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Why The Wave®+ Is The #1 Selling Multi-Tool Of All Time

Why The Wave®+ Is The #1 Selling Multi-Tool Of All Time

The History Behind the Legend

The Leatherman Wave® hit the scene 24 years ago and instantly became the leader of the pack amongst the existing Leatherman multi-tools. Ahead of its time from day one, it took the much-loved multi-tool and made it more functional, comfortable and stylish. It set the gold standard (and continues to hold the title for best multi-tool ever) and defined what all of our tools would be like from 1998 on.

But why is it so popular exactly? Because it’s been constantly improved and evolved over 20+ years. The original product brief for the Wave® was to make a deluxe version of the PST. In fact, its name was going to be Deluxe Tool but after seeing the knife blade design which had a curved shape, it earned the nickname the Wave®. The first Wave® was built with outside-accessible tools that can be opened with one hand and featured ergonomic, comfortable rounded handles. In 2004, it was redesigned with stronger jaws and all-locking features. And around 2017, it added Premium Replaceable Wire Cutters. It features 18 tools (the original PST only had 14 – a 28% increase) to help you solve everyday problems with ease.

Over 20 years later, the popularity of the Wave® Plus shows no sign of stopping. It even is part of the permanent collection at the Modern Museum of Art 

Leatherman Wave on a log

A Home & Garden Hero

This bestseller is good for so many things, it would be impossible to list them all here. But one area where we feel it really excels is DIY projects and gardening. Need to shorten a piece of wood for a project? The Wave®’s saw will do that for you. Want to update the light fixtures in your house? Use the electrical crimper and wire stripper to get the job done. Have a beautiful batch of vegetables to harvest from your garden? Grab your trusty spring-action scissors to make short work of it. Measure out a piece of cloth with the ruler. Reach down into that hole in the floor you just accidentally dropped a nail into with the pliers. We could go on and on about how this tool is used outside of the house, but you get the idea.

Leatherman Wave fixing a lawnmower

The Critics Have Spoken

Sometimes our greatest hits become an old classic that gets relegated to the dustbins of history. Such is not the case with the Leatherman Wave®. Just last year in 2020, EDC Ninja published an article asking, “Is It Still the Best?” Spoiler alert: yes. Zach Belmont put it to the test in his review, and it ended up saving his brother’s wedding. Belmont recommends the Wave® for many reasons like its price, functionality and quality and because it can “go anywhere and do almost anything” from outdoor activities to maintenance and repair projects. As he puts it, “We love the Leatherman Wave® Multi-tool for its durability and quality of construction, not to mention the sheer number of tools that come in this little 4-inch package.”

The Leatherman Wave® Plus is also no stranger to making Top 10 lists (does it get more VIP than that?). Making it to #1 on Knife Informer’s "The Top 10 Best Multi-tools Ever!" list, the Leatherman Wave® is no stranger to the red carpet. You can read the reasons why by yourself, but here’s a quote from the intro: “You may be surprised to see that they’re ALL made by Leatherman – but you shouldn’t be. Leatherman is the undisputed king of multitools and simply unmatched.” But of course, we have to share another quote about the Leatherman Wave® specifically. As this reviewer put it, “There’s a reason this has been Leatherman’s most popular model for over a decade – the design is ingenious, the quality is outstanding and the value for money is unrivalled.” We’re truly honored that people still love the Wave® so much. Thank you.

And So Have the Fans

Over the last 20+ years, countless people have bought the tool, fallen in love with it, purchased it as a gift that the recipient fell in love with ... and on and on it goes. EDC Ninja reports that a recent survey of Leatherman tools found that “93% of owners said they would recommend it to others.” Here’s a sampling of what some of the Wave®’s biggest fans have to say about using it.

“The Wave is the very best tool of its kind, all the way around! When you consider what it offers, size, tool variety, ease and comfort of use, quality, functions, price point, there is just simply none better.” –Chris M.

“Best tool ever. Had one for over 30 years on my belt.” –Wendell N.

Well made, and the layout makes using it feel intuitive. Combine that with the fact it is a comfortable carry size, and I see it coming with me on a lot of adventures.” –Matthew M.

Man holding the leatherman wave

Check It Out for Yourself

Since its release back in 1998, Leatherman has continued to evolve this product over two decades to keep it relevant to problem-solvers around the world. The best way to get to know our international bestselling Leatherman Wave® Plus multi-tool is by owning (or gifting) one of your own. You’re just one click away to learn more and shop for the Wave® Plus

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