Bag, Leatherman Skeletool, Fishing Rod against rock Bag, Leatherman Skeletool, Fishing Rod against rock

10 Things You Need In Your Fishing Tackle Box

10 Things You Need In Your Fishing Tackle Box

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Ah, fishing. The gentle (or not so gentle) lapping of waves. The early morning sunlight. The peace, the quiet, the…OH NO I LOST MY LAST HOOK!!! Don’t end up unable to unleash your inner angler. Be ready for whatever might happen the next time you’re on the water trying to land the big one. Find out how to organize your fishing tackle box for a (hopefully) stress-free fishing trip. 

Skeletool on tackle box

1. Extra Fishing Line

The three basic types are monofilament, braided, and fluorocarbon. Not sure which one you need? They all have their strengths, and you can find a lot of tips (or you could ask at the bait shop) for which works best depending on what you’re fishing for. So, when you stock up, always get more. You don’t want to have to bail on your trip right away when your last bit of line snaps and swims away.

Skeletool fixing hook on fishing line

2. Extra Hooks

See above. Pro tip: be sure to have a lot of different hooks on hand. Bring a variety of types and sizes, so when you suddenly discover a giant bass, you’ve got the hook to catch it.

Skeletool with fishing flies

3. Bobbers, Floaters, Oh My!

You can never have enough. Back-up bobber trick: put a stick through a cork for an instant bobber. Though plastic or slip bobbers are much better.

Skeletool fixing fishing line

4. Sinkers

The opposite of bobbers. Isn’t fishing fun? Make sure you have plenty (see tip #1).

Skeletool with flies

5. Swivels

Grab a pack at the tackle shop and be amazed at all the things you can do with them. Help keep your line from twisting up, make it easier to tie a jig, or switch out your lures in a jiffy.

Skeletool crimping barb web

6. Spinners

Also known as lures or “hard” or “soft” bait. Unlike live bait, rubber worms and grubs attract fish well and are considerably lower on the ick-factor (not that you care about that). Sparkly or shiny, hard bait does the same job of luring fish to your hook and line. Like hooks, take care to have a few that work best for different kinds of fish.

Catching a fish while fishing

7. Bait

Like a rod and reel, this is probably obvious. But don’t forget to bring it. Pro tip: talk to an old-timer or hardcore angler for tips on these. Some of the weirdest bait (cheese?) has been known to work better than traditional fare like earthworms. 

Putting a driver on a Skeletool

8. Multi-Tool

Because we’re Leatherman, of course we have the gear for you. Throw in the stylish and hard-working Skeletool to make small problems disappear. Why is a multi-tool a must-have for fishers? Pull out hooks, crimp barbs, cut line, repair broken pieces, tighten gear, clean your catch, and open a bottle of something cold to enjoy. Clip it to your vest or pocket or pack so you always have it handy on or off the water. 

Fishing at a lake with a dog

9. Medical Kit

Bandages, pain medicine, wound-cleaning things, and more will keep that fishing trip from ending too early. 

Skeletool on rock next to gear

10. Patience

Technically, not a thing you can throw in a tackle box. But still a valuable resource for the lake, river, boat, shore, dock, ocean or wherever your fishing adventure takes you.

Gone Fishing

Put the sign out on your door or the sticker in your window. You’re ready to go with this fishing starter kit. A well-packed tackle box with must-have fishing tools can make the difference between cursing or catching, and a multi-tool is every angler’s must-have. May the fish be biting and the sun be shining for your next adventure.