Super Tool 300M set on a pair of gloves Super Tool 300M set on a pair of gloves

Tool Spotlight: Super Tool® 300M

Tool Spotlight: Super Tool® 300M

The original Super Tool from the ‘90s was Leatherman’s first tool with all-locking blades and full-size implements. Unlike previous multi-tools, they were intentionally created to do heavy-duty work beyond quick fixes. In fact, it was designed to meet the specific requests of the U.S. Military. Our goal was to provide service members with a highly capable and reliable tool that met their needs.

Because much of the military work done in the field of duty is DIY, this tool is helpful for military members on or off duty. Complete with 18 tools, professionals can tackle a wide range of tasks with one full-size multi-tool. The chassis of the Leatherman Super Tool® 300M is one of our toughest and most capable multi-tools—both strong and durable to hold up to serious work for a long time.

Someone using a Leatherman Sight Adjuster



The Super Tool 300M was designed to assist with basic weapons maintenance. It comes with a four-prong sight adjustment tool made for most AR platforms. This tool is also a bit driver that fits standard ¼” and LTG flat bits, so you have even more versatility. The Super Tool 300M also includes a heavy-duty nail puller, and a #8-32 cleaning rod/brush adapter.


Weighing 10 ounces and 4.5 inches long (closed), this compact tool easily fits in your pocket or range bag or can be carried in the MOLLE sheath included with every purchase. For professional tasks or DIY work, all the tools are easier to access, so you don’t have to remove your gloves to get to the features. The nail puller also doubles as a pry tool, so you can open things like paint can lids. The wirecutters are made of premium 440C steel, and the jaws also have handy stranded-wire cutters that are good for smaller diameter stranded wire cables.


The Super Tool 300M comes with multiple 420HC blades for you to choose from including a straight-edge blade and serrated knife. Switch from one or the other to get a lot of tasks done in the field or in your garage. 

Sharpening an awl on the Super Tool 300M


Here’s what people are saying about the Super Tool 300M:

“Perfect for my range bag. With this I was able to consolidate a few tools that were needed but taking space and adding weight. It has a solid and hefty feel. The FDE paint makes the ruler easy to read.” –Kenneth B.

“Awesome tool. I love how tough it is. I like that the molle sheath attaches to my pack.” –Brian D.

“Great tool for keeping your firearms and gear maintenance up to tip top performance.” –Mike S.

Super Tool 300M on a desk


Created for military personnel on the job or off, the Super Tool 300M is as versatile as it is durable. Both colors offer a non-reflective coating, so it’s as practical as possible when you’re in action. But it’s also perfect for DIY work when you’re at home. Making this one tool that lives up to its name—and then some.

Don’t forget that if you’re an active military member, you can apply for a discount through our Pro Program.