leatherman wave on wood workers table leatherman wave on wood workers table

The 5 Best Multi-tool Gifts for Wood Workers

The 5 Best Multi-tool Gifts for Wood Workers

If you have some DIY people on your gift-giving list who make things, then take a quick look at our multi-tool gift guide specifically designed for wood workers. Woodworking tools involve many specialized features (some can be quite pricey) but having a multi-purpose tool on hand will be a lifesaver for all those unexpected moments or last-minute fixes.

Tool 1: Wave®+ with Ratchet Driver

With this combo, there isn’t much you can’t do. The Wave®+ is Leatherman’s most popular multi-tool packed with all kinds of implements such as the bit driver and two types of knife blades. Add the Ratchet Driver to this, and you’ll really step up its functionality.

leatherman wave with ratchet driver

Tool 2: FREE® K2

For those interested in a more classic pocketknife, this is your multi-tool. With a sharp 420hc blade and features like a prybar and screwdriver, you’ll be using this far more than you think.

leatherman free k2 with blade out

Tool 3: Rebar®

One of the more classic multi-tools we offer, the Rebar® is perfect for beginner or experienced wood workers. With two types of blades, a full-size file and a saw, there isn’t much more that you need. Oh yeah, the handle is also designed to allow easy access to the blade when you’ve got gloves on.

leatherman rebar on table with measuring tape

Tool 4: Surge®

When it comes to heavy-duty multi-tools, look no further. One of Leatherman’s beefiest tools, it’s ready to handle anything. It also comes equipped with a blade exchanger so you can swap out a saw blade for a metal/wood file.

leatherman surge on workers table

Tool 5: Wingman®

What really sets this multi-tool aside from the others is the spring-loaded pliers. Depending on what project you’re working on (or the number of hands you have available), the Wingman® might just be the ticket. 

leatherman wingman on workers table

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