wood worker putting leatherman wave in pouch wood worker putting leatherman wave in pouch

5 Best Leatherman Tools for DIY

5 Best Leatherman Tools for DIY

Do you have a room dedicated to DIY projects in progress? Is this a common refrain from you: “I’m not going to buy that. I can make it myself.” Are you a “I’ve been DIY since before it was cool” type? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you’re our kind of person. We happen to be tinkerers ourselves, so we have a short list of our favorite, must-have tools for DIY projects big or small.



1. WAVE®+

One of our ongoing bestsellers, this all-around tool has everything you need to get the job done. It comes complete with a saw for trimming edges and making adjustments, easy-to-use spring-action scissors for quick cuts, a built-in ruler so you can make exact measurements, and multiple drivers to choose from so you have the one you need on hand.

leatherman wave with diy tools


We didn’t misname this pocket-sized wonder. Like the name suggests, it’s always by your side to solve any problem. Even though it’s lightweight and streamlined, it packs some power with a blade you can open with one hand, so your other hand is free to hold things in place while you work. The redesigned spring-action jaws open and close smoothly and spring back into place, to make it easier to use and more comfortable for your hand. Quick home maintenance projects to hobbies, the Wingman® makes the perfect DIY tool. 

leatherman wingman on diy table


Built for professionals, the full-sized Surge® is durable, hefty, and tackles tough jobs with ease. Carpenters and people who work with wood will love the outside-accessible blades and saws, so you can open the features without opening the tool. Have an electrical home repair or upgrade to make? The Surge® comes with heavy-duty wire cutters, crimpers, and wire strippers, so you can level up your electrician game. 

leatherman surge on workers table


A smaller, slimmer version of the Wave® Plus and Surge®, the Rebar® comes in at a sleek 4 inches but can hold its own with its larger cousins. The Rebar® gets the job done just as well, but takes up much less space, so you can carry it more conveniently. The pliers have been optimized for strength, so they’ll handle more difficult tasks with ease. Big job? No problem.

leatherman rebar with pliers in use

5. FREE® P4

Is it possible to be both strong and smooth? Um, yes. Designed for looks and built for performance, the FREE® P4 is compact, portable, and useful. Every feature on this multi-tool can be accessed without opening the tool. Even though it only weighs 8.6 ounces, it packs 21 different tools. Clip it to your belt or pack, and you’re good to go. Because it uses magnets to move, it has a frictionless feel. Perfect for quick fixes at home or low-key DIY projects. 

leatherman free p4 with pliers in use

Whichever multi-tool you choose (or why pick only one?), these top 5 multi-tools make the most of your DIY projects. Throw them in a drawer, carry them every day, or toss them into a purse or backpack, and you’re good to get your DIY on.