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Back To School: How to Hack your Dorm Experience

Dorm rooms, while generally quite functional, tend to be lacking when it comes to aesthetics. 

Turn your dorm room into the (temporary) home of your dreams. Check out Leatherman’s list of practical dorm room hacks that are both functional and creative.

Unless cinder block walls and industrial grade furniture are your style, chances are you’re going to want to make some upgrades.

We’ve put together a list of practical solutions that are both functional and creative, so you can have some dorm room inspiration. Read on to find out how you can turn your campus pad into the (temporary) home of your dreams.

dorm multitool

Stock Up on the Essentials

One of the most daunting things about moving into a dorm is realizing how much stuff you need to succeed as a functional adult. First aid kits, extra light bulbs, toilet cleaner…who knew that flying the nest would be so complicated?

When you’re low on space, multi-purpose is the first attribute to look for in dorm room essentials. If you’re lucky enough to have a kitchen, look for utensils that fulfill a range of functions. This isn’t the time to experiment with a fish spatula or a mandoline…unless you really, really want to. Same goes for tools. With pliers, wire cutters, a combo knife, and a driver, something like the Skeletool replaces a bulky toolbox, making it perfect to keep on hand for whenever you need it.

If you’re looking for something with even more versatility, the Wave+ is compatible with Leatherman’s bit kit, letting you do anything from tightening your glasses to fixing your laptop to unscrewing your ordinary screw. All you have to do is swap out the bit. Multi-function is your best friend when it comes to making the most of your precious living space.

Change the Dorm Room Layout

Just because the furniture was laid out a certain way when you got there doesn’t mean it should stay that way. Unless, of course, those are the rules in which case, skip this step.

Provided it’s within regulations, spend some time getting creative with your door room layout. Think about how you plan on using the space and shift things around to maximize utility. It’s a simple solution but you’d be amazed at the difference properly placed furniture can make.

Look Up, Way Up

The trick to getting the most bang out of your storage buck is to go vertical. Unless you’ve found a dorm room unicorn, chances are you don’t have much square footage to work with, so try this foor one of your dorm room hacks. By hanging a few inexpensive shelves, you increase the amount of space you have to put things and keep the clutter off the floor.

The Leatherman Wave+ is the perfect tool for installing shelves. It comes equipped with 18 different tools including a ruler, Phillips screwdriver and various sized bits which will come in handy during installation.

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Pick a Theme

We’re not talking about getting a degree in interior design but having a general idea of your vision can do wonders. Whether you decide on a broad color scheme or go full-on with a dorm room theme, creative direction can help lend a pulled-together look to your dorm design. When you’re working with such tight quarters, that’s a very good thing.

Design the Perfect Workspace

As much as it may pain you to think about it, part of the post-secondary experience is work, and lots of it. Even the most assiduous students find themselves pulling late nights and sitting at their laptops for hours on end as they try to finish the world’s longest essay. That’s why one of the most important college dorm necessities is a good workspace.

Consider how you work best and plan your study area accordingly. If you do your best thinking at a desk, make sure that yours is well-stocked and free of clutter. Prefer to work on your bed? Not a problem, just get some supportive pillows and set up your bedside table to serve as a command station.

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