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Survival Kit Essentials

Survival Kit Essentials

Plans change, and sometimes we’re in the woods longer than anticipated (it happens to the best of us). Here are a few outdoor essentials to throw in your emergency survival kit to be prepared for an unexpected day (or overnight) adventure in the wilderness.

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1. Survival blanket (aka space blanket, thermal blanket, heat sheet)

Takes up very little space and provides a lot of warmth or potential shelter.

2. Multi-tool (of course)

A multi-tool like the Signal is packed with features that are great for outdoor survival (like a whistle, fire starter, hammer, and more). Want more than one? Check out our Outdoor Adventure Set

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3. Extra bottle of water

Hydration is always important. Even if you think you won’t be out in the woods that long, pack some extra water.

4. Energy bar

Something like a Clif bar (or whatever your favorite protein bar is). They’re dense with calories to help tide you over until you are back in civilization.

5. Flashlight

Even a small one can be a game-changer for when it gets dark.

6. Light rain jacket

In case you get caught in colder or wetter weather, having a lightweight, waterproof jacket will greatly improve your situation.

7. Fresh socks

Maybe this is something you’ll just keep in your car vs. in your backpack, but having a fresh pair of socks to put on after you’ve been out in the wilderness will make you feel like a new person.

8. Bandana

A small item like this is very versatile. It can be worn on your head for warmth, be used to soak up sweat, or potentially be used to cover small cuts or wounds.

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Naturally, this list is not exhaustive. You can add or subtract items from this list based on your own preferences and needs. And you’ll obviously want to adapt it to fit the terrain and weather like adding sunscreen and insulated clothes, depending. We have a range of multi-tools and sets that are great for camping, so if you want more ideas, check out our camping page. Happy adventuring!