Two Raptor Rescues sitting on a medical bag Two Raptor Rescues sitting on a medical bag

Tool spotlight: raptor Rescue

Tool spotlight: raptor Rescue

Our original emergency shears, the Leatherman Raptor Rescue was developed by carefully consulting with special operations medics, EMTs, and fire professionals to determine what they need most in a life-threatening situation. It’s especially well-suited for people who do extractions (like firefighters and special operations medics) and need a full-size pair of folding shears with additional features. Anyone can use it, of course, and many people do (it’s one of our most popular multi-tools). Perfect for your car emergency kit or glove compartment. 

Everyone’s favorite emergency response shears, industrial shears, fabric shears, kitchen shears, garden shears...the Leatherman Raptor® Rescue shears are famous for being able to cut through just about anything and the 420HC steel retains its sharpness. But what else makes these shears so special?

Raptor Rescue ring cutter in use

Our 7 Favorite Things About the Raptor Rescue

1. Multiple carry options

REPLACEABLE POCKET CLIP Attach your multi-tool to a pocket or belt loop with the clip. 

INCLUDED HOLSTER A black, injection-molded polymer comes with the Raptor Rescue designed for the standard first responder utility belt. Fasten it with the MOLLE attachment to your gear for easy access. You can carry your Raptor Rescue in a folded or opened configuration, depending on how it fits with your gear. The shears lock in place when carried with the holster, so you can wear it upside-down for quick access on your vest.

2. Comfortable Handles

The Rescue handles are specifically designed so you can use them even when you’re wearing heavy gloves.

3. Slices Through Fabrics

The Raptor Rescue has thoughtful details made for emergency scenarios. For example, one blade of the shears is a super sharp straight-edge, and the other has micro-serrations. This helps you cut fabric or other materials without the shears slipping or binding.

4. Carbide Glass Breaker

For emergency extractions or escapes. This Tungsten glass breaker is strong enough to break through the tempered glass of a car windshield with a single strike.

5. Strap Cutter

Designed to cut through seatbelts with ease.

6. Ring Cutter

This essential feature removes rings in an emergency.

7. Oxygen Tank Wrench

Firefighters, first responders, and EMTs will always have an oxygen tank key on hand without worrying about misplacing or forgetting it.

Raptor rescue shown in a holster deployed and folded

5 star reviews

Here’s what people have to say about the Raptor® Rescue.

Leatherman rocks! “I now have 5 pair of Raptor Rescue shears, that’s how much I like them!”—Thomas C.

Amazing! “I’m an ER nurse, and these get constant use during my shift. All of the tools are super convenient! Very happy with my purchase!”—Tanner W.

Customizable, functional, built tough “I bought this for my husband who works in EMS. I was so impressed with the ability to customize it with his name, so he knows it’s his. Fits perfectly on his belt with all his other gadgets at work, and we plan to use it for multiple endeavors like hunting, fishing, and hiking. Bonus: it has already worked to save a life! Glass breaker assisted someone out who was stuck in a burning vehicle. Great investment and highly recommend ”—Brooke B.

Using a Raptor Rescue to cut cloth


Since Brooke B. summed it up so nicely, we decided to borrow her words instead of using our own. With essential features that are designed specifically for people who work in first responder fields, the Raptor Rescue has all the critical tools you need on hand. Because when seconds count, these professional trauma shears are ready for action. Available in more colors than ever before, find out for yourself why the Raptor Rescue is one of our Top Ten Multi-tools of the Year.