has not only helped me grow as a person, it’s given me a new perspective on life. And that’s something everyone could benefit from. It would make the world a different place. A place filled with less fear and more compassion. Which is exactly why I write about and am an advocate for experiences like these.

Breanna Oman

So, how did I get connected with Leatherman, and why am I here rambling on about myself? Well, I’m a huge fan of the brand. I’ve seen their tools in the hands of nomadic reindeer herders in Mongolia, fixing broken wooden saddles. I’ve used their tools to repair broken sway bar and steering rack bushings during off-road navigational car rallies in the backwoods of Oregon. I’ve had people show me Leathermans that were passed down from their grandfathers that still work today. I’ve seen the tools around the world, being used in all different kinds of ways, from the everyday carry to being a life-saving device in a time of need.

And to then see audiences fill auditoriums to hear Tim Leatherman speak, because they are genuine fans of the brand, all with a story of their own of how Leatherman has played a special role in their lives, is truly moving. It’s been these experiences (and countless others) that have made me want to be a part of what the team is doing. From their new grant program to building their products in the U.S., I am fully behind everything that the brand stands for.

So, what will you see from me in my work with the Leatherman team? Well, you’ll get an inside look at my experiences around the world. Whether that means coming along with me as I explore Turkey’s less traveled roads, or as I free dive with sea turtles in Curacao, or stay with Bedouin tribes in Egypt, there’s no shortage of things to discover in this world, and I’m determined to explore as much of it as I can, one unfamiliar experience at a time.

Breanna Curacao

I’d love to know what you’re most interested in seeing me write about on here. Message me on Instagram at @breannajwilson, and don’t be shy, follow Leatherman on Instagram, because I’ll be sharing my travels there as well. We are officially friends now, after all.

Next stop: Egypt

Favorite adventure: paragliding in Oman

One thing I can’t travel without: Nuun

Favorite Leatherman: my Signal

Breanna Signal