medic holding a skeletool rx medic holding a skeletool rx

Tool Spotlight: Skeletool RX

Tool Spotlight: Skeletool RX

If you’re a person whose job it is to save lives, the Skeletool® RX is for you. The design DNA of the Skeletool® RX starts from one of our most popular multi-tools, the Skeletool®. The Skeletool® RX borrows the compact, lightweight, and ultra-portable design of the original and evolves it to equip EMTs, first responders, and other uniformed professionals with a multi-tool geared towards emergency rescues.

Some of the specialized features that distinguish the Skeletool® RX from other multi-tools are the 154CM serrated blade and a carbide glass break bit. Both are meant to help cut through tough materials as well as break glass to rescue someone. Another less obvious asset of the Skeletool® RX is the bright red color (only offered on the RX) which makes it more visible if it’s accidentally dropped during an emergency rescue operation.

Here are a few more reasons why the Skeletool® RX may be the perfect tool for you. 



The serrated blade is made of a premium material which means the edge stays sharp longer. The deeply serrated blade gives you more cutting surface to slice through textured materials like clothing and seat belts. 

leatherman skeletool rx cutting seat belt


Many of the Skeletool® RX’s features can be accessed and used with one hand, keeping your other hand free. It’s also designed to work easily even if you have gloves on, so your hands can be even more protected in an emergency situation. 

medic holding leatherman skeletool rx


Make quick extractions from vehicles faster and easier with the durable carbide glass breaker bit. The only Skeletool® to include this unique feature.

leatherman skeletool rx breaking glass with carbide glass breaker


At only 5 ounces, the slim, lightweight design of the Skeletool® RX makes it easy to carry in your pocket; especially with the built-in pocket clip. Or you can put it in a sheath and carry it on your hip. Either way, you've got options.

leatherman skeletool rx in medic's pocket


Maintain and adjust your equipment with regular and needlenose pliers as well as a large bit driver. Store your tool bits in the handle of the multi-tool for easy access in the middle of a job, or for safe keeping when not in use.

medic holding leatherman skeletool rx


Here’s what people have to say about the Skeletool® RX.

“I work on the weekend as First Responder/Ski Patrol, and I purchased this as a light tool for my pack. Great sized tool with necessary, simple features I regularly use. Great tool!” –Roger M.

“I’m a first responder and firefighter. This tool is awesome. I love the carabiner and ease to grab it off my pants when needed. This Spring, I plan to keep it on my harness while doing rope rescue training.” –Kelli D.

“A good tool to keep around in your vehicle. Pliers to help pull out a nail for my tire repair kit and if I come on an accident I can safely break a window or cut a seat belt in an emergency.” –Michael D.


Respond quickly and safely in emergency situations with the Skeletool® RX. Special care and thoughtful design have been taken with the Skeletool® RX to make this Leatherman tool an essential piece of gear for the kit of any EMT, first responder, or other uniformed emergency professional.

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