Raptor Response shears on medical bags Raptor Response shears on medical bags

Leatherman Expands Shears Category with Raptor Response

Leatherman Expands Shears Category with Raptor Response

Introducing The Raptor Response 

The newest in our line of heavy-duty shears, the Leatherman Raptor Response was created to give professionals and anyone who wants to be prepared a portable, compact version of the full-size Raptor Rescue. Outfitted with more sleek and comfortable handles, the Response packs the iconic, foldable shears yet clips easily to your pocket, pack, or bag. Be ready to help yourself or others in an emergency situation with the added features of a ring cutter, ruler, and oxygen tank wrench. 

Top 5 Tool Highlights

1.     Extra Tough Shears

Make quick work of cutting through tough materials like clothes or upholstery. The rugged, durable trauma shears have a sharp blade and a micro-serrated blade to help keep fabrics from slipping and binding. These folding shears are made from 420HC steel, so you can rely on them lasting for years to come.

hiker cutting shoe with raptor response shears

2.     Versatile Tools

The best part (in our opinion) of the Raptor Response is that it’s not just trauma shears. It includes three other emergency preparedness features with a ring cutter, ruler, and oxygen tank wrench.

Medic using oxygen tank wrench on oxygen tank

3.     Portable and Slim

It’s only 4.3 inches when it’s closed and weighs only 5.5 ounces, so you can carry it and barely notice it’s there until you need it. Plus, they’re foldable for extra safety and a sleek profile.

hiker folding leatherman raptor response

4.     Comfortable to Use

The handle grips are contoured and finished with a durable ceramic coating, so your hand won’t get cramped or sore from using them, and you can rely on a sure and solid grip.

Medic holding leatherman raptor response shears

5.     Easy to Carry

The Raptor Response has a lanyard hole so you can attach them to a carabiner or use the detachable pocket clip. You’ll always have them nearby when you need them and every second counts.

Medic working with raptor response shears in pocket

Raptor vs. Raptor

Which Leatherman Raptor shears are right for you? Glad you asked. Our original Raptor Rescue was created after carefully consulting with emergency professionals on what they need most in a critical situation. It’s especially well-suited for professionals who do extractions (like firefighters and military medics) who need a full-size pair of shears with additional features like a seat belt cutter. Anyone can use it, of course, and many people did (it’s one of our most popular multi-tools).

But we saw there was a need for a lighter, slimmer, and more practical set of high-quality shears. So, we created the Raptor Response. Designed for EMTs, nurses, and guides, it’s a go-to tool for professionals but works just as well for everyone. It’s perfect for throwing into your glove compartment, adding it to an at-home first-aid kit, or keeping it in your camping gear. Think of it as your everyday emergency preparedness tool that fits into your car emergency kit or go-bag. 

Raptor response on rock with camping gear

Check It Out For Yourself

We can talk (and you can read) all day. But the best way to get to know this newest Leatherman multi-tool is to do your own research and/or try it out. Ready? You’re just one click away to learn more and shop for the Raptor Response shears.