Cast iron with ingredients for steak and eggs Cast iron with ingredients for steak and eggs



There’s no reason why eating outside means compromising on a gourmet meal. Level up your campfire cooking game with this easy and excellent Steak and Eggs Recipe from Teddy Cosco, one of his favorite breakfasts at home or in camp. Even though it may sound like a heavy dish, the acidity and brightness of the chimichurri really balances things out. Pro tip: Teddy used the Leatherman Wave® Plus, but you can check out a few more multi-tools that work great for camping.  

Cutting up steak and eggs ingredients

Steak & Eggs 


Steak - I like striploin, but any well marbled grilling steak will do 

Kosher salt


Canola oil 



Chimichurri recipe 




Olive oil 

Fresno chili




Cast iron skillet

Cutting board

Leatherman Wave® Plus

Chopping peppers and mixing with oil

Heating cast iron over a camp fire


If possible, take the steak out of your cooler/fridge ahead of time to bring it up to room temperature before seasoning liberally with kosher salt. 

Get a heavy cast iron skillet ripping hot with a liberal amount of oil with a high smoke point. 

Pat the steaks dry with some paper towels (if you have some on hand) and carefully lay the steaks in the skillet. Resist the urge to move them.

Cooking steaks in a cast iron skillet

Once you have achieved the all-important crust, flip the steaks over. Baste the steaks with butter until they are slightly under-done to your liking and remove them to rest; the residual heat will take the steaks the rest of the way. 

Wipe the skillet clean and crack a couple eggs into it. Cook them to your taste. 

Finely chop a bunch of cilantro and parsley alongside as much garlic and Fresno chili as your palate can handle. Mix all of these in a bowl with a squeeze of lemon and enough oil to bring the mixture together. 

Cooking eggs in a cast iron skillet

Slicing steak with a Leatherman

Once your eggs are cooked and your chimichurri is mixed, slice the steak thinly crosswise, top with chimi, and serve with the fried eggs. 

Steak and eggs cooked in a skillet

Teddy Cosco is an assistant professor at Simon Fraser University, a passionate outdoorsman, enthusiastic home cook, and sometimes-lucky fly fisherman. Exploring the tundra via floatplane, fishing off the coast of Alaska and camping throughout Western Canada, he grew up with the outdoors in his blood. Follow @castandiron for adventure and recipe inspiration. 

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