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The Best Gifts for Hunters

The Best Gifts for Hunters

Not sure what Leatherman multi-tool would make the best gift for the hunters in your life? Well, we reached out to one of our ambassadors, farmer, rancher, and hunter Alex Templeton. Growing up deer hunting with her dad in northwest Missouri, hunting began as a hobby for her but quickly became an obsession. An avid bow hunter, she gives us her take on which hunting multi-tools are best and why. Here are her recommendations for best hunting gear (in no particular order). 


I’ve become obsessed with trying new pieces of equipment and over the years have turned into quite the gear junkie. I’ve found the more serious I take the equipment, the hunting experience itself is more enjoyable, and I’ve found greater success.” Alex Templeton



1. Charge®+ TTi

It has all the classic features of a multi-tool with the additional nocking-jaw ideal for working on your bow. The premium S30V blade stays sharper for much longer and the wire cutters are perfect for snipping wires when building blinds. 

leatherman charge in hunters hand

2. Surge® w/ Bit Kit

Having a serrated and non-serrated knife blade along with an interchangeable saw/file (as well as 19 other tools) is invaluable. Interchangeable bits for different fastener types fit right into the tool to help me with adjustments to my bow sight both at home and on hunts. With this set in my pack at all times, I can keep my bow sighted in and all the attachments secure and tight. 

leatherman surge with hunting gear

3. FREE® K4x

The half-serrated knife blade can cut through just about anything, and the tool has scissors for making those tiny cuts too. Utilitarian tools like the prybar will be equally useful in tough situations. With its pocket clip, this tool will be an easy carry for your back pocket. It’s an ideal gift for the hunter that already has a plier-based multi-tool. 

leatherman free k4x in hunters hand

4. Curl®

The Curl® has a bit driver with interchangeable bits for making adjustments to bow/arrow or rifle. Other features like the diamond-coated file can be used for tasks like a quick edge sharpening while you’re out in the field. 

hunter unsheathing leatherman curl

5. Raptor® Response

You never know when you'll need a big ol' pair of shears. The Raptor® Response cuts through rope, clothing and other materials with ease. Also, it’s very useful when processing smaller game. A great multi-tool to keep in your first aid kit.

leatherman raptor response on a rock with hiking gear

When it comes to those avid outdoor enthusiasts in your life, the best gift you can give them is to help them be prepared for the expected and the unexpected. It will make every hunting trip more enjoyable, and hopefully, more successful.

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