Leatherman Surge on a toolbox Leatherman Surge on a toolbox



One of our two largest multi-tools, the Leatherman Surge® is a true powerhouse and the perfect gardening tool to always have nearby. It features a lot of full-size tools and has our largest pliers, longest blades and easy-to-use locks. A few implements are replaceable including the saw blade, premium wire-cutters and a file. Four blades can be opened while the Surge is folded and closed, so you can access them from the outside and use them with one hand. Every tool (except the plier head) lock into place, so they won’t fold back on you while you’re working—making it much safer to use.

With 21 tools, it can tackle any problem around the house or in the garden. Specifically, the below features help in the garden to make quick fixes easy.

Surge on a toolbox

Top 5 Tool Highlights: Leatherman Surge Multi-tool

1.     Exchangeable Saw Blade

The saw blade and file (mentioned next) are interchangeable, so you can swap one out for the other depending on what you’re working on. The saw cuts branches to clear out your garden or saws through small pieces of wood for your garden project.

2.     Exchangeable Wood/Metal File

Take out the saw blade, and switch it out for the file to smooth out sharp edges or trim pieces of wood down to the right measurement. This ability to exchange the saw and file is one of the unique features of the Surge compared to other multi-tools.

3.     Multiple Drivers

A large and a small screwdriver gives you options, but the large bit driver gives you all the options. You can upgrade your capabilities by adding the Ratchet Driver to your Surge to take the frustration out of stubborn screws and nuts.

4.     High-quality Blades

The straight-edge and serrated knife blades are made from 420HC stainless steel—which is tough, rust and stain-resistant and easy to sharpen. They’ll hold up to a lot of use in the garden, and is less likely to corrode than other types of steel (which is good since most gardens are wet and damp environments).

5.     Extra-large Spring-action Scissors

Second only to the Raptor series of multi-tools, the Surge has some of the biggest scissors we make. The spring-action makes them easy and quick to use. Scissors come in super handy in the garden for harvesting produce, trimming plants or even opening seed packets or bags of soil. 

Your New Favorite Garden Gear

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