Leatherman Curl on the ground with blade out Leatherman Curl on the ground with blade out

How to Use the Leatherman Curl for Hunting

How to Use the Leatherman Curl for Hunting

Multi-tools are a no-brainer for hunters who need many tools to handle everything from gear maintenance to meat processing in the field.

The Leatherman Curl is one of the more streamlined, lightweight multi-tool options on the market. It doesn’t weigh down your pack and it comes with a nylon sheath so you can easily attach it to your belt or pack to have it handy. I gutted a pike with my Curl last week. Come bowhunting season, I’ll pack it in with my hunting gear pack and head out after antelope with my bow. It’s my do-it-all choice for a field tool. Why does a hunter need a multi-tool, and how can a hunter use a multi-tool? Keep reading to find out.

hunter standing in field with bow

Hunting Equipment Maintenance and Repairs

How many times have you wished a pair of pliers were lying around while performing quick fixes in the field? Gripping, clipping, cutting, slicing, dicing, trimming, etc. All necessary tasks for field repairs on bows, firearms, tents, bags and other critical gear. Throw in a bit-driver for all the threaded screws and you can fix just about anything that doesn’t require a socket wrench.

Combine the Curl with a roll of duct tape and wire on your next hunting trip and you can fix leaking tents, busted poles, and loose accessories on a bow. Cut wire to make solid repairs on broken handles or to hang lanterns and improvise anything requiring a semi-rigid connection.

hunter sheathing leatherman curl

Field Dressing

Put your knife, pliers and wire cutters to use while field dressing. The 420HC knife blade has a sharp edge that will skin and gut with ease. I like to sharpen the blade before each hunt to make it really effective for skinning game. This blade seems to hold an edge longer and is more durable than most other knives. The blade length is ideal for shallow cuts and the grip provided by the wide multi-tool base makes it really easy to control and handle the blade angle and depth. The blade can also be used with one hand, so your other hand is free.

hunter holding deer antlers

Camp Chores

Hunting trips come with plenty of camp chores. The Curl won’t split firewood but it will cut ropes and cords, slice up food, grip hot pots and pans and work as a dedicated camp assistant. The consolidating factor simplifies camp tasks.

I used to carry a toolset with pliers, wire cutters, and multiple screwdrivers. My camp kitchen had metal pot holders, knives and a pile of unnecessary kitchenware. Now, with a Curl on my belt loop and use it to flip meat on the grill, cut up and eat food, tighten screws and gear, and handle most camp chores that don’t require an axe.

leatherman curl next to vegetables

Curl Up and Head Out

This is my shortlist of why this multi-tool is must-have hunting gear. I’m sure though that if I put it to the test, it could handle even more. Give it a shot and add it to your hunting supply shopping list, and let me know if you come up with any extra ideas.

hunter walking through tall grass