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Best Leatherman Tools for Gifts On-The-Go

Best Leatherman Tools for Gifts On-The-Go

Need the perfect Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, or Mother’s Day gift for the person who never stands still long enough to let the dust settle? Well, these five Leatherman multi-tools are lightweight, portable, and have a very affordable price tag. They’re perfect for people who are always on the move and want to be ready for whatever comes their way.


1. Micra®

One of our smallest multi-tools, the Leatherman Micra® manages to pack a lot of features into a tiny package. You can throw it in a tacklebox, backpack or purse, so you always have it handy. It’s easy to carry in your pocket or clip it to a keychain. Mighty and miniscule. 

leatherman micra on table with wallet and keys

2. Style® PS

Even lighter than the Micra, the Leatherman Style® PS is an amazing mini-tool with great portability. The Style® PS comes with pliers, spring-action scissors, tweezers, and more, making it the perfect tool for a quick fix. It doesn’t have a blade which makes it easier to take it with you on your travels.  

leatherman style ps with a travel bag

3. Sidekick®

Perfect as a gift for first-time multi-tool users, the Leatherman Sidekick® gets the job done. Available at a fraction of the cost, it doesn’t skimp on features. The 7 oz. Sidekick® comes with 14 tools including spring-action pliers, a saw, two knife blades, openers, and more. 

leatherman sidekick opening drink with bottle opener

4. FREE® T4

A little bigger than the Micra® and Style® PS, the Leatherman FREE® T4 has all the essential tools you want like multiple screwdrivers, a package opener, awl, files, and more. Thanks to our advanced magnetic technology, all the features move smoothly and lock into place with an audible click. It’s also designed to be used with one hand, making it the perfect gift for the person who wants to fix things and move on.

leatherman free t4 next to keys and laptop

5. Crater® C33

Maybe you need a gift for someone who wants things simple. Give them the lightweight Leatherman Crater® C33 which is a slim pocketknife. The edge, fit, and finish are excellent for the price. A convenient carabiner makes it easy to carry but also doubles as a bottle opener. Total win. 

leatherman crater c33 with hiking backpack

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